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Llandovery Town Gsunc'tf. I I The monthly mectmg of the Llandovery Town Council was held on Thursday evening last, under the presidency of the Mayor (Mr. Daniel Jones). THE PRIME MINISTER'S VISIT. I Mr. J. T. Davies, private secretary to the Prime Minister, wrote stating that no definite arrangements had yet been made as 'to the date of the latter' s visit to South Wales. When that was done, he would communicate again with the Council. NELSON'S DAY CELEBRATIONS. I It was decided to adopt the Navy League's suggestion as to the observance of l? ,.I Day in a suita6le maImer at schoch, &C. FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE AND I THE DEMOBS. The Secretary of the D. and. D.S. and S. (local branch) wrote pointing out that since Mr. Brown had left, they had no represen- tative on the Food Control Committee. They suggested that Mr. Powis be added. On the motion of Mr. W. J. Esmond, the suggestion was adopted. CAWDOR HOUSE FIELD. I Mr. J. James, Vole, in reply to an en- quiry from the Council, wrote that he cLd not wish to dispose of Cawdor House Field, which he had recently purchased from the representatives of Lord Cawdor. He, how- ever, would be pleased to meet the wishes of the Council in any way he couid that would be to the benefit of the town. (Applause). Ald. Watkins- said that would be better than buying it, even if they had the oppor- tunity, as the Council had no money to do 6o. TONN FOOTPATH. I The question of the Tonn Footpath was further adjourned until the Council met Mr. Mayberry, the new owner. As to the protection of the Corporation ground near Waterloo Bridge, it was decided that the Surveyor should purchase at a cost of about £ 17 two trucks of wiring stones, and place them so that the river might be diverted to its alleged original couTse. It was decided that a bracket lamp be placed by Black Qx, and the pillar lamp near the Mile End be removed to the Clarence Corner. INCREASE OF WAGES. An application by the Engineer for an increase of wages from f2 58. to 13 par week was granted. I WAR WIDOWS AND THE EXCUSE LIST. The question of excusing certain widows of soldiers from the payment of rates was debated. Some of them had three chilchgdi, others six. Their allowances were said to be £ 2 IN. a week. Ald. Watkins adhered to his past attitude, and he was supported on this occasion by Mr. M. H. Nichols. The former said that there were many who paid rates not so well off as those who applied to be excused. The applications were refused. I REVISION OF TOLLS. It was decided to revise the gea),e of tolls for the sale of furniture in the Corn Mark't Ald. Watkins also urged that they should take into account the revision of the tolls for the use of the Town Hall, where sales of property amounting to many thousands of pounds took place. I THE CASTLE GROUNDS AS A WAR MEMORIAL. Mr. R. Thomas moved that steps be taken to buy or lease the Old Castle Grounds as a War Memorial. He said that he had no hesitation In saying that if Col. Drummond, Lord Cawdor's agent, was approached, he would use his influence. on their behalf to acquire this historic property. Mr. W. J. Esmond said that so far as he knew, everybody was in favour of acquiring the property, but he believed that their interests would be best served by adjourning the matter for a month and leaving it in the hands of the gentlemen who were interceding on the Council's behalf. In this connection, he handed in a telegram which had been sent him by Mr. H. V. Watbns, the mem- ber for the borough on the County Council, in which he stated that The Castle Grounds was well in hand." Mr. Daniel Lewis seconded Mr. R. Thomas. On a division, the amendment to defer the matter for a month was carried by 11 to 3. r NOMINATION OF MAYOR. I A BREEZY INTERLUDE. For the first time within living memory, the function of nominating a Mayor for the Ancient Borough led to some sharp passages between members. The local branch of the Discharged and Demobilised Sailors' and Soldiers' Federation wrote submitting a reso- lution which had been unanimously passed by that body on the previous day urging the Council to re-elect Mr. Daniel Jones for the ensuing year, on the ground of his-popularity and his personal influence in obtaining the Prime Minister's promise to visit the town at an early date. Mr. W. J. Esmond: What evidence have we that it is due to the