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Y DINESYDD CYMREIG" ydyw yr ORGAN SWYDDOGOL I UNDEB CHWARELWYR GOGLEDD CYMRU. CYNYRCHWYD GVDA LLAFUR UNDEBOL. < GUILD HALL, CAERNARFON. IJARlUNIAU BYW D A V I E S THE SPIDER. LIBERTY. Mynediad i mewn, Is 2o; 7o; a 4o. PULLETS.-Laying, 5s each; Six and *— Cock, 3os. 12 Chicks and Mother, 15s. List Free. Eggs, 5s Setting. Goodwin, Stratford, Essex. pOB Doebarth o FORWYNION yn C Eiaiau. Lleoedd da yn agored yn Knt ar ein llyfrau. Cooks, Cook- ItaieraJa, Housemaids Hotel, Preifat a ftybooddus, Generals, Waitreeses, &0. —Ymofyner ft Colwyn Bay X.L. Servant. AcgUfcry, Carlton Buildinea. Colwyn BAJ. KILL THAT FLY I—It is the greatest Kbreeder of disease known to science. Professor Payne's "Panzena" kills flies, motha and all other insects. It is a pre- paration of Pancy petals dried and drugged, and is a safeguard against all infectious diseases. Beautifully scented to carry on person. Large sample packet 2d.-Prof. Payne, 2, Melville Street, Ryde, I.O.W. ARMY and NAVY "SANTOL' PRE- PARATION for all Urinary Froublee. One box enough remedy, with instruction and useful booklet. Boxes 2e 9d and 4s 6d poet free.—HULME'S, Chemist, Nottingham. Established 1892. TAMMERERS.Can Stammer ba ks Cured by CorreepondenoeP" Inter- esting booklet and expert advice free.— -V. Wareing Netherville, Whalley, near Blackburn. LARGE PARCEL Baby Longclothes and requisites cheap; good.-20, Salis- bury Avenue, Southend. A STROLOGY. Life events, changes, fortunate daya, business success, matrimony; two years' future added; send birth date, la P.O. Prof. Gould, the T? ABBIT NETTING.-Long Field Nete, RLines, complete, in green, tan, or natural colour, also Special Netting Twines, super flax. Samples and list free from E. Parnall and Co., Netting, Works, Bedminster, Bristol. SEVEN BEAUTIFUL 1914 PULLETS, 188 carriage paid. ApprovaL-Ro- bert Bennett, Butts, Frome. 20 LOVELY CROCHET PATTERNS, Is; Id postage. Shepherd, 18, Addison Road, Preston. t ) "WAVCURL" promotes Curly Hair. Have you ever thought how much a head of Corlr Hair would improve your v I appearance ? "Waircuri" Imparts beautiful HHT permanent curls. One packet sufficient, HRh however listless your hair is. One testi- monial says: "My hairsonn becamtamast jjLjki of wavycllrls," Foreither Ladies or Geatl*- *2y > men or Children- This is what you have been looking for years. Guaranteed harmless. Price 2/9 per packet, post free. For a short tim^ however, wo arc selling our special offer to all epclosing thii advert. Send 1/6 for aa/g packet. (Twof_ ort/g.) The NEW WAVCURL Co.. 15. fulwood Houst, High Holkwa, London, w.. CYFLE ARBENNIC MAE R. P. LLOYD, WEDI AGOR BUSNES NEWYDD YN Palace St. Caernarfon, MEWN GWERTHU A CHYFNEWID DODREFN HEN A NEWYDD, GWELY. AU, CLOCIAU, PAPURAU TAI, A FANCY DECORATIONS, &c. Gallwn gyftenwi DODREFN TAI, a chan- iatau Is 6c yn y Bunt am Arian Parod. Prislau Neilltuol o Resymol. OYMA GYFLE ARBENNIG. COLQUHOUN & CO., Hanoractorirs.lULXSinELS, SCfUOft All-Wool Tweeds and Yarns It 1111 PriCK.  MCtrf?K?M. ?XY HXCTK CUT. j???j??tp?ttR?'? WCG13TLRID TttAOl MARK PATTERNS cf our LOVELY GENUINE QOOOS marf* to meat all requirement.. sent on approval to any Lady or Gentloman. Write for them to-day. \A3f%i 'ft«t?«n Wool m"* Into any "nd W????? of Mtfltn Qood& 8M our bo<*Xt «v- TrutMAbout Tweada. (Afanta Wanted) YN EISIEU. w ANTED,-Young LADY CLERK for a Confectionery Trade and to assist in Shop. Must be a good Book- keeper. Apply, letter only, "Clerk," "Dinesydd" Office. w ANTED.-A Lady's and Gent/a B'. » cycle.-Send particulars to R. R., "Dinesydd" Office, Palace Street, Car- narvon. AT EIN GOHEBWYR. Diolchwn am bi-vdlotideb i-liai o'n goheh- wyr; ond gall rhai eraill ein helpu drwy anfon yn gynt. Gofynwn am i rai sy'n anton barddoniaeth ac erthygl- au arfer amynedd. Bydd "Llygad y Dydd" Tryfanwy yn ein nesaf. Diolch I i bawb.