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Random Recollections of Llandovery.


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-___-__--ILloffion o Lanfihangel.






FOOTBALL TOPICS. ^53# AMMANFORD v. GOWERTON. The above match took place on the Cross Inn Field, Ammanford, on Saturday last, being the first meeting of these old rivals this season. The visitors brought up a very strong team, and made no secret of their intention to lower the colours of the homesters, who also turned out a good side, including George Rees and Ike Jones. The following players represented Amman- ford :-F ull-back, Jack Leyshon (capt.) three-quarter backs, Ike Jones, Abbot Grif- fiths, J. Williams, and Roger Jones; half- backs, Ivor Jones and Ike Fowler; forwards, Roger Barrett, Wat Jones, George Rees, Dai Harries, G. Morgan, J. Rees, E. J. Thomas. and Harries. Referee, Mr. W. Bowen, W.F.U. George Rees kicked off for Ammanford before a record gate, and E. Hill returned to touch at halfway. From the line-out D. Harries got the ball away to his backs, who 6tarted passing, the ball going to Roger Jones on the wing. The latter, finding himselt covered, cross-kicked to the centre of the field, where Fowler fielded and gave out to Griffiths, who in turn handed to Ike Jones, who was pushed into touch right on the corner flag after a really brilliant movement. From the ensuing line-out the Gowerton forwards came away with the ball at their feet, but Leyshon fielded and found touch with a nice kick. From the line-out Fowler got the ball away cleverly to Ivor Jones, who started a passing bout, which broke down near the visitors' line. The ground by this time had become very slippery, and the players found it difficult to keep their equilibrium at times. Nevertheless, the game continued to be very interesting, both sides playing good football. On several U'a"ivlI" Lilt; hUHlClers came within an ace of scoring, but the greasy state of the ball made it very difficult to hold, and half-time arrived with no score having been registered by either side. Immediately on resumption, the homesters returned to the attack, and Gowerton were sorely pressed for some time, until a minor brought them much-needed relief. From the kick-out Ivor Jones got the ball, and initiated a round of passing, the ball travelling to Ike Jones on the wing, who, after making a fine run, slipped when trying to beat the full- back. The next incident of note was a fine breakaway on the part of Wat Jones, who picked up in the loose, and after a short run gave out to Fowler, who passed to the three- quarters. The ball travelled along the line to Roger Jones, who, finding himself unable to beat the defence, passed inward to Ivor Jones, who sent on to Jack Williams, the last-named failing to take the ball, thus losing a fine chance to score. Not to be denied, the homesters kept up the attack, and Fowler, getting the ball, made a clever opening before giving it out, and after one of the finest pass- ing bouts seen on the ground this season, in which forwards and backs alike participated, Roger Jones scored a brilliant try in the corner. Ivor Jones made a good but in- effectual attempt to convert.. From the drop out, Ammanford again went away, and Fowler again started a passing movement, the ball being handled by nearly haif the team, and the movement culminating in Wat Jones scoring a fine try behind the posts. Jack Leyshon converted. After this, Gowerton had a turn of attacking, one of their centres inter- cepting and running clear, through untii brought down by Leyshon. From the next scrum Ammanford wheeled, and George Rees led a fine rush back to the visitors territory, where one of their backs fielded and sent the leather to Leyshcn, who found touch at halfway, after which the final whistle was blown, leaving the homesters winners of a fine game by eight points to nil. I REMARKS. l he game was one of the best seen on the ground this season, and was greatly appre- ciated by a large crowd of spectators, who cheered the efforts of both sides to open out the game. The Ammanford forwards played a great game. Wat Jones was undoubtedly the best forward on the field, and he was well sup- ported by Dai Harries and George Rees, although the latter was too closely watched to have a chance to shew his abilities, and was very often tackled without the bail, this being especially noticeabie in the line-out. Barrett, E. J. Thomas. Harries, Jack Rees, and G. Morgan were also in the thick of it, and gave their backs numerous opportunities to shine. Ivor Jones and Fowler were again in tip- top form, and opened out the game in splen- did fashion, the latter shewing fine judgment when the homesters scored by giving the ball out at the right moment. The three-quarters also did well, and handled the greasy ball in a surprising man- ner. Their defence was very good. Jack Williams and Abbot Griffiths, the centres, fielded and tackled splendidly, and Ike Jones did all that was required of him. Roger Jones played a good game, and shews con- Itinued signs of improvement. Jack Leyshon, at back, played his usual good game, kicking and tackling finely. Just a word of advice to the players. In view of the efforts that are being made !o get a Colonial team to visit the town, it i? to I be hoped they will pay strict attention to training. SPECTATOR.

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