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BRYNAMMAN. I Priv. David Jones, Creigiau Farm, who was gassed while in action, and was ren- dered dumb and blind for several weeks, has returned home. He has recovered both his si¡;ht and power of speech, and apart from being hoarse, is as well as can be expected. The Brynamman Ladies' Choir, conducted by Madam W. J. Williams, is making head- way. The rehearsals are well attended, and many compositions, Welsh airs in particular, are being slowly and surely got under. The choir intend making their debut at a concert which they are arranging to hold the end of February. The Brynamman Band are getting into their old form once again. Their street music is heartily welcomed by the residents. It is the intention of the Band to give preference to entertaining the public, the competitive arena to talce ahadc. seal henceforth- Thawr ser- vices prior to public functions are much in demand already. The Brynamman Bit-Badge League have decided to hold a miscellaneous concert to ?well their funds. A fine quintette of artistes have been engaged for the occasion. The membership of the League, as well as the honorary section connected with it, is con- stantly increasing. Another social was held last Wednesday at headquarters, when the popular vocalist, Mr. A. R. Williams, Gem Confectionery, presided over a large audi- ence. Mr. Arthur Williams accompanied. Messrs. Jack Lewis, Ted Moses, Willie Lewis, Miss Alice Hargreaves, Messrs. T. Edwards and T. Jones gave solos, while Mr. Richard Morgan sang penillion. The Chairman also rendered songs. While engaged in fixing a skylight on the roof of the Llandilo Road Bakery, Mr. Willie Howells, carpenter, Cwmgarw Road, had a painful accident. It appears that just at the end of his day's work he decided to complete a job, and fixed a ladder prostrate on the roof for the purpose. The base of the ladder was fixed against the trough, which gave way, with the result that both ladder and workman slid down a distance of about 14 feet on to a heap of stones below. Howells was so badly injured as fo necessitate his being conveyed home. Dr. Jones attended, and found that he had been badly shaken and had sustained a fractured elbow and injured shoulder. The repairs were being done with a view of re-opening the bakery. On Saturday evening, an excellent concert was held at Ebenezer Chapel, under the auspices of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Com- mittee, to welcome the Brynamman prisoners of war released from captivity. The Rev. J. Lee Davies, pastor of Siloam, presided over a strong audience, while Mr. Gwilym M. Jones, the maimed soldier-organist, ac- companied in his usual able manner. The artistes were:-Contralto, Madam Esther Coopel- Jones, Cwmgorse; elocutionist, Miss Ceinwen Smith, Cwmgorse; tenor, ex-Priv. Watkin Phillips, Aberdare; violinist, Miss M. fron Williams, Brynamman. All the entertainers acquitted themselves admirably. Mrs. W. J. Williams and Mr. Jenkin Jones (schoolmaster) addressed the meeting. Four of the six prisoners were present. The six are Lieut. W. Rees, Brynpedol; Priv. W. J. Jenkin Jones, Belle Vue; Priv. Willie Thomas, Park Street; Priv. Herbert Wil- liams, London (who failed to attend owing to indisposition) Lieut. David Jones, ministerial lu dent and Priv. Arthur Lowe, who is still retained in hospital at Newcastle-on-T yne. The Brynamman Band, conducted by Mr. Willie Llewelyn, paraded the streets prior to the opening of dcors.



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