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THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Seen and Heard by the Conductor.] A little bit of Scotch at the Palace this week. The culvert struck work last week. We nean the men. Towyn was in his elemenit -0 Cwmamman on Saturday last. Truth sometimes has the disadvantage of seeming improbable. 0 A movement is on foot to re-start the Primrose League at Amman ford. It was rmioured that Bob Smillie passed through the Valley last week. Was it football or a general melee intro- duced up the Valley recently? Don't forget the Demob." eisteddfod to be held at Llandovery on Saturday. 0 The Llandovery Council has appointed its architect, but has not yet selected its building site. An actor hopes shortly to startle London. No recent cases of air raids have been re- ported • # He was playing an accordeon," said the constable, and had a crowd around him. Charming music. < An Amman Valley school manager is of the opinion that village life is incomplete without a school. To die completely a person must not only forget, but be forgotten, and he who is not forgotten is not dead. ? A Swansea evening heads a paragraph, Sunday School Problems." The drink traffic must be interesting. ? The man's eyes. snapped harshly,' reads a boys* Penny Dreadful. We wond er if they made much of a noise. • • • Of the 50 or so men from the quiet village of Rhandirmwyn who joined the Colours, six have made the supreme sacrifice. 0 The stick I had in my hand would not brain a rabbit," said the defendant. We would prefer not to be the rabbit. < Great was the commotion when the lady realised that she had to return by the last motor, but lost it. Oh, wipe thy sweated brow. Talbot Road represents a lake during the wet weather. There is already a demand for waders in readiness for the winter months. # » The upper part of the Valley is solely neglected from an educational standpoint, said one of the members of the Amman Valley School Managers. < < Madame Laura Evans-Williams, of the London and Provincial Halls, has been en- gaged to sing at the orchestral concert to be held on Wednesday next. The Bettws Choir, under the conductorship of Mr. Evan Bowen, were the winners in the choral competition at an eisteddfod held at Llandebie. Ymlaen." < If only folk would be more outspoken, how interesting it would be to learn exactly how often they have heartily wished they were at home during holiday time. October 7th has been fixed for the pofliiif for the Parliamentary election in the Rusholme Division. The defeated candidate will con- sider the outcome of its bearing. Carmarthen Division Unionist Association has appointed four Trade Unionists—two men and two women—to attend the National Unionist Labour Conference at Southport. Towyn, when presenting a medal to a recipient at Cwmamman on Saturday last, said that he did so on behalf of the Russian Government, and coolly added: If there is one." < Ammanford and district music-lovers are in for a rare feast on the occasion of the forth- coming annual high-class concert in connection with the English Baptist Church on October 29th next. U They say he gave you a black-eye," said < man to his pal, whereupon the latter re- plied: That's the way people exaggerate. I had the eye already. He merely laid on the colour." r* It was reported recently at a Board of Guardians. meeting that 56 persons over 70 years of age who had been in receipt of old- age pensions had been compelled through etressof circumstances to return to the Guar- dians* Institution. # An elderly gentleman of Clanamman de- clares that such a drought as prevailed from April to middle of August of this year has not been experienced since !8o7. It did not rain during that period sufficiently to wet the seed potato or to raise the Hood in the Amman liver. # The audience got thoroughly bored and ceased to pay any attention at all to tke theatrical company. Up in the gallery, in fact, two gentlemen started a loud argument. The discussion waxed vehement, and at last one threatened to chuck the oth er down into the p;t. Don't waste 'im, mate," came a tired voice from the circle. Throw im at the .,m I A flippant young kiddie of New Road, Brynamman, while travelling home by tram from the Cardigan coast, where he had been spending his first holiday, was jocularly teased by an older passenger as to where they were on certain points of the journey. The lad could not but answer "I don't know." After some silence, "Now then," his questioner repeated, where are we now, my boy? A moment afterwards Pencader tunnel was reached. "In the dark" replied the youth triumphantly. h reminds me," writes a correspondent, of an amusing story which occurred on the last occasion the Authorities deemed it fit to turn on the clock an hour. On the Sunday morning, an old and devout worshipper was seen entering the village church just as the last hymn was being sung. Powessed -pf a good uVLICiej he lutily accompanied, an& fol and behold, immediately afterwards was sur- Erised to see the congregation dispersing. uPl on making enquiries he found out the reason. On this occasion there will be cause to worry."

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