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I WHEN SCHOOL COMMENCES §  M "NmI E N%a E o% 'a Y ou will likely require a ——————— g ? New R!g Out for your Youngsters. i LAt. j Have a Nice Selection of §  Shirts, and  ? Boys' Suits, Odd Knickers, Shirts, and Strong-Wearing Stockings for Boys. e  Hard-Wearing Serges, Poplins, and Tweeds, also Ready-Made School Dresses '{j ? and Jumpers for Girls. a 1 g I NEW AL!TU?? GOODS i IN § I « MILLINERY, VELOURS AND FELTS. f I TWEED COATS AND MACKINTOSHES. f _—————-———— = — = = = = = = = = .a   LEVENSON HIGH STREET, AMHUFBRD. | | —— < 3 ? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— r? I T?.S.—Gents' Autumn Suits at Reduced Prices.  s NFLANIATION  s §_g grt PUR STRn! UEAI T.1 Rlf4no F?fr.mth.?t.mMe ?y.r?- PURE, STR0I0 HEALTHY BLOOD Erysipelas, Chills, Pains; Ulcers, D&IP SIT Pi TAD Qlfiftj Burnicg, Fevers, Innammatins, BStSMn! ?LE.Mn u, Pneumonia, Dropsy, Pleurisy, rnrr rCffaiUf 1 HfCD if* II El I 0 Torturing Eczema, Rheumatism, rnLE. rnU? UVE.n ?R!LLa, Gout, Pimples, Boils, Blotches. J S ???? fD?sn??o??p*??<f?ym? lncligestion, Headache, Jaundice, Dropsy, Backache, And all Unhealthy Ir.flair.ocS Ulcerous CwnditJons. DEAKIN'S Ensure immediate benefits for all Sufferers, and effect quick and most wonderful recoveries. DEAKIN'S In Stamped Boxes only, 1/3; by Post, 1/6; Six Boxes for 7/S. Sole Proprietors and Inventors: ? Re? f!M j? ?!:M?ap G. Oeakin & Hughes, The Inflammation Remedies Co., ■ BHiSTOl & BLAEHAVOH, Mon. HJI^HillliDWllSlllllItSSIil IlililllllllllllliiillSllllllliHIllllililillllilillllllilllliljJllllllIll^ = h' "):n, .<¡" ,j ..¡/ -o,;c.}'9' = | New Ford Car Prices | I (At the Works, Manchester). § I — Touring Car 9220. Chassis < £ 170. = ê Van 9210. Town Car £300. j EE Ton-Truck Chassis £ 200. = AGENTS- g I DAVID JONES it SONS, I The Garage, AMMANFORD. = Telegrams: The Garage, Ammanford. E = Telephone: 32 Ammanford. — 51111111111111111111111 \1111 IIIlIImllfUIII! 111111 111111111111 UIIIIIIIIII! II \I III I 1111 Ii i 111111111111111111111111 æ —1————IW—HB—frJ—WIIMWHIII I,II Til  Pastrycook, Confectioner, and Caterer, Tennis View Restaurant, 16 & 18, College Street, Ammanford. Wedding & Birthday Cakes a Speciality. 'Pastries of the Best Quality. Don't Neglect a Trial Order. Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vale of Towy) Ideal Institution for Direct Preparation and Great Production. BOARDERS KEPT. GIRLS ADMITTED. TERMS MODERATE. SUCCESSES OF ONE SESSION, 1918-19. C.M. Training College Certificate-(1). College of Preceptors—(24). Shorthand-(6) (4) Preliminary; (1) T'iij&ry; (1) Speed Certificate; Book- keeping—( I). Theological Prelirninary-(4). Qilvimistic Methodist—(1). Clerkship—T ypewriting inclusive- (4). TOT AL. 37. DUTIES RESUMED SEPTEMBER 2nd. After September 2nd, New Pupils Registered at any time, and charged pro rata. Prospectuses may be had on application to the HEAD MASTER. TIFE OF WORRY. W3HCY? There is nothing which causes more Worry, Trouble, Anxiety, Irritation, and Pain than Ailments of the SKIN, FLESH, BONE AND JOINTS. Immediate Relief is obtained if voa only uf; GOMER'S BALM.  3 SlU n  Ii,' Jr,YJ ;1J iii"")' 1 ) "?  H y: t:. J' l H ,éj. ,J: -<! .t:$,,  1:1> I- I I n.p,¡¡¡1!t.\ ll t f t.jt b.' <.  A 1 1-'):; ?%?-? <?- My leg was very bad for a long time, Burning Pain almost un. bearable, until I Lm-xl Comer's BALM, which at once cased the pwa and very soon cured me." Gomer's Balm is now well known throughout the land as the most useful and successful Fsrriedy. T. J JSSi <Gfoat3c\ea?»s^ Ij;.a].xn for All kinds of Skin Rash, Sores, Wounds, Ulcers, Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Excoriations, Abrations, Bad Legs, Varicose Veins. for Eczema, Breakings-Oit in Children's Heads, Ringworm, Callings, Irrita- tions, Itc Kings, in Women and Children. G jonet .