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ARE YOU AWARE that by far the Largest Selection of every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE in the Principality, without a single exception, is held by the well-known Firm, BEVAN & COMPANY, Ltd., Swansea, Llanelly, Cardiff, &c. BEVAN ?? AND C^ OMRX LTD 1 ■ ———— BEVAN & COMPANY FOR RELIABLE GOODS! ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES! NEWEST DESIGNS! FREE DELIVERY! 280, Oxford Street, & The Arcade, I SWANSEA. Cwmbach Buildings, Vaughan Street, LLANELLY, &c. SCALE OF CHARGES. The only way to Reach the People in these Districts is to Advertise in the Chronicle. Special Quotations for Tradesmen's Advertisements. Auctioneers' Advertisements 3d. per line. Legal, Municipal, and Public Notices 6d. » Parliamentary Notices 9d. Paragraph Advertisements amongst News 6d. Births. Marriages, and Deaths, 20 Words, 1/6; and 3d. for each 8 additional words. Miscellaneous Wants, For Sales, To Lets, 21 Words for 1/ 3d. for every addi- tional 8 words. Three Insertions for 2/ Small Advertisements, unless prepaid, will be charged 6d. per line. All Orders and Money must be addressed: AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE," QUAY STREET, AMMANFORD. Prepaid Advertisements. NEW-LAID Eggs now cost one user ^d. each, but they used to cost him 1/7 each, before he used Karswood Spice, con- tain: ground insects, which increased egg output amazingly. Packets 2' d., nd., 1/3. -Evan Evans, Chemist, The Square, Amman- for. FOR Sale, Perambulator and Push-Chair, in good condition; moderate prices.— „ Apply Box A, Chronicle Office, Ammanford. "DULLETS lay well in bad weather if Karswood Poultry Spice is added to soft mash. Prove it to your profit. Packets 2d., 7d., 1/3.-D. Owens, Grocer, Cawdor Stores, Llandebie. FOR Sale, 50 Real Army Biankets. large size, at 16/6 each, 32/- a pair; also 150 pairs of full size Lace Curtains, at 4/11 per pair, worth 6/1 I.-Cohen, Quay Street, Ammanford. S TRA YED .-One Grey and one Bay Mountain Ponies.—Information to Morgan, Gelly, Palleg, Ystradgynlais. MONEY to Lend on Mortgage; any — amount, House or Farm, for a term of 15, 20, or 25 years.—Apply Box 12, Chronicle Office, Ammanford. A CTUAL test proves that Karswood (Harmless) Spice added to hen food produces double the eggs as same food with- out Karswood. Packets 2d., lid., 1/3.- Thomas Evans, Royal Stores, Llandilo. SUPERINTENDENTS and Agents Wanted at Brynamman, Gamant. Ammanford, Pontardulais, Llanelly, Tumble, and Cross Hands.—Apply House Pur- chase," Chronicle Office, Ammanford. A CTUAL test proves that Karswood (Harmless) Spice added to hen food produces double the eggs as same food with- out Karswood. Packets 2 £ d., 7\d., 1/3.- W. J. Wilkins, Chemist, Gwaun-cae-gurwen, EGGS Multiply where MOLASSINE LAYING MEAL is used. Obtainable from Corn Dealers, or The Molassine Co., Ltd., Greenwich, S.E. 10. MOLESKINP, Rabbits, Feathers, Horse- hair, &c., Wanted. Send for prices.— H. Stuart & Co., Albion Buildings. Alders- gate Street, London, E.C.I. ONE tablespoonful of Karswood Poultry Spice, containing ground insects, sup- plies 20 hens one day. Note the economy over ordinary spice." Packets 2^ 7sd., 1/3.-J. W. Evans, Amman Pharmacy, Gamant. PIANO BARGAINS.—^lilsom Uptight £ 45 Bechsteiri Gran«^'4 £ l 00 Collard Baby Grand, £90; Cornish Organ, £ 25; Challen* Upright, £3j; Cabinet Gramophone, Xt6; Trumpet Gramophone, £ 6; Pianola, 120: Kaps Grand, &80; Farrand pright, 160; Collard and Collard, £25; Broadwood Grand, iw. All Instruments guaranteed. Delivered carriage paid.