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"DEMOCRACY OR ANARCHY?" To the Editor, A mman Valley Chronicle. Sir,-Will you kindly spare me a little space in your next issue to reply to "A Workman's letter on the above subject. A Workman begins by asserting that the Labour Party' s cry of Labour versus Capitalism during the recent Election was introduced to mislead the people. May I ask him to spend a few hours to go through the. records of our Coalition members, and ask himself the plain question: Are these the men who are going to make this country safe for Democracy? He proceeds to attack the Labour Party a'-out condemning Germany for what she has done. Has he heard the Labour demand for an International Court of Justice? My friend, A Workman," did you hear a Coalitionist demand such a thing? Did you hear a Coalitionist orator condemn the perpetrators of the Mesopotamian horrors? Did you hear any of them ccademn the system that allows the rich and idle to waste un- earned wealth to their own selfish ends, while little children of hard-working people are packed away in unhealthy slums to drag out a miserable existence? Is not the vagrant, the drunkard, and the harlot the product of such a system? Did you ever hear any of our Coalition friends demand the hanging of the profiteer? Did you hear a Coalitionist demand Home Rule for India? Do not be misled, my friend. A Labour man tells us that we are human beings, with men's and women's rights, and with men's and women's capacities for all that is best in mankind. What do we do? We hoot him, and call him a liar and a fool, and an enemy of the people; and we teJI him that he is working for the downfall of the country. The capitalist-politician tells us that he is the man to watch our interests, and that if we were entrusted with the use and the care of the wealth we produce, we would at once be- come a set of drunken wasters: and WI; shew our appreciation of him by returning him to Parliament with a huge majority. To pay a Trade Union to fight the capitalists during a strike, and to vote for a capitalist at the election, seems to me to be the height of folly. There are no Tories, Liberals, or Coalitionists amongst the employers during a strike; they are all capitalists, and fight against the workers. We never elect a capi- talist on our Works Committees, or on a Trade Union; but at a Parliamentary Elec- tion, where Labour men are most needed to represent us, we turn round* and choose the men whose ideals are dead set against us. You want us to think what an individual or two belonging to the Labour Party think. I should like you and every other workman to remember what the Labour Party has done for us, and to compare the conditions of to- day with the conditions our fathers and fore- fathers forked under, and to thank God-, and the capitalists—for the change.— Yours, &c., SOCIALIST.