*»' H-alm for Piles, Scurvy, Inflamed Caws. Bunions, and Gouty Joints, Rheu matic Limb;" Stiff Joints, Lumbagc THIS VALUABLE REMEDY SHOULD BE KEPT AND USED IN EVERY HOME. It will soon put an end to 'Ii Worry. Ask for "GOMER'S BALM f-)d use that the name n full is OJl the Box, also the name of JACOB HUGHES," without which none I is genuine. Sold by Chemists and Stort-.i at 1/3. 3/ 5/- (including War Tax), of send 1/4, 3/2, or 5/3 (in stamps or postal order) to Mak<~r— Jacob Hughes, M.P. L.O.S., MANUFACTURING CHEMIST. PENARTH. Cardiff WHEN YOU BUY A PIANO HAVE THE BEST. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Invite Inspection of their Splendid Stock of 8EITISH MADE PIANOS OF WORLD-WIDE FAME, Including Instruments by the following Celebrated Makers:- dOWM BPiNSMGAD & SONS, CHALLEN & SONS, J. & J. HOPIIINSON, J. H. CROWLSY, AdELLG & SOr-AS, BROASWOCO PS ANO-PtA yEKS MOORE A MOORE, JUSTINE aFgOWNE, CRAMER & COMPANY, COLLAR^ & COLLARD, And others too iiuraerous to mention. UNSURPASSED FOR TONE. TOUCH, AND ELEGANCE OF DESIGN. All Pianos Warranted, and Exchanged ii not approved. FULL VALUE ALLOWED FOR OLD PIANOS IN EXCHANGE. 25, QUEEN STREET, OAK 13^ 3?. ??:80,S?psey S?eet, LLA?ELLY. A.DDRESS: Ö L).epne ree!l _!j "'1' .I na<—MwaHiBBiijjmjMBia—BMirrarr- aMa^TMrMMnriwrrgiigiMWw Tradesmen's Announcements:  f gw j| "For ?e Blood ? ?e Life. ? § G LOB E uFor th: B100: is the Life." ?n?c If It I S any M??ui ? ??!!u? s; and Clog Stores, I g it is any College St., Ammanford. such Disease | ————— H ?? ?? jS??MM, <S!C/M?, ??? Z<?, B ALF WILLIAMS as j4?ce?M, ?7/??, Glandular W! Af • WILLIAMS. a s Sivellingt, Boils, Pimples, Sorex w and ?'M??MTM, jPt7?, ?/?MW<0;??7K, M The Noted House for H 6'??, ?c., don't waste your time and 8 ALL KINDS OF FOOTWEAR. H money on lotions and ointments B ? which cannot get below the surface of I H the skin. What you want and what H Boot Repairing Neatly Executed. B you must have i a medicine that will N ? thoroughly free the blood of the poison- t? ———————— B ous matter which a'one is the true cause B —. ? ? B N N ? ? ?? your suffering. Clarke's Blood N ?vlixture is just ?,uch a medicine. It is Beautify the HoMe of just?uchamedicine. It ie ■iVIiM ■ £ i18 aVlUilllBV li fl fl composed of ingredients which quicly H ? M attack, overcome and expel the im-K ? purities from the blood, that ia why so JJ | many truly wonderful cures stand to B Dainty Mats, Comfortable Rugs, Choice if its credit. 8 Patterns in Linoleums, Carpets, Hand- ? 0ver  B some Mirrors, Be   ?.????_ ?? t? some Mirrors, Bedsteads, Bedding, Wire su:ss, Mattresses, Overlays. jg Pleasant TAKE g M FURNITURE of every description | manufactured on the Premises. fl W/ [Clsrkfi S TO Pianos, Organs, and nfl Pianos, Organs, and other Musical DlvvW Wm Instruments. IX ure Sold by all B?m? AND BE CLTRED. 8 lB&.idS:'T-es, ?? H. TARR, in fF !Jotle. R.fu.. All II EVERYBODY'S 71, Wind St., AMMANFORD. fl Substitute*. BLOOD PURIFIER." SI The Amman Valley Furuishiiiis Stores. f??  ¥.Il ct   i tøJ.