-C. Milsom & Son, Ltd., The Great West of England Piano House, 15, Milsom Street, Bath. T HE INFLUENZA SCOURGE give. additional importance to Nasal Hygiene. Keep your nostrils and throat germ proof with NOSTROLINE Nasal Specific and you can- not catch Influenza, Nasal Catarrh and Head Colds. Of leading Chemists everywhere, 1/3 {by post 1/5). Sold by W. L. Y. Bye, Quay Street; E. Evans, 1, College Street; D. J. M. Jones, Quay Street, Ammanford; J. W. Evans, Gamant. Public Notices. HAULAGE OF COAL. T ENDERS are invited for the Haulag- of Coal for Gamswllt and District I from Amman ford Tirydail, Wemos, Park and Blaina Collieries. Tenders to be sent to the undersigned on or before February 1st, 1919. Apply for further particulars to W. GEO. PHILLIP J, 9, Cathan Terrace, Camswllt; Pantyffynnoa. Public Notices. RATIONING ORDER, 1913. N.R. 44. T HE following Instruction recently issued by the Ministry of" Food will probably be of assistance to the Public:— 1. The Food Controller has decided to give the public an opportunity for a free change of retailer during the fortnight from the 20th January to the 1st February, 1919. 2. The public have been informed by announcements in the Press that if they wish to change any of their retailers they should apply to such retailers for the counterfoils deposited with them. The retailer must on demand return such counterfoils to the cus- tomer in all cases in which the counterfoils have not already been sent to the Food Office. (Note.-Under the provisions of the Rationing Order, 1918, and Directions made thereunder, retailers are under a legal obligation to return counterfoils lodged with them as and when required, either to the customer or to the Food Committee). 3. If a retailer is unable to produce any particular counterfoil where he is under a legal obligation to do so, he will be required by his Food Committee to furnish a written statement to the effect that the customer has been registered with him for the food in ques- tion, together with an explanation as to why the counterfoil cannot be produced. 4. A retailer should, if required by the customer, continue to supply him with the rationed food in question until the end of the week in which the customer has ceased to be registered with him. After the 1st February a retailer may not serve any customer whose counterfoils are not held by him- or by the Food Office on his behalf. 5. Acceptance of New Customers for Regis- tration.-Persons desiring to change their retailers will, in exchange for their old counterfoils, receive from the Food Office special blank counterfoils to be deposited with the new retailer. These counterfoils will be printed in special colours and will bear special reference numbers as under:— Food. Colour of Ref. No. of Counterfoil Counteroil Meat GreeR N. 73 Baccn Brown N.74 Butter and Margarine Blue N. 75 Sugar Yellow. N. 76 Jam Red N. 77 Tea Salmon. N. 78 Lard Purple N. 80 Attached to each counterfoil will be a small slip, which must be detached by the person to whom the counterfoil is issued, and pasted over the appropriate space on the back cover of the ration book. 6. During the period, January 20th to February Ist, a retailer may accept for regis- tration only the following:— (a) A person to whom a ration book has been issued for the first time (i.e., dis- charged, or demobilised soldiers, immi- grants, etc.) or a person who has com- pleted the Permanent Removals Pro- cedure. Such persons will have a new ration book with no previous entry on the retailer's space on the back cover, and blank counter foils of the present type (co loured brown). (b) Persons previously registered with an- other retailer who are taking advantage of the opportunity for a free change of retailer during the period. Such persons will produce their old ration book with blank slips pasted over the appropriate spaces on the back cover and blank spare counterfoils of the types described in paragraph 5 above. 7. The retailer must in each case when accepting a new customer see that the cus- tomer's name and address and the serial .ber of the ration book have been written on the counter foil, and he must then write or stamp his own name and address on the back of the counterfoil and on the blank slip pasted on the back of the ration book. 8. Adjustment of Supplies.