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THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Seen and Heard'by the Conductor.] I Llandilo, the mecca of the butterless. Can we blame the farmer for his excessive charges? ? The Farmers' Union scored at Llandilo on Saturday last. The Breton onion boys have arrived in London again. There are over 2,000 ex-Service men un- ployed at Cardiff. ? A case of tilting the bucket at the Police Court last Monday. The subject of the moment at Amman ford the 1922 Welsh National Eisteddfod. » There are record entries for the Ammanford Horse Races to be held on Saturday. A wag suggests that it is too wet for swim- ming just now. It is rather unpopular. A well-known cyclist carries with him as a mascot a pair of ladies' silk stockings. Over 100 persons have taken out fishing licenses at Ammanford during the season. The plentiful supply of mushrooms have even made some of the Llandovery folks rich. Bare necks for men is now the fashion an France, and bare faces for women in Wales. > The Llandilo Rural Council are to consider what action is to be taken by them under the Profiteering Act. So we are to make a bold bid for the National Eisteddfod at Ammanford. The Chronicle again! The Cardiff Corporation have accepted tenders for the erection of workmen' s houses for £ 671 per house. The Llandovery Council are to recognise their obligations concerning the purchasing of the Old Castle grounds. A # that the most A West Wales farmer says that the most wonderful animal on his farm is the pig, which is first killed and then cured! By the way, what has become of the local Amateur Photographic Society? It appears to have gone .off with a U bang. U In a whippet race reecntly run the winner's name transpired to be Not Wanted." Perhaps not by other competitors. Mr. D. W. Morgan, Llandilo, was one of the judges at the Llandrindod Wells Sheep Dog Trials held on Thursday-last. A sale of pitwood, conducted by Messrs. William and Walter James on Friday last at Llandovery, totalled over £ 10,000. Your welcomed summons has been re- ceived, wrote a defendant to the magis- trates' clerk recently. Rather optimistic. For the annual fair to be held on Wednes- day next, extensive preparations are being made by the numerous amusement caterers. A The billiard ball which was reported miss- ing at one of our halls recently has mys- teriously reappeared. Must have been for a walk? The literary police officer became so en- grossed with his subject for a Spyng poem, that he forgot even the presence of the coroner. So reads a notice at a local office:- Swearing is not allowed in this office. We don't care a d-, but other people think it's rude." A London magazine states that compressed sawdust has been used in the manufacture of heels for ladies' shoes. And it created an impression! The Ammanford Rugby- Club propose organising a tour in Pembrokeshire during the season, and will play Pembroke, Neyland, and Tenby. ? The Llandilo Band figured in the sports held at Carmarthen recently, and at Cross Hands on Saturday the Llandebie Dumb Band provided a good deal of amusement. "There are more crowned and chaired bards within a radius of six miles in the Amman Valley than in any other district in the whole world."—Mr. T. M. Evans on Tuesday. ? What Ammanford thinks to-day, Llanelly thinks to-morrow, and the County of Carmar- then the day after.Ald. W. Jones, speaking at Ebeneezr on Thursday evening last. The speaker in an energetic manner denounced the wholesale profiteering now in being. Suddenly a voice shouted out: "What about Llandilo Market? The hint was taken. A Swansea correspondent praises the Ammanford and District Choral Society for its recognition of local talent. He asks, Cannot Swansea do likewise? We leave it to them. » U Look here," cried an angry subscriber, you've been telling lies about me in your paper." I know it, replied the editor, coldly; but what would you do if we told the .truth about you? ? President Wilson announces calling in the near future a conference of representatives of Labour and Industry to discuss fundamental means of bettering the whole relationship be- tween Capital and Labour. Mr. W. Greville, Cross Hands, one of the newly honoured J.P.'s for the county, has been a member of the Llannon School Board for the past 30 years, and chairman of the Parish Council for the past 20 years; and is also chairman of the Pensions Committee. The girl had been sent to the brook to fetch a pail of water, but stood gazing at the flow- ing stream, apparently lost in thought. What's she waiting for? said her mistress, who was watching her. Dunno," wearily replied hubby; perhaps she hasn't seen a pailful she likes yet." Miss Frances A. Thomas, infant mistress at the Council Schools, Llandilo, has been ap- pointed a member of the Governing Body of the Llandilo County Intermediate Schools, being the first elementary school teacher in the courtry to be so honoured. She rendered s V.A.D. in the war.

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