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I-Ammanford Police Court.

IAmmanford County Court.I


Ammanford County Court. I On Thursday last, the first sitting of the new County Court for Ammanford and dis- trict was held at the Court House, Amman- ford, before His Honour Judge Lloyd Morgan. The registrar was Mr. D. E. Stephens-Davies, Carmarthen. Before proceeding with the business of the Court, Mr. W. L. Smith, solicitor, Amman- ford, welcomed the Registrar, who attended to the judgment summonses at 10 a.m. Mr. Smith expressed a hearty welcome to the Registrar on behalf of the public in general, and mentioned that it was a great acquisition to the town and district to have a gentleman of the position of the Registrar, and who had such fine knowledge of County Court matters. On behalf of the legal profession, he (Mr. Smith) extended their best wishes to the Registrar, as they anticipated receiving his valued assistance in treading the devious paths of some County Court rules which were mo*t intricate, and also they counted upon having a good hearing on all matters. It would be found, as time went on, that such a populous centre would amply justify its right to have a County Court. In replying, the Registrar remarked that he hoped to merit the kind words of welcome and compliments which Mr. Smith had ex- pressed, and that he woald endeavour by good conduct to do his best to fulfil the duties of his important office. He was not unknown to any of the legal profession of this district, and the more intimately they became acquainted with him, he trusted the better they would like each other. He wished to assure them that no effort would be spared on his part to assist the people who had decided to embark on litigation he would not say that he would encourage litigation. The offices at present in College Street were quite inadequate, and in such an important place as Ammanford it was unthinkable that such offices would be permanent. Mr. Stephens Davies said that he would be personally present at the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and that the offices would be open every day. He also trusted that the Court would improve as time went on, and that it would become a credit to the town and district. On behalf of the legal profession, and also the public of Ammanford, Mr. W. L. Smith welcomed His Honour Judge Lloyd Morgan on his first visit to Ammanford in his official capacity. Mr. Smith, in the course of his remarks, sa:d that as time went on His Honour would see that the establishment of a County Court at Ammanford was a long-needed want, and that it would soon justify its formation in this district. Mr. Smith also said that His Honour's career had mostly been in the wes- tern portion of the county, and he felt that as His Honour would continue to come to the east, the more convinced he would be that the wise men came from the East." (Laugh- ter). Continuing, Mr. Smith said that when- ever His Honour gave a judgment, even though it might be an adverse judgment, it was always received and accepted by all in good spirit and feeling, and he (Mr. Smith) was expressing the sentiments of all present in welcoming His Honour into their midst at Ammanford and district. His Honour thanked Mr. Smith for his kind expressions of welcome, and referred to the time when Mr. Smith had seen him some months ago regarding the establishment of a County Court in the district. He (the Judge) had always considered that Ammanford was entitled to a County Court, and he did not agree that it should be attached to the Car- marthen district. It was not his doing, and he could not help it. The first case on the list was one in which Mr. James Macmillan, of College Street, Ammanford, applied for an order against a debtor. Mr. W. L. Smith, solicitor, Ammanford, appeared for the plaintiff, and he jocularly remarked that the plaintiff had the proud dis- tinction of being the first to appear in that capacity before an open Court in Amman- ford. (Laughter). I COMPENSATION CASES. Mrs. Crossley Ann Matthews, of 89, Mar- garet Street, Ammanford, applied for an award of compensation against the Amman- ford Colliery Company, Ltd., in respect of the death of her husband, which took place on the 9th August last. The deceased had been injured at the colliery in 1913. The respondents had paid the sum of £ 123 7s. 4d. into Court. His Honour ordered that the claimant be forthwith paid the sum of S-10 out of the amount paid into Court, and that the balance be invested in the Post Office Savings Bank for the benefit of the claimant and her five children. Mrs. Matthews was represented by Mr. Walter L. Smith, solicitor, Ammanford. John Jones, of 10, Tinman's Row, Bryn- amman, claimed compensation from the Rhos- amman Colliery Company, Brynamman. An agreement having been arrived at be- tween the parties, the sum of £ 12 10s. was awarded as compensation. Mr. T. Randell, solicitor, Swansea, ap- peared for the applicant. An application was made by Mrs. Esther Davies in the matter of an arbitration award against the Rhos Colliery Company. The applicant applied that the quarterly payment to her, made under the award of £ 158 18s. which was in Court, Jse continued. I His Honour ordered that the weekly pay- ment of 12s. made under a previous award be reduced to 10s. The applicant was represented by Mr. r. Randell, solicitor, Swansea. Mrs. Margaret Davies made an application for the continuation of t'e weekly payment out of the compensation award of £ 200 14s. made against the Rhos Colliery Company. An order was made that the weekly pay- ment of 16s. granted under a previous appli- cation be continued. Mr. T. Randell, solicitor, Swansea, ap- peared for the applicant. RECOVERY OF POSSESSION. I Rev. Stephen Thomas, Danylan, Llandilo, brought an action against Daniel Jones, of Pantyffynnon Farm, Salem, Llandilo, for the recovery of the possession of farmhouse build- ings and close of land, known as Panty- ffynnon, situate at Salem, Llandilo. An order was made that possession should be given up in twenty-days, anl also for £ 4 4s. mesne profits and costs. The plaintiff was represented by Mr. Hugh Williams, solicitor, Llandilo, and Mr G. C. Porter, solicitor, Llandilo, appeared for defendant. RETURN OF ORGAN. I Messrs. Duck, Son and Pinker, Ltd., piano and music sellers, Bath, sued Benjamin Elliott, of Prospect Place, Camant, for the return of an organ which the defendant had hired from them. Mr. W. L. Smith, solicitor, Amman ford who appeared for the plaintiffs, addressed His Honour, and referred to the- fact that inter- rogatories had been delivered to defendant, but that he had not filed his answers on oath. and incidentally remarked that the case was brought forward to sccurc Llic return ot the organ. He (Mr. Smith) now understood that the organ was being put on rail, and in the circumstances he asked for a formal adjourn- ment of the case. This was acceded to bv His Honour. I


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IAnrhegu Alcanwr. I

Lloffion o Lanfihangel.

Clywedigion -o -Gwynfe. I

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