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"Princess Chrysanthemum."

Ammanford Urban Council.




FOOTBALL TOPICS. LLANDEBIE v. GROVESEND. This match was played at Llandebie on Saturday last, before a good crowd. The homesters were without David Jones, one of their best centres; W. J. Williams and A. Taylor, forwards. The visitors kicked off, R. Owens finding touch with a good kick to halfway. From a scrum hereabouts George Evans set the home backs going, and a brilliant bout of passing ended in Michael being grassed near the visitors* line. Here a series of scrums were formed, and resulting in Jos. Lloyd scoring for the homesters. Reg Owens con- verted. After the kick-out, the homesters gradually worked their way to the visitors' territory, where R. Owens had hard lines in an attempt at a dropped goal. Immediately after the drop-out R. Owens made a fine burst, which took play to the visitors' line. From a scrum, Owens again nearly succeeded in dropping a goal. Half-time score: Llan- debie, one converted goal; Grovesend, nil. On the resumption of play. the visitors pressed strongly, and on many occasions got to within an ace of scoring, but the home- sters' full-back was equal to the occasion and played a fine game. The homesters gradually got to the visitors' line, where the visitors' inside-half was penalised. Owens, however, failed to place the ball between the uprights. At this period the homesters became very slack in their play. The visitors experienced ver ybad luck and certainly deserved to score, but the defence prevailed. The home full- back was exceptionally safe. Final score: Llandebie, one converted goal; Grovesend, nil. AMMANFORD v. TUMBLE. Ammanford journeyed to Tumble on Satur-I day last and opposed the local team before a? record gate. The homesters were strongly represented. Ammanford kicked off, to which Tumble replied with a kick to touch on the halfway line. From the line-out the visitors' forwards got away with a rush to the home line, where a scrum was formed. Ammanford again got possession of the ball, and a pretty bout of passing by the backs broke down. This resulted in Tumble gaining considerable ground. From a line-out Roger Jones picked up and ran across the field, his pass. how- ever, going astray. One of the Tumble players dashed through, and with some of his colleagues in attendance, crossed the line. The kick at goal failed. After this, Amman- ford again went on the offensive, and Wat Jones, picking up the ball in the loose at halfway, made a brilliant run, brushing his would-be tacklers aside, and passed to Fowler, who scored a magnificent try in the, corner. He unfortunately got injured and had to retire. The visitors at this stage played only thirteen men, and kept the home- sters on the defence. At this stage the spec- tators became very rowdy, and several of the Ammanford players were struck. The game had to be stopped for some time. On the restart the game continued to be very fast, and although weakened, the Ammanford for- wards had the best of matters. From the loose, Fowler narrowly missed dropping a goal. Half-time score: Tumble, one try; Ammanford, one try. The game during the early stages of the second half was keen, and Ammanford had hard lines in not adding to their score. On one occasion one of the players actually crossed the line. He, in order to gain posi- tion for converting, unfortunately let the ball slip from his hands. From the drop-out, Fowler started passing, and which resulted in Johnny Morgan sending the leather" to touch near the Tumble 25. From here Tumble broke away and rushed down the field. The Ammanford full-back managed to gain possession of the ball, and from a mark sent play to half-way. The homesters at this juncture got the best of matters, and as the result of some pretty play on the part of the back* scored. The game continued to be fast up to the end. Final score: Tumble, two tries; Ammanford, one try. SPECTATOR. I AMMANFORD v. TIRYDAIL COW- BOYS. 1 his game was played on the Cross Inn Field on Monday afternoon last, before a good crowd. The result was an easy win for Ammanford, the final scores being:- Ammanford, one goal five tries; Tirydail Cowboys, two tries.




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