-Where a retailer finds, after the 1st February, that the number of his registered customers has in- creased to such an extent that he is not able out of his existing supplies to meet the autho- rised demands made upon him' by them, be should communicate with the Food Committee, who will, where they are satisfied that it is necessary, arrange for the issue to him of Supplementary Buying Permits, Vouchers, etc. 9. The first periodical return of the sale of each rationed food made by retailers subse- quent to February 1st must show the corrected number of their registered customers, and retailers must be prepared to produce to the Food Office,, where required, a corresponding number of counterfoils. Applications for permission to change a Retailer will not be entertained after the 1st February, 1919. Yours obediently, T. M. EVANS, Executive Officer. Amman ford Food Office, January 20th, 1919. AMMANFORD URBAN DISTRICT. HOUSING SCHEME. A PUBLIC MEETING of the Rate- payers of the above Urban District ill be hid at the Hall of the Y.M.C.A., Ammanford, on Thureday, January 30th, 1919, at 7 p.m., to consider the advisability I (or otherwise) of adopting for the Urban District the Housing Scheme suggested by the Local Government Board.; to receive an explanation of the views of the Urban Dis- trict Council thereon; and (if thought desirable) to pass a Resolution in relation thereto. (Signed) J. E. JONES, Chairman of the Council. Ammanford, January 22nd, 1919. Public Notices. LOOK OUT For the Repeat Performance at the PALACE, Ammanford, February 12th, 1919, Of the Magic Key By the Famous BETTWS JUVENILE CHOIR If you intend coming, BOOK YOUR SEAT EARLY. PUBLIC HALL, Gwaun.cae-gurwen. Watch this Column. Note the Dates- Feb. 13,14, 15, 1919, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 1 Maesymeillion' Will be there. Will you, if you intend coming, Book your Seat at once (the sooner the better), with Mr. IVOR JAMES, 8, Carmel St., Gwaun-cae-gurwen. The Gorslas & District Reception Fund. A GRAND BAZAAR AND SALE of WORK (Under the auspices of the above Fund) will be held at the Church Hall, Gorslas, On Saturday, March 15th, 1919, To raise Funds to welcome back our Brave Victorious Warriors from the various fields of operations. President: Mrs. D. F. DAVIES, Gwernllwyn, Cross Hands, And numerous other Vice-Presidents and Patrons. Preliminary Notice. A Grand BAZAAR AND SALE OF WORK IN AID OF THE Llandebie Proposed Public Memorial Hall, WILL BE HELD AT LLANDEBIE On Thursday & Saturday, MAY 29 & 31, 1919. Hon. Secretary: (Miss) M. MATTHEWS, Eryl, Llandebie. Tradesmen's Announcements. I SHAG TOBACCOS. Gwalia Brand. Welsh Terriers Brand. Gelert Brand. Sole South Wales Agents: The R. P. SYMONS' SALES Co., Ltd. 25, Wyndham Arcad.), CARDIFF. Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vale oi Towy). Ideal Institufion lor Direct Preparation and Great Production. BOARDERS KEPT. GIRLS ADMITTED. TERMS MODERATE. Head Master: REV. J. &. THOMAS, Late Headmaster of Park-y- Velvet Academy; Undergraduate of London University; Open Exhibitioner of Cardiff University; First in English, and Distinction in Chemistry; First Prizeman in Classics and Mathematics at Trevecca College. SUCCESSES IN SESSION 1917-18:—27. 25 College of Preceptors (2 with Honours). 2 Shorthand. For particulars, apply to Mr. THOMAS. Local & District News. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Reports, News Paragraphs, and all Communications for the "AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE" should be sent not later than WED- NESDAY earlier when- ever possible-addressed- EDITOR, Amman Valley Chronicle," AMMANFORD.

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