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AMMANFORD. The boisterous and stormy weather of last week caused some damage in the town and district. Some telegraph wires were blown -down, and the large plate-glass window of :he establishment of Mrs. Phillips, tobacconist, Quay Street, was smashed during the gale on Thursday. Slates and tiles were also dis- jocated in certain parts of the town. Priv. Jack Lewis, of 59, High Street, has returned home from France, where he served with the 47th London T erritorial Regiment. He joined the Army about two years ago, and was present at the operations which pre- cedto the capture of Lilb. Prior to enlistment he was a pupil of Liar.dilo County School, and had passed ah examination entitling him to admission into a college. Sister H. jores, who is a sister to Mr. J. Bowen Jones, ironmonger, has been awarded the R.R.C. (Royal Red Cross). Sister Jones is now in a place ten miles out of Dinant, on the river Meuse, in Belgium, and is housed in the chateau which was built by King Leopold of Belgium. She has been four and a half years in France, three and a half years in the actual fighting line. She will return to this country to receive the decoration. Another local hero who has rendered valu- able service for his King and country has resumed to Ammanford in the person of Priv. John Gregory, or iO, Union Street. He joined the Army in August, 1914, and was .attached to the R.A.M.C. He was sent out .to Salonica, where he served for some time, for some time, and also in Egypt and Palestine. He was present at many of the chief battles, and fortunately has escaped injury throughout the four years of his service. H e is at present fusiliers, ana anticipates being discharged from the Army shortly. Mr. Joseph Williams, of Glynyreithin Farm, Bettws, unfortunately sustained a serious accident at Ammanford No. I Colliery on Saturday morning last whilst following his occupation. His foot was severely injured by a loaded tram which passed over it, and as a result he was conveyed home in a vehicle lent by Mr. Sheen. It was found that the injury was a serious one, and on Monday the unfortunate man was conveyed to Swansea and admitted into hospital, where on exami- nation it was discovered that amputation of the limb near the knee was necessary. The operation was performed on Monday. Mr. Williams has been employed as a miner for about 20 years. It is hoped that he will make good improvement Great sympathy is felt with the family intheir trouble. Priv. Gomer Evans, whose home is at 9. Field Street, has returned home. He joined the Army voluntarily in 1916, and was drafted out t<> France, where he took part in several thrilling engagements. He sustained an accident about ten yeajrs ago, when his upper arm was seriously fractured by a cart loaded with coal passing over it. He was then admitted into a hospital, and after undergoing treatment re was discharged, it being found that nothing, further could be done to improve the injury. However, Priv. Evans was subsequently aonitted into a London hospital, where he underwent special treatment, and also had certain plates fitted into his arm. It was in that condition that he volunteered for service, and though being practically rejected, he insisted on being accepted for service. Priv. Evans' father ? an old soldier and served in Egypt. On Wednesday morning, a very pretty wedding was solemnised at Ebenezer Baptist ;Chapel, the contracting parties being Miss R. Harries, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harries, of Pendennis," Llandebie Road, Tirydail, and Mr. E. T. Davies, of Church Street, Ammanford. The bride, who was attired in a charming grey costume, with velour hat, was given away by her father, and was at- tended as bridesmaid by Miss Wheelhouse, Bettws, who wore an attractive costume and a velour toque. The duties of best man were performed by Mr. Fraok Hill, of London. The Revs. J. Griffiths, B.A., B.D., and J. Havelock Roderick officiated at the ceremony. A large assembly of relatives, friends and ,well-wishers partook of the wedding break- -f ast at the bride's residence. Mr. and Mrs. Da vies were the recipients of numerous and costly presents. Their