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THE OMNIBUS. I IThings Seen and Heard by the Conductor.] I It takes about 3,000 worms to spin silk enough to make a lady's dress. Despite the boisterous state of the weather, the procession on Monday was a very large one. Some West Wales farmers are complaining that they cannot market their wheat, so great is .the demand. The strike yave is causing the Govern- ment much anxiety." Statement made by Mr. Bonar Law this week. A Carmarthenshire veteran states that succan is not made from oatmeal. That is called" gloewon succan." • • King Snow" made his first genuine appearance this winter, during the early part of the week. Better late than never. A certain cure for a swelled head is to pause and think how many people there are in the world who never heard of you. • • • The renderings of the bands which partici- pated in the demonstration on Monday were keenly commented upon, the music being of a very high order. • • • The germ of the wart disease only lives ten seconds," said a lecturer at Ammanford on Monday evening last. Rather a short life and a merry one. • • » Discharged soldiers will figure in many dis- tricts as candidates at County Council, Dis- trict Council and Municipal contests at the forthcoming elections. 0 The Labour Party in the Llanelly Division intend contesting numerous seats at the next elections for County Council and District Council repreantation. ? The Ammanf 0m4 and District Branch of the Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers propose holding a smoker very shortly. It is computed that the average circum- ference of a woman's waist is 36in. It is also computed that the average length of a man' s arm is 30in. Great is thy wisdom, oh Nafifire. < < < The Immigration Committee of the Ameri- can House of Representatives have tentatively approved a Bill prohibiting general immigra- tion for a period of four years after the signature of the peace treaty. < Call that a kind man? said an actor speaking of absent acquaintance. A man who is away from his family and never sends them a farthing! Call that kindness?" Yes, unremitting kindness," was the reply. 9 • • The Carmarthenshire Education Committee have decided to build an intermediate school for the Gwendraeth Valley, and a series of public meetings are being held in Pontyberem and Drefach. in support of their respective claims for the school. The Carmarthen Food Control Committee mean business. At their last meeting a reso- lution was submitted protesting against the imposing of light fines in milk prosecu- tions. A member said that to sell watered milk was downright robbery, and criminal against the children. It was stated at the Food Ministry on Mon- day that there will be ample supplies of cheese after April. Meat rationing is having the careful attention of the Ministry, and it is thought that supplies will soon enable some increase to be made. It is interesting to note that in many areas the full ration is now being taken. It is probable that an improvement will shortly be made in the G.W.R. service, and that more trains will be run on the main and local lines. There should, in view of this announcement, be no opposition to the request of our local bodies for the running of late trains from Swansea and Llanelly on Thurs- day and Saturday nights. < < < l A Brynamman soldier—Priv. John Morgan, of the Welsh Guards—had the unique ex- *4 ience of standing guard over Lody, the famous German spy, just before the latter was shot in the Tower of London. One night it was bitterly cold, and Lody, who was a slim and youthful looking man, remarked to his custodian: Soldier, I am sorry for you." At a meeting of the Carmarthen Food Control Committee, it was resolved to make an application to the Commission to hear Carmarthenshire's case relative to the high price of milk. It was also- suggested that the price should be brought down from 8d. to 6d. per quart. Maybe the Ammanford Food Control Committee will also move in the matter. ? < < A good number travelled to Llanelly on Saturday last to witness the match between New Zealand and the Scarlets. Fowler, the Ammanford half-back, assisted the Llanelly- ites, and played the best game of his career. He made a very favourable impression on the spectators, and we would not be surprised to 4 find that he will be tempted to leave for pastures new in the near future. The Food Controller does not propose to take over the 1919 potato crop, and hopes it wiU not be necessary either to fix prices or interfere with the normal methods of its dis- tribution. If, however, it becomes necessary in the national interest to fix any ofldtimum prices the maximum growers' prices for ware potatoes in the United Kingdom will not be less than those obtaining during the present season. Doctor," said an old woman, as a medical man, kin you tell me how it is that some folks is born dumb? Certainly, madam," replied the doctor. It is owing to the fact that they came into the world without the power of speech." La me!" remarked the old lady. Now jest see what it is to have a. physic education. I've axed myxoid man more nor a hundred times the'ere same thing, and all that I could ever get out of him was, Cause they is. The question of the signing of the second wheat convention is causing great anxiety in Beunos Aires, where a strong effort is being made to counteract the efforts of German Arms to capture the wheat export market. Interviewed by the Central News as to whether Great Britain would contribute to the idea of a minimum price to all growers, which it was suggested the Argentine Govern- ment was seriously considering, an official at the Wheat Commission Office in London em- that it must be phatically stated on Tuesday that it mtat be ? understood we were against Vhe idea of a minimum price so far as the Purchase ofthe Argentine crop is concerned.

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