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THE LLANDEBIE DEBATE. To the Editor, Amman Valley Chronicle. S r,-Allow me the hospitality of your columns to correct a few statements inserted in your last issue. I took an ordinary day' s routine as my text to prove the inconsistencies of Labour Party speakers. Their theme Is generally to attack Capitalists. In the ordi- nary course of my day's work I come in direct contact with four distinct Capitalists—the owner of the colliery I work for; the owner of the paper I read (the Daily Mail ") the maker of the soap I wash with; and lastly, the manufacturer of the cocoa I drink (that is, Rowntree). According to your Labour orator, it is right to condemn all the Capitalists. Then I will analyse them for you, Mr. Editor. Capitalist No. 4, a millionaire cocoa mag- nate, was Labour candidate m the recent election. Capitalist No. 3 is a soap manufacturer who made a fortune by employing men 8 and 10 hours a day. Now he is teaching other people the righteousness of working 6 hours per day. As a Trade Unionist, I think that we have men inside the Trade Union move- ment, such as the officials of the M.F.G.B., who are quite capable enough to deal with this matter without consulting soapy million- aires. Capitalist No. 2 is a great friend of what is best in the Labour Party, and I cannot blame the Trade Union section of that party for welcoming such powerful aid. Surely, if the Labour Party profess to be ton-capitalists and the champions of the working classes against Capitalism, I main- tain that it is very inconsistent of their I.L.P. speakers to quote history aid the Ascent of Man for sent,mental purposes, with Socialism as the only remedy. Kindly allow me to correct a few figures jr. your report. In 1910, and not 1901, according to the Labour Pariy returns, the Socialist section subscribed 1280, whl le the Trade Unions subscribed £ 47,500, and -not 1-147,000 as reported. It was the I.L.P. pohcy to divide the United Kingdom into 45,000,000 pieces, providing old age pen- sions at 50, and ameliorate the working classes. That was 27 years ago. The amelioration and old age pensions have arrived, but not through Socialism of the I.L.P. type, but through Trade Union repre- sentation and influence in the House of Commons. The Labour speaker, on the night of the debate, attacked me furiously for daring to quote Karl Marx, whose theories, I stated, had benefited Russian Bolshevists so well that they (the Russian Bolshevist Government) voted i-100,000 to erect a tomb to the memory of Karl Max in Highgate Cemetery, London. Perhaps a quotation from Karl Marx will shed light on the present Socialistic propaganda which is evident in the present industrial chaos. Karl Marx said: We shall have deserved well of it (Socialism) if we stir up hatred and contempt against all existing institutions. We m-ke war against all prevailing ideas of the State, of the country, of patriotism. *The idea of God is the keystone of a perverted civilisation. It must be destroyed. The true root of Liberty, Equality and Culture is Atheism." Next week, if you will allow me space, I will give your readers what has been described as piffle. "—Yours, &c., J S. SHAW. I I j» 6, Thomas Terrace, LIandebie. i 1, ——————————-———-————————-————-—










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