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Miners' Demonstration at 1Ammanford.


Miners' Demonstration at 1 Ammanford. The majority of the collieries frorf Gwaun- cae-gurwen to Penygroes were idle on Mon- day, the outcome of the .issuing of summonses against 42 colliers for breaches of contract. The mam cause of the trouble, our repre- sentative gathered, was due to the carrying out of a custom general in the colliery areas, that of attending the funerals of workers. Although the funeral on this particular occa- sion was of a man a stranger to the workers at Tirydail, yet he was regarded as a com- rade. 1. It can be said, however, that the man was a miner and wed at another col- liery. The men assembled on the Square on Mon- day morning, and paraded the main thorough- fares of Amman ford, headed by the Gwaun- cae-gurwen, Penygroes, and Ammanford Silver Bands. Banners were carried aloft, and bore the inscriptions: We are fighting for liberty to bury our dead," and Stand Fast, Labour." Outside the Police Court booing was indulged in, and the cry of Are we downhearted ? No!" could be heard dis- tinctly in the interior of the Court. The men also visited the residences of some of the local colliery managers. It had been decided during the previous week that the offénders should not appear to answer the charges, neither were they to be legally represented, as a protest. At the Palace Theatre, a mass meeting was held, when considerably over 1,000 miners were pr,-cnt. A resolution was sub- mitted and caTried, and which was to the effect that if payment of the damages was enforced, they (the miners) would call a strike affecting the whole of the collieries in the Amman Valley. Fortunately, this ex- treme action wa -.ot necessary, for later the announcement was made that the owners would not enforce their claims.

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