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-'-;:-. Ammanford DischarpdfMen.I

Benefit Concert at Ammanford


Llangadock Police Court.

The Housing Problem.


Weekly Film Notes._1


[No title]



The Chronicle will be sent by port to toy addrew at 4/4 for the half-year, er 8/8 annum, payable in advance. I "FREE TO LAOa?T? » r<se te .??<ties. ?V;sc women sh?u'd write ttt. tnm?dmtety for Ffee San1po u of the Trtump?" Treatment ard ? ? ?ha 'Vt?nu?S of Wisdom." ?tH irregularities cured "WtV 'it'fie'icine by t.?if ''? ? M<hod. S"rre?s ul!ul!ntecd in every A :t* ii.- where all else has fai!ec So why worry > I'he Maagerell L8 8RASSRUR &MR@!CAL Co. Ltd., (Dept. V.M.). LAISR.Woommet,5r St. Blrminigham ¡<wee. Fashion's Vogue in 1919. No. 4  B?-??????????———??———??????——?———??——? THE ol 0 SPOTS COAT )VEVER was the sports coat or jumper so much an essential of the up-to-date wardrobe as this year-or in so ).. ?? ???' ? /M?? !?}?'?????????"????? ???i?S???! ( In white, with COlIar and border- f1, ings of vivid colours-or in one of the delicate pastel shades en- t.. tirely in keeping with the summer It, background of green trees and sunny worn with a soarf in similar or contrasting colours- it is a particularly becoming and i' youthful garment. On the river f and at tennis or garden parties, the sports coat is indispensable. and brushed wool com bine to create a coat or jumper i. of unusual beauty-for wear on particular occasions. The laundering of these coats is a tricky business. Unless they are washed with the utmost care they lose their shape and texture. L Do not run any risks of spoiling them. Use Puritan Soap. It Ii will keep them .softand altogether  and   "J it 7h hrJ1 W/ø ;iJ j Coats I wear longer when washed with Puritan Soap. They retain their I I shape and are free from shrinkage because the olive oil in Puritan Soap m I cleanses so gently. Delicate colours retain their shade, delicate 1 I fabrics their texture. A ? For sports coats and for all household laundry work choose- M r!l< ? 1!T??*?? 'If ?!?16)fhT<? ??)tt )??'1))) r??1))L''DrL?. Jf f C???H I?L )L?  | ? ?E??B !? !t?i!? B< t?.jj?O'L tLJt ?)L. '?????!H ? ???.??!?z')'L !?1J)[T' ? '? Made by Christr. Thomas & Bros., Ltd., Birstol, Soapmakers since 1745. N. 505 || ? Made by Christr. T h omas & Bros., Ltd., Bristol, Soapma kerssmcet 745. N.SM ?i 

Our Poultry Column.


I Discharged Men's Notes.…