ø' HOW often have you used those words in ducueMng another J? man's success ? Jones, who used to serve behind a counter, opened his own shop and is now doin? well. Smith, who was a bank clerk, broke away and started a now prosperous business. Robinson, a salaried analytical chemist, commenced in a small way the manufacture of a toilet soap, and now controls a couple of factories. Yes, but they all had a little bit of capital! Now, there are only two ways in which YOU can acquire capital. You must have it left or given to you, or you must save it out of your earnings. If you have any ambition some day to up in business for yourself, NOW IS THE TIME to start saving for it. See to it that when the opportunity arrives that little bit of capital" is not missing. Invest your savings in Savings Certiifcates. BUILD UP YOUR CAPITAL by means of <?CaP7X?47ET Savings ■ I The finest investment la the world. Money always available. Earning compound interest at the rate of 51 per cent. No Income Tex to pay on the increase. Obtainable through your SA YINGS ASSOCIA TION or from any Official Agent, Money Order Post Office or Bank. UIBIfflnilllllllllHlllli!lll!!lliisillill!li!i9li[lllll!liil]lillll!ill!!inilIimilf!liillllllllllllll MBMMmHnaMHnnHnnHaBBnDBnBHnnanHHBHaHnMnBnn \'a. j f j Prol. T. W. PRICE, | J D.M. T., M.H., F.B.LM.S., M.A.C.S., ( Certified and Registered Masseur, etc., Doctor Mechaao-therapy (Swedish Sehool of Massage), Practical Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Certified S f Medical Botanist, Fellow of British Institute Mental Science, Member oi f American College of Sciences, Member of the School of Suggestive Therapeutics. I I LUCANIA BUILDINGS, I STEPNEY STREET, LLANELLY. i Dear Sir or Madam, I j I have much pleasure in informing you that I have been ? demobDised from the Army after serving for Two Years in j 1 H.M. Military Hospitals, gaining much valuable experience in t [ different modes of treatment of thousands of cases. I I From now on I shall personally be in attendance daily in I j my business, and, by strict and careful attention to all cases, I ? hope to have a share of your patronage in the future as in the & | past. j Yours faithfully. 1 i T. W. PRICE. | | • P. S.—Consult Prof. PRICE if 5ufferinglfrom any Complaint or Disease I which flesh is heir to. I which flesh is heir to. ii-fcff-»*f— -r—■■■ *■ ■ 1 High-Ciass ARTIFICIAL TEETH, f j? Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Lister, I Dental Surgery, 7, Gre;nfield Villas, LLANELLY, a 0 Attend at the following Branches: § ;go AM MAN FO R D at MI'. Griffiths, 40, College Street (apposite Co-operative Stores). g MONDAYS—1* a.m. to 7 p.m. WEDNESnnS- a.m. to 12 noon. SATUROAYS-11 a.m. to 7 p.m. g g, GARNANT at Miss M. Jones, Mountain View. {3> S- TUESDAYS—12 to S p.m. g § CWMGORSE at M?s. Price, Gate Street. of} WEDNESDAYS-12 to 6 p.m..g. £ <& Best Quality Teeth and Best Materials only used. H Speedy Repairs and Re-modelling. i PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS. I f [ j THERE'S A GOOD TIME COMING I foe yoa. Altkoalh at present you ere suffering from a disordered digestion .tkø distressing ailments and, in consequence, are inclined to take a fl tomewkat gloomy view of things, it need net be long before you recover fl year heakh and your aaaally hopeful and cheerful disposition. All that is 9 repaired to bring about this desired change is the beneficial influence of 1 See a ham's Pills. This reliable medieine stimulates the liver, strengthens fl (he stemaah, eleanses the bowels and purifies the blood ;—hence it is easy fl to understand why health may be maintained by taking BEEGHAM'S PILLS S Sold everywhere In boxes, labelled is-3d and 3$-0d. | ..11-J "s PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE AT THE "Amman V alley Chronicle" OOice, AMMANFORD.

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