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"3: TR F N,. 0; U S E I p {i w -ç. j CAERNARFON. | Wel, frodvr, dowch yn llu ] faelfa lawn Stryd Llyn; Fe wyr holl gyrrau'r wlad Am dani erbyn hvn; Maeenw Die y Rhos n hysbys ymhob man, A '1 nwvddau yn rhoi enw da Mewn pentref, tref. a Llan 4t» Nid gwneuthur Sale am dro, 8 Ac yna cymryd gwynt, 9 l wl deil i roi 0 h yd, Werth ugain swllt am bunt: Mae'n credu mewn rhoi eiddo da, § A chadw yn ei le. 9 A thyna pam mae pawb yn dweyd I E i fod ar llaen y dre. 1 Dilladau o bob rhyw I I ddynion.ac i blant, A'r dewis roi'rwrth law, Nid un, ond llawer cant; Caiff pob rhyw gwsmer ddaw Ei blesio yn y fan; ( | A gwyr y maelwr heb un os | Mae canmol ddaw i'w ran. | » — — ———■— 1 i s LE I YDYW POB DYDD O'R FLWYDDYN GAN R HARD )N ILLIAMS Tryfan House. u _u. DOWCH YNO A RHOI PRAWF ARNO. J AMRYWIGL. I PULLETS laying; March Hatch 3s 6d iL each, 40s dozen. Six and Cock, 248. List Free.-Hummell, Stratford, Essex. LEFT-OFF CLOTHING. Wanted Ladies, Gente, and Children's, Best prices given Send parcels. Mrs* Eart, 83, Lower Hillgate, Stockport. S TANIMERERS.- Can Stammer bs Cured by Correspondence?" Inter- f-ting booklet and expert advice free.— V. Wareing Netherville, Wballey, nctr L'lackburn. OLESKINS Wanted, any quantity. Increased prices being paid. JOHN LEE and SON, Furriers, Grantham. TO FARMERS, TRADESMEN, lHH) OTHERS, Lortd L5 to LI,000 on siiaplo ucte of hand. No security required, unpleasant enquires. Write the owi-I)AI -c-nder, A DAVIES, Westt, Penbury :Hreet, Worcester. CELLULOID MARKING RINCS, VV T, qr: 25; 2: 4d 50; 4s 100. All '1r>1JTS. B!<;¡h"Ik", only. SanvrW I r!Ti<^aUt Poultry Farm, Sivne, lav. caster. ADVICE FREE for stamp. Mrs D. Stewart's Famous Female Remedy never fails.—Address, 9, Guinea Street, Bristol. I OA LOVELY CROCHET PATTERNS, I Is; Id postage. Shepherd, 18, Addison Road, Preston. ? HMY 2nd NAVY "SANT0L' PRE- A ARATit)?l for &it Urinary troubles. One box enough remedy, with I instruction and useful booklet. Boxes ,'s iM sad 4s 6d post fr('e.BULME'S¡ Ouercisfc, Nottingham. Established 1802 mO MOTHERS.—Nits are a curse. Try "L "Scholars' Ointment." In tins 6<1 4nd le post free. Agents wanted.— Douglas, 5, Barlow St., Acomb, York. I I THE DOMAIN, Simple and hai ;.uless preparation for Female Always effective and never failing. Nottingham's Must Popular Remedy, -Yith instructive booklet for family Is lid, 2a 9d, and 48 ed, post free. HULME'S, Chemiat, Not- s-.ivij?' am. Established 1892. I STROLOGY. Life events, changes, fort,j iate days, business success, nvHnmony two years' future added; tend hirt-b bt. Is P.O. Prof. Gould, lrbe 1 Nook, Heii ihfiela fctoad* Gaxdif. J EVEN BEAUTIFUL 1914 PULLETS, 18s carriage paid. Approval.—Ro- bert Bennett, butta, Frome. LARGE PARCEL Baby Longclothes and requisites cheap; good.-20, Salis- bury Avenue, Southend. S SUPPLIED TO THE RED CROSS ? HOSPITALS. Elad's Rheumatic Lotion stimulates circulation, vitaliser, restorative. Elad's Constipation Pow- ders, absolute curt Children's Cooling Powders, "Speciality" (mention paper). Lotion, Is 2d; Powders, 7d per packet. Post free.—ELAD'S, 27, Treesdale Road, HARROGATE. RABBIT NETTING.-Long Field Nete, RLines, complete, in green, tan, or natural colour, also Special Netting Twines, super flax. Samples and list free from E. Parnall and Co., Netting Works, Bedminster, Bristol. KILL THAT FLY I-It is the greatest breeder of disease known to science. Professor Payne's "Panzene" kills flies, moths and all other insects. It is a pre- paration of Pancy petals dried and drugged, and is a safeguard against all infectious diseases. Beautifully scented to carry on person. Large sample packet 2d.-Prof. Payne, 2, Melville Street, Ryde, I.O.W.