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Liandovery Board, of Gurdians

A Breconshire Wedding. I

I Competitive Concert at Gwynf…

- - - -Brynamman Cyclist Killed.


Brynamman Cyclist Killed. A really distressing fatal accident befell Albert Thomas on Friday evening last. It appears that the young cyclist was proceed- ing on his imotor-cycle down Park Road (where he resided) in order to join a friend on the main road. He mounted the machine by the house, but failed to negotiate the right-angled turning into Park Street, where he intended to go. Consequently he went at a high speed right agamst the house on the other side of the street, his head coming into violent contact with the wall. Dr. Corkey, who was immediately summoned to the spot, found that the unfortunate man had fractured his skuH, and recovery was hopeless. He died about two hours afterwards. Deceased, who was considered to be well versed in the complications of the cycle, was 23 years of age, and had only recently been married, having just removed to his future home. It is conjecblCred that something went wrong with the machine and rendered it un.con- trollable. Some time ago, a brother of his met with a similar accident. He has now recovered. The deceased young man was the son of the late Mr. D. J. Isaac Thomas, M.E. ,and Mrs. Thomas. Deep and un- feigned sympathy is manifested the bereaved young widow, mother and family in this additional tribulation.

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