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THE OMNIBUS. (Thin" Seen and Heard by the Condador.11 There is not even a whisper from Llandovery this week. It is estimated that the late Madame Patti earned over £ 1,000,000 by her voice. There was great commotion locally on Tuesday. The mail bags had arrived. A Physical Class has been formed locally. The headquarters are at the New inn. Another from the Penny Dread- ful I I Bill, my heart is breaking." Bill: I heard it." Somehow in Life we never realise what anything means until it is slipping away from our grasp. Another Tirydail man was done out oft an hour's sleep on Monday last. He torgot the change of hour. w At a successful miscellaneous con- cert held at Clydach recently, Madame Bessie Morris was among the artistes. A good deal of argument has arisen locally as to whom was the last pas- eenger to arrive by train at Amman- ford. The Hoarding Order is still in force. This announcement may prove a little surprise to some of our local friends. • A dear old lady can't understand why there was a railway strike igi Sep- I. tember because Old Moore did not predict it. # # # Light travels at the rate of nearly 200,000 miles a second, and makes its journey to us from the sun in 8 minutes b seconds. A defendant at the Police Court asserted that the constable pushed him halfway up the street.. A Tower of Strength. The Treasury announces that cur- rency notes printed after October 1st will bear the signature of Sir N. F. Warren Fisher in lieu of that of Sir John Bradbury. I have three husbands to support," pleaded the ragged beggar woman. What you are a bigamst?" No, [ sir; one husband's mine and the others belong to my two daughters." I've lost the meat," said the busy housewife from the Tiiydaii district. She did not notice the presence of the dog from next door, and its anxiety to quit the apartment possessed of a lovely joint. Farmers (writes a West Wales correspondent) will soon have to learn elementary mechanics and how to do running repairs of machinery, if they wish to be in the forefront of he industry. With a view to solving the milk supply problem, the Aberdare Food Control Committee have decided to requisition motor lorries in order to bring a supply of milk into the district frora Llandtiio. Overheard at our Palace of Amuse- ments. He: My brother loves the water." She: Is he a good swimmer? He: Oh I no." She: Well, what is He: A milkman." Another of our Office Boy's pet poetic elf usions Of all the sad surprises, There's nothing to compare With treading in the darkness On a step—which isn't there 1" The young man told his girl that if she didn't marry him he'd get a rope and hang himself right in front of her home. Oh, please don't do that, Henry, she said. You know father doesn't want you hanging around here. ? A pair of boots and a straw hat were seen protruding from the hedge the other evening. The occupier of the boots slept peacefully in the garden on the other side. Near at hand his wife hummed that popular air, If those eyes could only see." ? Alfa," Brynamman, failing to attend the crowning ceremony of \0. Gweledydd," the Cwmtwrch poet, on his winning the silver crown for his poem on Y Fynwent, sent the following englyn by wire:— Trwy wen aur bro, trown i'r bryn-i Gweledydd a'i englyn; [wawl hud Oeder mewn Mynwent wedyn— Rhown y gwr mewn arian gwyn An amusing story is recorded from the district. A local merchant sus- pected that one of his carters was wasting his time, so one day he took the carter's horse, harnessed it to his dogcart, and drove over the suspected one's favounte rural route. On the way, without any prompting, the horse stopped at no fewer than half-a-dozen pubs. The evidence of the dumb animal was eloquent, and yet we won- dered why the carter was looking for ftoothcr job.

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