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I I THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Sten mi Hemri htf the Conductor.] I There is a coating of six inches of snow on the Sugar Loaf. The only commodity that does not strike these day#—matches. The discharged soldiiets at Capel Hendre Me hot stuff on billiards. At Amman ford, gloves can be bought at 7d. a pair; but are they striking "? Llangadock and Llansadwm propose erect- ieg their own memorials to fallen heroes. There is a coal-miner at Ammanford who aoea to his work on horseback. Swank! goes to h is work on horsebac k Swank! The Llandovery Fire Brigade have not yet had a practice. Better the day, better the deed. A wag recently compared the station of Ffairfach with Paddington. Another optical illusion. The order restricting the sale of sweets at theatres, &c., was recently' withdrawn. Look out, girls. It is our duty to leave tRe world better to those who succeed it.The Mayor of Llandovery. There were 30 wet days recorded locally for the month of December last year. A thirsty record. There has been quite a rush for hot-water fcottles and bricks during the cold weather. Cold ie (a) et. The poetic effusion of one of our advocates at the last Police Court predicts for him a future in that direction. There are 38 public-houses in the Llan- dovery area. This works out at one to every 142 of the inhabitants. Gardeners are reported to be demanding a minimum wage of 12 1 Os. a week. Dig hard," and they may get it. There are 47 public-houses -in. the Amman- ford atea, compared with 48 in the Llandilo division. A neck-to-neck race. The artistic capabilities of a Llandovery Councillor are shewn by his drawing of a plan of the proposed drainage scheme. The Government offer to the Miners' Fede- ration of Great Britain is understood to be a flat rate increase of I s. 6d. per day. I Carmarthenshire farmers are afraid that the pike in the River Towy will come out of the eiver and worry the sheep. A fishy story! At a certain ancient borough it is predicted the population will have increased in ten years' time by a thousand. Energetic, aren't they? Everywhere the conduct of the licensees is reported as good by the Deputy Chief Con- stable. It speaks well of the Government Ale. A well-known employer of labour accounts for the cause of the recent strikes as a little reaction after the horrors of war. Some reaction, too! Coal is selling at Ullapoot (Cromartyshire) at 6s. 6d. per cwt, and when the cost of delivery is added, people pay from £ 7 to £ 7 5s. per ton. The Mayor of Llandovery is keen on advancing with the times. His latest motion is the connecting of Llandovery with Senny- bridge by railway. The strike fever is spreading. On Tuesday last, the magistrates at Swansea downed pens and charge sheets owing to the icy coldness of the Court. One of the old-fashioned records was created on Monday last at the Ammanford Police Court. The proceedings finished at 5.45 p.m. Better late than never. ? The mines and quarries general report for last year shews that the number of deaths caused by accidents at all coal-mines of Great Britain and Ireland in 1918 were 1,395. A presentation of a pencil was made to a prospective bride recently, with the remark from an old acquaintance: Record all his virtues, but leave his wickedness for the wor ld to multiply." The Labour element of the Llandovery Council is strong, and at the last meeting a committee consisting of the majority of the Labour members were appointed to report on the drainage question. Some of the Welsh miners' leaders who had occasion to go to London during the railway strike could find no conveyance to take them and their portmanteaux from Paddington to the City. The Coal Controller has consented to re- ceive a deputation from the Executive of the South Wales Miners Federation in respect of a claim that men who work regularly week-ends in coal-mines shall be paid over- time rates. I say with all solemnity on behalf of the Government that we are determined to fight Prussianism in the industrial world exactly as we have fought it on the continent of Europe with the whole might of the nation. —Mr. Lloyd George this week. H. Majesty the King, at the openinig of Parliament on Tuesday afternoon, spoke effectively on the housing accommodation of the country, the fulfilment of the pledges given to Trade Unions, and for the preven- tion of unfair competition, by the sale of im- ported goods below their selling price in their country of origin. The beautiful notes of a trumpet could be ,heard coming from the direction of High Street recently. Near by a young lady was busily engaged in the rendering of Home, Sweet Home." Quite a pathetic incident, ,for the latter was disposing of the remnants of her dear old home to The Trumpeter who, by the way, was the ragman. A member of the 53rd Welsh Division, and which includes the 4th Welsh Regiment, has written home from Egypt to state the working of the New Army education scheme among the Welsh troops. Regular classes are being held m barracks daily. At Mustapha a college has been formed to meet the needs of the pupils.

IA Temporary Settlement.I

ILocal Wedding.

IY Deffroad Gwerinol. I

Lloffion o Lanfihangel.I

Nodion o Frynaman.I



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