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In the industrial world, accidents day after day are reported, many of such a serious consequence that life is held in jeopardy. Often it is the case that, had an operation been promptly per- formed, the life of a bread-winner might have been saved. To meet with emergencies such as the case instanced, it is essential that a Hospital be in the neighbourhood. The Amman Valley, as matters stand at present, leaves the door open for the Angel of Death." Serious cases have to be taken to the Swansea Hospital, and it takes at least an hour for the fastest motor-car to get there. The Trades and Labour Council have made a move in the matter, and there is some possibility of an arrangement being come to between them and the Swansea Board of Management. The scheme suggested is the building of a wing at Amman- ford. Now that hostilities have ceased, the matter should be pushed forward with all speed. It is up to the different public bodies to be unanimous on the question to secure a speedy adjustment of a difficulty which has confronted the Amman Valley for some years. A misunderstanding has arisen be- tween the Amman Valley School Managers and the County Education Authority. The matter is one of vital importance to the miners, and require* a satisfactory clearing up from their standpoint. Mr. Clyn Jenkins, the miners' representative, brought to the notice of the Managers at their last meeting the generous way in which the miners supported the Swansea Hos- pital. There is, however, one impor- tant fact, and that is the laxity of either the latter Institute or the County Edu- cation Authority in dealing .satisfactorily with the providing of glasses to the school children of the Amman Valley. It is also possible that other Managers are in the same dilemma. The County Medicail Ofifcer, when the occasion arises, simply instructs the parents to have the defect remedied. He says nothing relative to the additional ex- pense to be borne by the miner. They (the miners ) contribute handsomely to the Swansea Hospital, and yet if they take their children there for treatment, are referred back to the County Eye Specialist, or the County Education' Authority, the latter assuming the role of a Board of Guardians or a similar charitable institution. They say that if the circumstances of the parents are such as to justify their financial aid, they will come to the rescue. The miners of the Amman Valley abhor the very idea of assistance being given in the form of charity, and rightly so when one considers the extent to which they contribute to the rates of the county. Another very serious aspect of the ques- tion is the lackadaisicall way in which the subject is dealt with. The eye- sight of a child, if neglected, may lead to the blasting of its whole future. The advice given should be that of a trained oculist. Yet it does not appear that, as far as this survivor of Bumbledom is concerned, any precaution is taken to see that he person who recommends glasses is competent for the work. A few years ago, a case the- non- attendance of a child aLschool was heard at a local police court, when it was stated that his absence was due to his eyes being thrown out of focus by being supplied by some quack or other with unsuitable glasses. The question naturally arises as to whom is the County Eye Specialist, and whether that noble body contributes towards the upkeep of that position. Then if there is n* recognised eye specialist, the miners will have to come to some arrangement with the Swansea Hospital authorities.

Operetta at Brynamman.



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