many friends wish them ldng life and happiness. Gunner John Evans has returned home after havmg served his King and country since 1914. He was attached to tke Indian Expe- ditionary Force, amd saw service with the -first reinforcements in Gallipoli and the Dardanelles immediately after the landing. I "During the heavy fightIng, Gunner Evans was wounded m the leg, and was admitted into hospital at Cairo. He also se ved in Meso potamia, and was wounded on a second occa- sion. He is now home on sick leave, and is a splendid type of the men of our Army. He resides at 26, High Street, and is well known h) the town and district, having been employed at Ammanford Colliery for very many years. Gunner Evans still suffers from the effects of the serious wounds he sustained, '-lid is handicapped in walking owing to the M't that certain operations had to be per- fom'-d to extract some sinews from his leg. HIs my fronds wish him a complete and speedy r.coverv ? On M,?o?y evening, an excellent recep- ti'ort concert was held at the Gwynfryn I ^'n T r?'?- Harold Jones, David Jones, avld b?ies. Johnny L" is, Willie o'vp^ Tnomas, and Danny -?omas were gIven a harty .??ome after serving their  the 8teat ??- The following programme was gone through :-Pianoforte solo, Mr. Tom Thomas (organist) solo, Madam Harry Jones; solo, Miss Edith Hughes; solo, Mr. Tom Williams; duet, Madam Harry Jones and Mr. Tom Williams; recitation, Rev. D. Bryniog Thomas, pastor; solo, Master Gwyn Thomas; recitation, Miss Rachel Griffiths; solo, Mr. W. T. Rhys (College Street) duet, Messrs. Tom Wil- liams and Eddie Thomas. Appropriate ad- dresses were delivered by Mr. T. Rosser (secretary of the church) and Mr. Evan Jones (deacon). A successful concert was brought to a close by the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." A very successful reception concert was held at Ebenezer Vestry on Thursday evening, the 9th inst., to welcome Priv. John Davies, Gunner Elvet Lewis, and Seaman D. J. Lloyd, all of Ammanford. The concert was ably presided over by Mr. Stephen Jones, of Tirydail. The usual gifts on behalf of the church were presented to the recipients by Messrs. C. Clapton, D. Morgan, and D. Williams. The following programme was ar- ranged by Mr. Brynmor Davies, who deserves praise for his valued services:—Recitations, Miss R. Griffiths and Mr. Joseph Phillips; solos, Mr. Evan Evans, Glanamman, Mr. Tom Bevan, Saron (encored), Mr. Haydn Richards, Mr. T. Griffiths, Mr. Brynley Williams, Miss Blodwen Thomas, Miss Kate Whitter, and Miss Drinkwater. The concert was concluded by the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau," Miss Kate Whitter taking the solo. Mr. Willie Leyshon, T.C.L., Tiry- dail, efficiently performed the duties of accom- panist. An appropriate short address was delivered by the Rev. J. Griffiths, B.A., B.D., pastor. Among local heroes home this week is Corpl. Edward Evans, who is attached to the 4th Welsh, whose home is at 10, Union Street. Corpl. Evans is an old soldier, and at the time of the outbreak of war he was with Tt. c lccai company ui TCllILVlHU:, hi camp at Portmadoc. When the news qf war became known, Corpl. Evans, in company with others, was sent home, and on the fol- lowing day-5th August, 1914-he left Ammanford in accordance with the orders then issued. After serving in this country, he was eventually despatched to the Darda- nelles, and was present in the memorable landing at Suvla Bay. He was unfortu- nately wounded after landing, and also con- tracted fever. After his recovery, he was sent to Egypt, where he participated in several important encounters. He also took part in the campaign in Palestine, and was present at the battles of Nablus, Gaza, Beersheba, and also the skirmishes around the outskirts of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. Corpl. Evans was in the battles at Hebron, Beth- lehem, and around the Judean Hill, and he was with the first Company which made the memorable entry into Jerusalem. 1 he weather was most objectionable, so Corpl. Evans says, rain falling for seven days. Sergt.