influence of the Mayor that he has promised to visit the town? The Clerk: I am not aware of any. Mr. Esmond: Is it a fact or not? The Clerk: I don't know. I have 'nothing except what has been put before the Council. Mr. Richard Thomas said the Mayor had undertaken to do certain things if the Premier visited the town, and thus relieve the bur- gesses. That certainly showed that he was very much interested in the affair. Mr. Esmond: Nobody suggested that he is not interested, but what evidence have we it is due to Mr. Daniel Jones, the Mayor, that he has promised to come here? Ald. Jones: I don't know why we should discuss this question. Mr. Esmond: It axiseg out of the corres- pondence. Ald. Jones said they had heard a letter I read from an outside body making a certain claim, but they did not know on what autho- rity they made it. Mr. J. Nicholas said he proposed they should give an invitation to the Prime Minister to visit the borough. Ald. Jones was understood to say that possibly half-a-dozen people would make the claim. The Mayor said that if it was the wish of the discharged soldiers and, sailors for him to be Mayor, he would agree on condition that the Council were unanimous. It was for them to decide. He would not accept it otherwise. M r. Mr. Ri-chard Tho moved that Mr. D&jnei Jone? be nominated for te en..mÍ1tè year. He had devoted a lot of ms time to the duties. He had put hia hands freoly in his pocket, and had made the town noted amongst a largs number of people scattered over a large area by the generous way in which he had entsrtair.ed the Methodist Asso- ciation on the occasion of its visit to the town. The least they could do would be to shew their gratitude by electing him for another year. Mc J. Nicholas seconded. He said things altered considerably from day to day. He had been approached daily by some of the rp.(.) inhabits cs, v. I.oie ira A that Mr. Daniel Jones should be re- elected. He had done icuch for the town, and if given health, he was prepared to do a ?•>it deal more :f -re Therefore, whatever they might think or him (Mr- Nicholas), he had promised, and although promises were made to be kept they were broken oftener than they were kept. So he begged to second that Mr. Daniel Jones be re-elected. Aid. Roberts moved the nomir.&do* of Mr. M. H. Nichols. The Mayor: Excuse me, I am not goir.g to take it unless you are unanimous. Aid. Roberts: I am rot unanimous. I am a man of my word. h I don't move, it will be unanimous. I understand the ruling, as I have been through the chair mysalf. I have a hundred and one reasons for i/roposing Mr M. H. Nichols. Ald. Watkins seconded. Speaking as the oldesi man in the room, he said he was ex- =*eiimgiy sorry that a gentleman holding Mr. niichoias position should trifle in the way he did v^th his promise. If you make a promise, you should keep it." (Applause). A man made a promise end didn't fulfil it, I wouldn't believe on oath. I am very sorry that I have" to put it in such a strong way, especially as M*, Nicholas holds sveh a responsible position. "He Mayor, in saying, that he would not acceoc on unless they were, unanimous, did the yrrv same thing as he would himself. Tha": was the course which had been taken there fo* the last 40 years. He (Aid. Watkins) va.lu?^. his word, and would keep it as long as he lived. Aid. jones said he had been a member for over 24 y^ars. They had always agreed to be unanimous m the appointment of Mavor, and he hoped they would not depart from that practice. The ivTavor asked him some tine ago if he would support him this year, and he told him that he would if they were unanimous he would do so, not otherwise. No other gentleman had approached him. He appealed to the proposer and seconder of Mr. Daniel Jones io withdraw, so that they might be unanimous. The Mayor intimated that since they were not Uinanimous he would not accept. Mr. J. Nicholas again rose to speak, and was referring Ald. Watkins en the ouesfiorr o_ forgiveness to the 18th chapter of St. 0 i'?rWgi'when the latter said thai if Mr. Nicholas wa? a,lIowd to speak, he would claim a right of reply. Air. M. H. Nichols was then declared nominated unanimously amid applause. He thanked them for the honour, and said he would not have accepted unless they were unanimous. He also thanked the Mayor for the course he had taker..

Ammanford Police Court.


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