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I I Christmas & New Year's Gifts I -—-————-—- 3 ? For Real Useful and Sensible Christmas Presents | § and New Year's Gifts, see | ? ? ? LEVENSON'S. B The Selection and Variety is unequalled elsewhere. | I HANDKERCHIEFS in Dainty Boxes, beautifully i Embroidered, from 1/0: to 5/11. Ð Loose ditto, from 2: d. to Ð -3 ? [<? Lovely Wool, Silk and Lace Scarves, 1 I Muffs and Furs. | Muffs and Furs. -S Ð <S ? UMBRELLAS in large variety. |   G?ves, d Aprons.  I Blouses, Gloves, an Aprons. I Fancy Cushions and Fine Linens. I I TE?i?????? SEE WINDOWS. I  .a ? 'a I LEVENSON'S,H.o??T.AMMANFORD. f <3. The Gents' Department is also complete with a Splendid Selection of a Ð Ties, Gloves, Mufflers, &c., Suitable for Presents. Ð {j> Liver Trouble Is the cause of much suffering. Headache, Biliousness, Constipation, Sour Stomach, Indigestion, Flatulency, Wind, Despondency, and much Ner- vous Excitement follows derangement of the Liver. HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Have a most beneficial and immediate effect upon the Liver, though acting upon and eradicating every vitiating elements from the Blood which cir- culates through it. NOTE.—Bad Blood disturbs the action of every Organ in the Body. I baft suf I fered agomm ) from Lumbago or R h eumati sm ??'??r? in my Back ad AA i\hr!nS Limbs, a I a o a ?\\? Piles. Hughes's ???t ?1? Blood Pals I B cured me in a WBr I JB < short time. Alto W J my wife from -,Headache and SB J j Uver Trouble." The People from all parts testify to the wonderful power of these Pills is restoring sufferers from Skin Disease. Rheumatism, Backache, Constipation, Piles, Skin, Liver, Stomach and Kidney Troubles. TRY THEM. They will soon prove their great value. Sold by Chemists and Stores at 1/3. 3/ 5/- (including War Tax). Ask for HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS with the trade mark ;r. -.shape of a. heart thus- Take no other, or send value in stamps or P.O. to— JACOB HUGHES, M.P .S., L.D.S. [ MANUFACTURING CHEMIST. PENARTH, Cardiff. l THE Ford Model T One Ton Truck was the first low price I truck to carry the worm-drive—that B tremendous power delivering mechan- I ism had previously been an exclusive I feature with high priced motor trucks. I In the Ford Truck, however, you get ■ the worm-drive of manganese bronze I material, absolute in strength and I positive in the delivery of power, at I a very low price. I This is the Model T One Ton Truck just as we deliver to the H purchaser. without body. The equipment includes hood for I motor, front fenders, stepping boards, two side lights, two head H lbhts, one tail light, horn and set of tools. Price, S 200 (at ■ Works. Manchester), (subject to refund of Import duty). B DAVID JONES & SONS, I AUTHORISED FORD DEALERS, j AMMANFORD. Telegrams: The Garage, Ammanford. Telephone: 32 Ammanford. I T r' I-f T PYLE' Pastrycook, Confectioner, j'li -B: .L?JL? and Caterer, Tennis View Restaurant, 16 & 18, College Street, Ammanford. Wedding & Birthday Cakes 1 a Speciality. 'Pastries of the Best Quality. p Don't Neglect a Trial Order. -Vq K. «b, cf 1 SPECIAL NOTICE. j < Hundreds of Hopeless Cases have been Cured by I l N" A. TU":R:E'i :H.:ElW::E:D-V. Why suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Coughs, Influenza l (Catarrh of Head, Nose, and Chest), Indigestion, Liver & Kidney; I troubles, Gravel, Dropsy, Backache, i Piles, Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, j 1 Sciatica, Rheumatism, Gout, Deafness, Wasting Disease, Nervous ? ? Debility, Stiff Joints, Skin Diseases, Ulcers, Wounds, Itch, Eczema, l Tape Worms & Stomach Worms, Anaemia, Heart troubles, etc. ? ) j Dear Sufferer, if affected by either or any of the above ) I Complaints, don't give up hope as incurable before Consulting Prof. j I PRICE, Specialist on Nature's Remedy in Curing Disease. I i Note Only Address- l I Prol. T. W. PMCE, D.M. T., M.H., F.B.I.M.S., M.A.C.S., l | Lucania Buildings, Stepney Street, LLAMELLY. j Lucania Buildings, Stepney Street, LUNELU. Tradesmen's Announcements. GLOBE Boot, Shoe, and Clog Stores, J College St., Ammanford. ALF. WILLIAMS. The Noted House for I ALL KINDS OF FOOTWEAR. t t Boot Repairing Neatly Executed. r Beautify the Home r r Dainty Mats, Comfortable Rugs, Choice ■ Patterns in Linoleums, Carpets, Hand- some Mirrors, Bedsteads, Bedding, Wire Mattresses, Overlays. FURNITURE of every description manufactured on the Premises. ) Pianos, Organs, and other Musical Instruments. H. TARR, ri, Wind St., AMMANFORD. The Amman Valley Furnishing Stores. Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vale of Towy) Ideal Institution for Direct Pfeparation and Great Production. Every pupil being taught the subjects future purposes require. Particulars available on application to the rleadmaster, Rev. J. B. THOMAS, Under- graduate London University; Open Exhibit- ioner Cardiff University; First Prizeman at Frevecca College in Classics and Mathe- natics; Holder 10 Certificates South Ken- ington; First Class and Honours in chemistry. Staff: Qualified Dispenser. Pupils registered at any time charged pro ata. LADIES. GAUTIER'S FAMOUS PILLS \re without doubt the best remedy eves offered tor Female Weaknesses and Irregu- larities. Supersede Pil Cochia Pennyroyal, Hiera, Picra, &c., and are Strong, Safe, Sure, and Speedy. Price, under covet, 1/3 and 3/ extra strong, 5/ pottage, 3d.— R. M. BALDWIN & CO., Herb Drug Stores, Electric Parade, Holloway, Loodoc. Ladies own Herbal Guid. an receipt of three ttamps. ? UmllllltnmUlIII"IIIIIIHnIlBIIIIII"I!1MIIIIIIIUIIIIIIII"III"lIInllflfii!1I!nI¡lllln::11Iml"¡I!UlI!1I1I11II1!I!lnmmmIRIIIIHIIU. A Savings Certificate costs 15/6. Pg8 £ ) Directly you buy one its value begins to Increase. At the end of 1 year it is worth 15 9 At the end of 2 years it is worth 16 9 At the end of 3 years it is worth 17 9 At the end of 4 years it is worth 18 9 y At the end of 5 years it is worth 51 0 0 At the end of 6 years it is worth 51: 1 0 At the end of 7 years it is worth 91 2 0 At the end of 8 years it is worth 51: 3 0 At the end of 9 years it is worth It 4 0 At the end of 10 years it is worth 51: 6 0 If you hold a Certificate for the full 10 years you get a clear profit of HALF-A-GUINEA. You pay NO INCOME TAX on the increase. You can cash your Certificate AT ANY TIME by giving a few days* notice—any increase due to that date being paid also. You can buy Certificates when you like and as OFTEN as you like. You can buy any number up to 500-and you can also buy up to 100 for any or all members of your family. „ CSV/J70S r-. ÆaVinQS A VINGS Certificate. I £ LjKA Ijr SareobtainablethroUKb I CERTIFICATES Savina: Attoeittion Õr apaO\oa: BUY AS MANY AS YOU CAN -AND SAVE TO BUY MORE1 llimIlHIHi;¡ WIiIHlilllnllljlltjlm f; 1¡i;illi 111:/11 in 11II1II//IIiI IIIIIII/flllllllllll/npryl III'Ilm'IHIIIIIIIIIIIIII/IIIIIIIII/"IIHIIII, '/01 i! ¡! /1/1111 ,I' ¡,H, I; ,Ii ') II IiI: ii/II.: I" 1/ 'I'! "Í!1/1 WHEN YOU BUY A PIANO HAVE THE BEST. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Invite Iscpectioa of their Splendid Stock of BRITISH-MADE PIANOS OF WORLD-WIDE FAME, Including Instrument* by the following Celebrated Maken:- JOHN BRINSMEAD & SONS, II. & <1. HOPKINSON, AJELLO & SONS, MOORE & MOORE, CRAMER COMPANY, CHALLEN & SONS, i J. H. CROWLEY, BROADWOOD PIANO-PLAYERS I JUSTINE BROWNE, It COLLARD & COLLARD, r And when too r-amerous to mention. UNSURPASSED FOR TONE. TOUCH. AND ELEGANCE OF DESIGN. 1; All Piano* Warranted, and Exchanged if not approved. f FULL VALUE ALLOWED FOR OLD PIANOS IN EXCHANGE. r 25, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, j; 4DDBESS: 60, Stepney Street, LLANELLY. P b — tl -J 1 HEALTH RECONSTRUCTION. 1 Constipation plays havoc with the health. It renders the blood impure, 2  robs the system of energy, banishes the roses from the cheek and the •) sparkle from the eye. It causes wasting and weakness. Happily, the J» harm that constipation can do, Beecham's Pills can remedy. This 1 well-known family medicine may be described as the natural antidote 0 t for constipation. It stimulates the organs of elimination, cleanses the 1 system of impurities, and quickly re-estabiishes conditions of health. 1 So, if you are interested in the work of health reconstruction you C will be wise to avail yourself of the world famous medicine (, I Beecbaip's Pills, i I Sold everywhere in boxes, labelled Is-3d and 3s-0d. 1 t PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE AT THE < Amman Valley Chronicle" Office, AMMANFORD. t t 1 t I I r m <

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