- Instructor James Evans, of Llandebie Road, Tirydail, is a brother of Corpl. Evans. Amid every manifestation of sorrow and regret, the mortal remains of the late Mr. David R. Davies, a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cathan Davies, of k 16, Pentwyn Road, Bettws, were interred at Hen Gapel burial- ground, Bettws, on Thursday, the 9th inst. The deceased was a highly esteemed young man, and will be greatly missed. He was taken ill on Christmas Day, and his demise took place on Monday, the 6th inst. A large concourse of people attended the funeral to pay their last tribute of respect. Ministers of the local Free Church Council were present at the funeral Mr. W. Cathan Davies, father qf the deceased, being the president of the sa i Councl,I The coffin was covered by Roml tributes. The renewing ministers offi- ciated:-ev. B. EUis Jones, B.A., Rev B. Davies, B.A. (curate), Rev. J. Griffiths, B.A., B.D., wid the Rev. Nantlais Will iams. The chief mourners were:—Mr. and Mrs. W. Cathan Davies (fa?er and mother) Mr Arthur Davies (brother) ■, Howell, Emrys and Ena Davies (brothers and sister) Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Esgergathan, near Bettws (grandfather and grandmother) Mr. David Roberts, LlaRelly (uncle) Mr. W. Roberts, Glanamman (uncle) Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Roberts, Ammanford (uncle and aunt) Mr. and Mrs. P. Roberts, Glanamman (uncle and aunt) Mr. W. Davies, Bettws (uncle) Mr. B. Davies, Bettws (uncle) Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Waunherod, Bettws (uncle and aunt) and several other near and distant relatives. Floral tributes were sent by the Family; Mr. C. Roberts, Glanamman (cousin) Miss Miles and Miss J. George, rout, Ammanford Students and Teachers of the Evening Classes, Bettws. The de- Bettws; Cousins at Waunherod; Mr. George ceased was employed at Pantyffynnon Col- liery, and was a member of Capel Newydd, Bettws. Great sympathy is felt with the family in their sorrow. After having served in the Army for about four years, Corpl. T. C. Thomas, a son of the late Mr. Charles Thomas, painter, Tiry- dail, and Mrs. Pendlebury, of Station Road, Tirydail, has returned home. Corpl. Thomas Was attached to the local Territorials, and was away jn camp at Portmadoc when war was declared. W e was immediately sent home, and had to leave on the following day to resume training and render service on a certain part of the coast. In July, 1915, he was draftetd to the Dardanelles, and went through the memorable landing at Suvla Bay. He attained his 21 st birthday on the day he landed at Suvla. After taking part in heavy fighting he was wounded, and was admitted into hospital at Malta. After recuperating he reioined his unit, aad was despatched to Palestine, and participated in the heavy fight- ing around Hebron Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives. When the entry into Jerusalem was made, the inhabitants were in ecstacies, and the streets were thronged with people. The citizens informed the Britishers that Johnny Turk had relieved them of the greater part of their possessions, and the arrival of the British was greatly wel- comed. Prior to the arrival of the British troops, the terrorised inhabitants of Jerusalem were afraid to leave their houses, and their joy on being able to go about unmolested can easily be imagined. Corpl. Thomas now awaits his discharge from the Army. He considers that the campaign in Palestine was prolonged owing to a lack of reinforce- ments during the early stages. When fresh troops arrived, the tables were soon turned, and success attended the efforts of the Allies. He relates a strange coincidence which hap- pened during the campaign in the Holy Land. On three occasions the 53rd Welsh Regiment was opposed to the 53rd Turkish Regiment, and on each occasion the Welsh came out on top. Several local boys returned home in company '.vith Corpl. Thomas, in- cluding the following:—Priv. Harold Jones, College Street; Priv. Allen, Park Terrace, Penybank; Sergt. Morgan Thomas, Garnant (formerly of Llandebie Road, Tirydail) Sergt. D. J. Hughes, Penybank; and Prir. Saddler, Llandebie. Corpl. Thomas, who is attached to the 4/5th Welsh Regiment, now awaits his discharge from the Army.







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