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THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Seen and Heard by the Conductor.) It is time some move was made with a view to having late tra;ns run up the Valley. < There has been quite an epidemic of petty thieving in the Valley during recent days. According to the Ministry of Food, there is no immediate prospect of a downward ten- dency in the price of food. The local Cage Bird Society are holding an exhibition of canaries, hybrids and mules on Saturday next. < With the advent of fine weather, it is to be hoped that the Council will proceed with the work of re-metalling the roads, which are in a bad state. We don't wonder at the high price charged for beer. It cost a defendant at the Police Court last Monday 5s. 6d. for half-a-pint, but he bad in addition left his horse and cart unattended ? ? A social and dance held at Llandovery recently resulted in the" takings" amount- ing to JE.60, which will be handed over to the local branch of Discharged Sailors' and Soldiers' Federation. • » • It is rumoured that a demonstration of miners will take place on Monday next, unless in the meantime some settlement is arrived at concerning certain summonses which are returnable for that day at the Police Court. < Overheard at a meeting of a local War Pensions Committee:—A Member: What is the actual earnings of the man? The Cleck: Really I cannot answer, as he is dead, and I do not know the rate of wages in his new abode." P.C. Phil Britten, who was sworn in at the Police Court on Monday, was the first police officer in Carmarthenshire to enlist voluntarily. He went through some of the severest fighting in France, and was on one occasion unofficially reported as having been killed in action. A very < < e witnessi w h om A very loquacious female witness, whom the opposing solicitor could? not silence, so far kept him at bay, that by way of browbeating her he exclaimed: Why, woman, there's brass enough in your face to make a kettle." And sauce enough in yours," she instantly rejoined, to fill it." < There is sure to be an exodus from the town to Llanelly on Saturday, where the New Zealand team are due to play the Scarlets. Ike Fowler and Ivor Jones, the Ammanford half-backs, will be assisting the Llanellyites on this occasion, and are sure to give a good account of themselves. < Allotment holders should attend at the Y.M.C.A. on Tuesday evening, when a lec- ture will be given on the cultivation of potatoes, the use of artificial manures, &c. A glance at our advertising columns will enable them to see what varieties of potatoes are certified as immune from Wart Disease. < A local office boy recently visited a barber's shop, during his employer's absence from town, to get his hair cut. When admonished by his employer for doing so during office hours he argued thus: Seeing that my hair grows during office hours, I thought I might as well get it cut during office hours." A visit to Ammanford is anticipated from one of the Colonial teams now in this coun- try We understand that the necessary guarantee is already assured. The match should prove a big draw and give a much- needed fillip to the popular game, which has undergone many vicissitudes since the out- break of war. » » The National Labour Congress decided in Chicago last Saturday to call a general strike beg.inn;ng on July 4th, with the object of paralysing all the industries of the country unless a new trial is granted to Mooney, the Labour leader, under sentence of death in connection with an explosion in San Fran- cisco in 1916, when 13 persons were killed. A gentleman was chiding his son for stay- ing out late at night, and said: Why, when I was your age, my father would not allow me to go out of the house after dark." Then you had a nice sort of father, you had," said the young profligate. Whereupon the father very rashly vociferated: I had a con- founded sight better one than you have, you young rascal." It may be taken for certain that the first people to visit the battlefields of France and Belgium will be the relatives who wish to visit the graves of the soldiers. There will be no distinction made between rich and poor in tlys matter. There are now 400,000 graves of British soldiers in all theatres of the war which have been fully identified, and there are another 100,000 now in pro- cess of identification. <t It was stated at the offices of the War Savings Committee on Monday that, although no official figures would be available before the end of the week, there was every prospect that last week's rush of subscriptions for War Bonds would bring the amount invested up to or possibly beyond the huge total of sixteen hundred million pounds. The subscriptions of Saturday were exceedingly heavy both in London and the provinces. 0 0 During the war, the National Egg Collec- tion has collected as gifts from the public and distributed to wounded soldiers in the Base Hospitals in France and at home 41 million eggs, of a total capital value of £ 430,619 17s. Out of this total, 3,350,443 eggs have been given to hospitals in England and Wales, 4,305,573 eggs to Scottish hospitals, and 1,558,739 eggs to Irish hospitals. The highest number of eggs collected in any one week was 636,741. # Many persons have been under the impres- sion that the war gratuity payable to a soldier who has served overseas is reduced from IOs. a month to 5s. for such portion of his service as was .done at home. Replying to a ques- tion, the War Office explains: If a soldier has rendered any war service overseas the gratuity for the whole period of his service will be assessed on the overseas scale, ir- respect've of whether he was serving at home or in hospital at home." In a certain family a pair of twins made their appearance, and were shewn to their little sister of four years. It happened that whenever a rather prolific cat of the house- hold had kittens, the prettiest were saved and the rest drowned. When the twins were -shewn the child by their happy father, she looked at them earnestly, and at length, put- ting her little finger tip on tTie cheek of one of them, looked up and said with all the eeriousnesspossible. Papa, I think we'll save this one.

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