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The Vicar of Llandovery has referred on more than one occasion to our fallen sailors and soldiers in the term Our Heroic Dead. Was there ever so significant a tribute? Yet there is something lacking, and every man, woman and child of our Empire must acknowledge the great debt they owe to them. We may believe that our recognition and appreciation of their j sacriifce is sufifcient. Even be it so, it is not enough. The fact will ever remain that we as the-citizens of the New World cannot even repay a small w- portion of our obligation. 1 hat fine old veteran, Lieut.-Genera l Sir James Hills- joh,ne& V.C., during his lifetime had the walls of his stately mansion adorned with cutlasses and swords of every description. These proved the existence of undying memories. We are apt to forget, unless in our midst stands a Living Memorial." At Ammanford there is lacking a suitable Public Hall. The erection of a Memorial Hall, sooner the better, would go a long way to pay off even a small portion of our indebtedness. So far, nothing has been done, and peace is with us. Wake up, Ammanford! Respond generously to the cause. You may remember your sayings during the recruiting campaigns. Our Heroic Dead answered the call. You at Ammanford to their memory do like- wise. According to an announcement made by Dr. Addison, the original Housing Scheme of the Local Government Board has been knocked on the Tead, and that Authority has decided to grant the whole of the loss when that loss did not exceed a penny rate. About 700 Local Authorities wanted to know what would be the extent of the commitments, and the Local Govern- ment Board were definitely able to undertake that the liabilities in connec- tion with the provision of houses which would fall on the Local Authorities should not exceed a penny rate. Really, this is a satisfactory announce- ment and should go a long way to help Ammanford from its present plight relative to the providing of suitable workmen's dwellings. There is a good deal to be done at Ammanford from a reconstructional standpoint. Certain schemes, including the Sewerage Scheme, it is understood, will be taken in hand almost imme- diately. These reforms are pressing, but were considerably interfered with during hostilities. What about the dilapidated condition of the roads in the area? During rainy weather, the main roads are a source of annoyance to pedestrians, and a reproach to the Urban Council; and it is essential that their reconstruction be ccrnrr--iced at the earliest moment. Tirydail Lane also is a sore to the eye of the people living in that neighbourhood, and recently one wag suggested that the Lane be converted into a lake for boating purposes.




I.Pen Picture of ParishI Politics.…


Lecture at Ebenezer, Ammanford.