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"Princess Chrysanthemum."


"Princess Chrysanthemum." OPERETTA AT AMMANFORD. I Under the auspices of the Church Unitedl Band of Hope, the operetta, Princess Chrysanthemum,' 'was performed at the Palace Theatre on Wednesday evening of last week. The chair was taken by Dr. D. R. Price, The Laurels. The proceeds were in aid of the Church Debt. The Rev. D. Spenser Jones, B.A., ably filled the posrtion of conductor, and to him is due much credit for the organisation of the performance. Mrs. W. Edwards, A.L.C.M., was the accom- panist. The other officials were:—Stage manager, Mrs. W. Comery; electrician, Mr. W. Comery, B.Sc.; i. Mrs. Cooke Jones. The joint secretaries, Miss A. G. Davies and Mrs. Johnson-Jones, worked ex- ceedingly hard to make the event a success, and which was in 'act "e of the gr?.-»tes* ever held at Ammanford. One fact was regret.ed, namely, the absence of Madam Vaughan-Joshua, who is laid up thro.h ill- ness. However, an able substitute was founa m Miss Louisa Davies, Bettws, w^o took rp the part at a few days' notice. Hei singing, as usual, attained, a high standard, and in the role of Princess Chrysanthemum was an adept. The Emperor What-For-Whi (a merciful (?) monarch), in the person of Mr. Dan Edwards, proved his part equal to the occasion. He created much laughter, and his dancing was artistic. Mr. T. Walters as Prince So- T ru delighted the audience with his fine voice. His rival for the hand of Princess Chrysanthemum, Prince So-Sli (Mr. John Rees) looked the typical villain, and acted the part remarkably well. Mr. Gibbon Davies, as Top-Not (the Court Chamberlain), also deserves a share of the praise. Master Ken Rees, as Saucer Eyes (the wizard cat), and his band of followers received an ovation from the audience. Their umbrella dance was a feature, and was loudly, applauded. Master W. Williams, the Lord High Executioner," looked a treacherous being, although small. The axe he carried was bigger than himself. The Fairy Moonbeam (Miss Norah Gumey) was well got up, and the impersonator looked exceedingly charming. The Misses Elsie Johnson, Alice Arrowsmith, Gertie Rees and Blodwen Lewis were the maidens attendant on the Princess. The acting throughout was perfect, and gone through without a hitch. The dancing and choruses were of the best, and speaks for tself of the abilities of the young people of Ammanford. Mention should be made of the little kiddies," who as the followers of Fairy Moonbeam astonished the audience by their coolness and attitudes. The stage scenery had been well got together. The argument was a fete held in honour of the coming of age of the Emperor's daughter, Princess Chrysanthemum. She is loved by Prince So-Tru, and returns his affection, but he has a rival in the person 01 Prince So-Sii, who seeks the aid of Saucer Princess to the cave of Inky Night. Even- Eyes, the Wizard Cat, who carries off the tually Saucer Eyes confesses his treachery. The Emperor pardons Saucer Eyes and So- Sli at the Princess' request, and gives her hand in marriage to Prince So- T ru, thus bringing everything to a happy conclusion. There were three acts. A repeat performance in aid of St. John's Mission Church will be given on February 19th.

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