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The labour difficulties at Ammanford during the earlier part of the week gave cause for much anxiety. Now that the owners have decided not to enforce the judgment obtained at the Police Court on Monday, the situation should bear another aspect. From what can be gathered, the main cause of the unrest was due to the desire on he part of the workers to attend a funeral-a general custom in the district. Mr. Kenshole, on behalf of the owners, said that per- mission would never be refused rela- tives or friends to attend. Surely there is a way out of the difficulty. Is it not a matter for a thorough thrashing out" by the Committee set up to deal with the various disputes? Mr. Bonar Law has said that the strike wave is causing the Government considerable anxiety. We have gained a great victory against the Germans on the battlefield. It is, therefore, up to the workers to create a fresh spirit of unity in conjunction with the employers, in South Wales parti- cularly. The lads have suffered much on the various battle fronts, all for the fine cause of Democracy. They are anxious to come back to a New and Prosperous England," and not to find it in a state of chaos.

Miners' Demonstration at 1Ammanford.

The Ammanford Co-operative…

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