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Fashion's Vogue in 1919. No. 7. ri 1:1 material is r FASCINATION OIF  too beautiful for i v tbe fashioning of lin g erie. Crepe de chine, ninon and silk are u sed as well as the:Enest linen. Women to-day do not' spend so much money on elaborate frocks, but are extremely exigeaint regarding their underwear. There is a won d erful fascination a bout the cre p e de c 'n u*' ,e garments. It is to be regretted, how- ever, that there is an erroneous in-i- pression that this material does i-iot wash well. As a matter of fact it washes like the proverbial rag when Puritan Soap is used. Nightgowz)s, cami-knickers and petticoats are !j 1 made of it; some are innocent of all f| hem-stitchidg usurping ^—1|^= pyjamas of this fabric are adorable. it be forgotten that s l iitn r suits an d H | Mr ir S a M B M m if1 jjjflfilXjl | it be forgotten that slumber suits and py jamas of this fabric are adorable. |j B • T v JLingerie of the finest linen is still __] ——lace and ribbon giving it an indelible S in the van of fashion, the deft use of lace and ribbon giving it an indelible r- Dainty Lingerie I wears longer when washed with Puritan Soap. And it looks so clean and pure because the olive oil in Puritan Soap cleanses so thoroughly yet so gently. Delicate colours retain their shade, delicate fabrics their texture. For lingerie and for all household laundry work choose— PURITAN SOAP THE OLIVE OIL SOAP R Made by Christr. Thomas & Bros., Ltd., Bristol, Soapmakers since 1745. N, 506

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