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1 T YFAN HOUSE, BARGEINION PENTYMOR. ???JL?a JL JL ?wjL?LJ?jLw?? GAN RniB WILLIAMS Y DILLEDYDD Y CEIR BODDLONRWYDD  PEEFFAITH, GALWCH YNO YN DDIOED. POPETH YN NiSWYDD. Stryd Llyn, I CAERNARFON.| AMRYWIOL. PULLETS laying March Hatch 3s 6d p ULLETS layid'  Ilateil 3s 6d JL each, 40s dozen. Six and Cock, 24s. List Free.-HLiiiiiiiell, Stratford, Essex. LEFT-OFF CLOTHING. Wanted Ladies, Gents, and Children's Best prices given Send parcels. M-ri-, Hart, 83, Lower Hillgate, Stockport;. I STAMMERERS.—Can Stammer b3 S Cured by Correspondence?" Inter- frting booklet and expert advice froo.- X. Wareing Netherville, Wballoy, near lilackburn. MOLESKINS Wanted, any quantity. L Increased prices being paid. JOHN LEE and SON, Furriers, Grantham. TO FARMERS, TRADESMçN, AND I OTHERS, i Lend f,5 to ti,ow on simple note ban d. No security require*' tmpieaennt enquires. Write the 'i>.('U:' j lender, A. DAVIES, Wntgftto, P<mhn.<y Street, Worcester. CELLULOI MARIG RINGS.- j Is 3d 25; 2s 4d 50; 4s 100. All colours. Bestmake only. Samples fr«s. —Luneedale Poultry Farm, Slyne, Lsn- caster. ADVICE FREE for stamp. Mrs D. Stewart's Famous Female Remedy never fails.—Address, 9, Guinea Street, Bristol. 20 LOVELY CROCHET PATTERNS, Is; Id postage. Shepherd, 18, Addison Road, Preston. ARMY find NAVY -SANTOL' PRE- A PAH ATI ON for all Urinary troubles. One box enough remedy, with attraction and useful booklet. Boxes Jj 9d and 48 6d post free.—HULME'S, CtiPiiiist, Nottingham. Established 1892. T 0 MOTHERS.—Nits are a curge. Try 'Scholars' Ointment." In tins 6d itifi la post free. Agents wanted.— St., Acomb, York. mH £ WIFE'S DOMAIN, Simple and .11- ia preparation for Female N.¡('t'95iM'ë Always effective and never famn Nottingham's Most Popular ?s.aoih' itb instructive booklet for -?0?? u? Is Hd, 2a 9d, <nd 4s 6d, IrA lit4,, ,,i Chem?t., Not- • ^i«v<. ->ifcaUiahe<?' 1892, I a STft01 3GY. — Life events, changes, XI f ortv. ate days, business success, matrimour two years' future added; 8end ¡ birth date. Is P.O. Prof. Gould, The I Nook, Hes-thfiel^ tvofcd, Gardif. t SEVEN BEAUTIFUL 1914 PULLETS, 18s catriage paid. Approval.-Ro- bert Bennett, Butts, Frome. LARGE PARCEL Baby Longclothes and L requisites cheap; good.-20, Salis- bury Avenue, Southend. S SUPPLIED TO THE RED CROSS AHOSPITALS. Elad's Rbeumatio Lotion stimulates circulation, vitaliser, restorative. Elad's Constipation Pow- ders, absolute curt. Children's Cooling Powders, "Speciality" (mention paper). Lotion, Is 2d; Powders, 7d per packet. Post free.—ELAD'S, 27, Treesdale Road, HARROGATE. RABBIT NETTING.-Long Field Nets, Lines, complete, in green, tan, or natural colour, also Special Netting Twines, super flax. Samples and list free from E. Parnall and Co., Netting Works, Bedminster, Bristol. KILL THAT FLY !-It is the greatest Kbreedt3r of disease known to science. Professor Payne's "Panzene" kills flies, moths and all other insects. It is a pre- paration of Pancy petals dried and drugged, and is a safeguard against all infectious diseases. Beautifully scented to carry on person. Large sample packet 2d.-Prof. Payne, 2, Melville Street, Ryde, I.O.W.