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THE OMNIBUS. I 1Things Seen and Heard by the Conductor.] There was a large attendance of ladies at the Court House on Monday. Some shop windows in the town were blown in during the recent stormy weather. The River Amman is overflooded as a result of the incessant rains of the past few days. < < The antediluvian methods of the citizens of Palestine greatly impressed some of our local lads who served in the campaign in the Holy Land. It is understood that the Army Council has issued an order to resume recruiting for the Regular Army on pre-war lines as from yesterday. At the funeral of Lieut.-General Sir James Hills-Johnes, V.C., on Friday, a wreath from His Majesty the King was among the floral tributes received. A deputation appeared before the Carmar- thenshire Education Committee last week to ask for the erection of an intermediate school in the Gwendtraeth Valley. < A local man was struck with the appear- ance of the auditorium at the Court House on Monday. He at first thought there was a mixed choir there for practice. » In the list of appointments to the new Government appears the name of Mr. J. Towyn Jones, M.P. for the Llanelly Division, Junior Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. Local soldiers who served in Palestine declare that the inhabitants of Jerusalem wexe completely overcome with joy when they were informed of the approach of the British troops. Some residents of Ammanford suggest that steps should be taken to have light railways laid in this locality which would connect this important industrial centre with the outlying villages. Canned salmon purchased by the Food Ministry is now arriving in this country, and will be distributed in a few weeks' time to the trade, when a further alteration in the schedule prices is contemplated. sc bedule 7>ylces is cdntemplate d An old resident who takes an interest in the climatic conditions, on being asked his opinion about the present rainy period, attri- buted its cause as follows:—" Do's dim rhyfedd. Ma'x gwynt o Abertawe." Mr. Stephen Walsh, M.P., who criticised certain members of the Labour Party during the election, met his critics on Saturday last at a miners' conference. A resolution calling for his resignation as miners' agent was defeated. According to reports, the Government is erecting a light railway, 30 miles long, at Giggleswick, Yorkshire, with the object of making the cost of transport of agricultural produce cheaper, and also increasing the rura l supply of rural product from the district. < His Honour Judfge Lloyd Morgan held his first County Court in Ammanford on Thurs- day last, and while making an inspection of the Court House mentioned that it was in the Ivor* Ites' Hall, Ammanford, that he made his first public speech. < The rainfall, as registered by the pupils of Cwmifor Council School, Manordilo, for the year was 49.52 inches, the number of wet days being 233. The rainfall for 1917 was 43.83 inches, and the number of wet days 204. The heaviest rainfall was registered on December 15th, when 1.18 inches of rain fell. Judge Lloyd Morgan, at the opening of the County Court on Thursday last, said he had always been of opinion there ought to be a court at Ammanford, but he could not say he agreed that the Ammanford Court should be attached to the Court at Carmar- then. Several people complain of the disgrace- ful manner in which certain persons conduct themselves on Sunday nights in Ammanford. The use of flashlights is far too prevalent. Perhaps the fines inflicted at the Police Court on Monday will serve to shew that this con- duct cannot be tolerated. When the entry of Jerusalem was imminent, some of the Turkish staff were disturbed by a British 'plane flying overhead. A Turkish aviator fancied his chance, and ascended with the object of combating the Britisher. In a few moments his machine was hit, and the Turk's flying days were at an end. < < The Llandilo Urban District Council are taking steps with a view of having Lampeter linked with Llandilo by means of a railway. If the idea reaches fruition, it will also mean that the Amman Valley will also benefit therefrom, as much produce has from time to time been despatched from Lampeter to this district, » Instructions have been given by the Admiralty with regard to repatriated men that those who are qualified for promotion are to be advanced to the higher rank or rating and draw the higher pay from the date on which they would have been promoted in the ordi- nary course had they not been taken prisoners or interned. Certain apple importers have been charging both the margin of profit allowed to first owners and wholesalers under the Apple (Prices) Order. The Food Controller desires to make it clearly understood that the addi- tion of any further profit by an importer, whether the sale is made to the retail or wholesale trade, is an infringement of the Order, and renders such person liable to prosecution, < It is understood that the Government has decided to allow the railway companies to put on a large number of trains to facilitate the abnormal passenger traffic arising out of the demobilisation of troops. Arrangements are now being hurried forward, and the rail- way corfipAnies ate engaged in drawing up new time-tables. The local bodies should make a strong endeavour to get late trains from Swansea and Llanelly run up the Valley. At a Labour conference, convened by the Ministry of Food, in London on Saturday, Mr. H. M. Hyndman said it was the unani- mous opinion of the Food Consumers' Council that the next six months would probably be as difficult a time regarding food as any time during the war. If the competitive market was restored and the Central Powers came in as buyers, the prospect of starvation in :-he great cities of England was greater than before the period of control. He advised workers skid the public generally not to be too hasty in demanding release from Government control.

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