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ANARCHY OR DEMOCRACY? To the Edutor, Amman Valley Chronicle. Sir, A Workman," in his reply to my recent letter in your columns, contends that I did not answer his arguments. If you will recollect, his chief argument was that the Labour Party cry of Labour versus Capitalism was simply intended to mislead the people. In my reply I dealt with that question, and, inasmuch as he does not dis- pute any of my contentions, I presume he is satisfied on that point. In his letter last week he fires at me half-a-dozen questions about the attitude ef I.L.P. orators and their say- ings. As I said in my previous letter, Labour demands an International Court of Justice, which means not only the trial of the criminals of one side, but an International Inquiry on the conduct of Kings, Emperors, Statesmen, Generals, Profiteers, &c., during the war and before it. But more than anything, else, Labour demands the abolition of the pernicious system that causes war. The punishment of the men who fight in the war will not stop further wars. We want to get the roots out of this evil system, that allows a handful of men to set twenty millions of men at each others' throats. The hanging of the Kaiser will not stop further wars, though I may say I have no objection to this being done; but we must remember that we have almost as many Kaisers as Germany to hang, and justice, like charity, begins at home. So long as we have capitalists, international financiers and wirepullers, secret diplomacy and secret Treaties, so long shall we as a people suffer war and the consequent tragedies war involves. To find the real source of this r we must search further back than 1914; and I may say that this, more than anything else, is the real crime of the I.L.P.-ites which "A Workman so heartily denouncds. I think he will admit that every one of the atrocities he cites is the direct outcome of war; in fact, acts of war. That is the-one indisputable fact which all the theories, assumptions and assurances of the capitalist politicians and Press cannot alter. As I have just said, we are out to abolish the cause of War. That ideal will never be attained by hanging, shoot- ing or lynching the men who helped in that cause. If the system is allowed to continue, that system is sure to find adherents. History will repeat itself. As it has been in the patf, so will it be again in the future. We cannot expect new fruit from the old roots. Let us be reasonable; let us be logical; let us face the facts for what they are worth. Then it will be easier to deal with the issues. As a member of the I.L.P. myself, I h&ve no objection to bringing everyone who had any responsibility whatsoever in every one of the atrocities mentioned in "A Workman' s letter (together with the perpetrators of some of the horrors I cited in my last letter), and punished according to his crimes. That is my view of reason, justice, and revenge. How far the starving of German babies will help to destroy Prussian militarism, I really cannot say. Perhaps this is one of the things that only the Coalitionists can understand. The last phase of your letter, A Work- man," I will pass over with the remark that if half the ink and energy wasted in trying to humiliate these men were spent in more prac- tical purposes against such enemies as crime, vice, disease and want. I have no hesitation in saying that progress would be a few cen- turies farther down the pike." A Work- man should also remember that we have such a thing as vested prejudice," which our politicians are so very much afra,c. of.- Yours, &c., SOCIALIST.

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