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"Princess Chrysanthemum."

Ammanford Urban Council.


Ammanford Urban Council. The ordinary meeting of the above Council was held at the Y.M.C.A. last night, Mr. J. Evan Jones, J.P.. Chairman, presiding. COMMITTEES. The report of the Boundaries, Health, and Finance Committees were submitted and adopted. THE EXTENSION OF THE 1 BOUNDARY. Mr. David Jones asked if the Council pro- posed extending further the Urban Boun- dary than what was originally planned out in the first instance. He (Mr. Jones) referred to Saron, Penygroes, and Llandebie. It would be proper to include these places, for their drainage would naturally run into that of Ammanford. A meeting had been held at Gamswllt, when it was decided to ask the Ammanford Council to extend their boun- dary further south. Brynamman would pro- bably meet with the proposition. Replying to a question, the Clerk said that Cwmamman would be included in the Amman,ford area. Mr. J. C. Shaw was of the opinion that the Council should take the water area into consideration. Mr. D. George said that the wisest course would be, in face of possible opposition, for the Council to meet the representatives of the other Councils. Eventually, it was decided to refer the whole matter to the Boundaries Committee, who meet on Monday evening next. A RECOMMENDATION. The recommendation of the Committee to direct the Clerk to write Mr. Towyn Jones, asking him to approach the proper authorities with the view of securing for the town an artillery gun in addition to the machine-guns already promised, was adopted. STEAM ROLLER. The Eddison Steam Rolling Company had written to the effect that, owing to shortage of labour and the dislocation of their plans due to the calling to the Colours of the majority of their men, they had been unable to send a steam roller to Ammanford. Imme- diately matters would improve, they would give consideration to the application of the Ammanford Council. THE FIRE BRIGADE ACCOUNTS. I A Member enquired why it was the men who took part in the extinguishing of the fire in New Road had not been paid. The Clerk stated that it was time the whole of the accounts were submitted to the Roads Committee. He admitted that there was a good deal of dissatisfaction. On the suggestion of Mr. D. Jones, the matter was referred to the Roads Committee. DELEGATES. I The Chairman and the Clerk were ap- pointed delegates to represent the Council at a Conference to be held at Cardiff under the direction of the National Housing and Town Planning Council. It was recommended that the delegates be instructed to state that the Ammanford Coun- cil would be prepared to go on with the Housing Scheme, provided the deficit would be covered by a penny rate, the remainder to be made good by the Government. Mr. J. C. Shaw: If our delegates do not 1 succeed in securing the wishes of the Council, their expenses will not be paid. (Laughter). VARIA. The Chairman suggested that the Council write to the Great Western Railway Com- pany, asking them to provide facilities for the conveyance of passengers from Caerbryn and Penygroes to Ammanford. It was high time something was done in the matter, and if the Railway Company spent the money in providing better travelling facilities, rather than prosecuting trespassers, there would be a better spirit of harmony prevailing. Amman- ford was the centre, and he laid particular stress on the fact that it was there the people came to for their amusements, education, and police courts. He (Mr. Jones) proposed that the Clerk write to the Railway Company, asking them to send a representative to meet a deputation from the Council to discuss the matter. Mr. Evan Evans seconded, and the pro- position was agreed upon. Mr. J. C. Shaw: I also would add the need for the running of a Sunday train. As mat- ters are at present, poor sailors and soldiers from the district got stranded at Llanelly on Sunday mornings, and were compelled to walk to Ammanford—a distance of 12 to 15 miles. These poor chaps w re humbugged enough without meeting these difficulties. It was a disgrace, and he suggested that the Railway Company be asked to put on the train again, or provide some other means of I conveyance. This was agreed to. Th", Clerk intimated that his colleague and friend, lVlr. A. Ernest Evans, was on his way h-or- fie thought it was a shame that the Local Government Board should promise assistant ttcv. ? the release of public rvant". with tne Colours, and do nothing in the matter. Mr. W N. Jones was appointed to repre- sent the Council on the Maternity and Child Welfare Ccremittee.






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