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  a r-TYCiOiS' 1 1 BARCLAYS BAMK N?i.x?i.t:??, 1 N With which is Ama l gamated the S  London Provii;r & South Western Bank I London Provincial & Sooth Wester"n —v I I LIMITED, I Open MONDAYS, 1 -30 to3 30 p.m. J ? Address "RHUDDLAN," The Square, Tycroes. | ? Manager: HILEY HARRIES (Atnmanford Branch). & 'l MATHIAS' Painless Dentistry. Sound Reliable TEETH supplied at Lowest Charges. ONLY BEST MATERIALS USED. REPAIRS and NEW PLATES Fitted to Badly-fitting Sets of Teeth same day, no matter by whom originally made. Trade with a Britisher and save money. pIF Open Daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. NOTE ADDRESS MATHIAS, Dental Surgery, The Square, Ammanford. DANGER from infection can be successfully averted in every home where V is regularly used. FIRST AID is the scientific disinfectant soap of guaranteed power. It is made in a unique way, and its value in combating microbe-borne disease can hardly be over-estimated. In triple tablets, 71d. Made only by Christr. Thomas & Bros. Ltd., Bristol i *The First Aid Book, 40 pp. I of illustrated first II aid hints, free on request if usual dealer's name mentioned. w NFLAMMATION HEALTH PILLS PURE, STRONG HEALTHY BLOOD BRIGHT CLEAR SKIN, FREE FROM LIVER CHILLS, Jaundioe, Dropsy, Free from those terrible slayers — Erysipelas, Chills, Pains, Ulcers, Burning, Fevers, Inflammations, Pneumonia, Dropsy, Pleurisy, Torturing Eczema, Rheumatism, Gout, Pimples, Boils, Blotches. Indigestion, Headache, Backache. And all Unhealthy Inflamed Ulcerous Conditions. I DEAKINS Ensure immediate benefits for all Sufferers, and effect quick and most wonderful recoveries. DEAKIN'S In Stamped Boxes only, 1/3; by Post, 1/6; Six Boxes for 7/6. < Sole Proprietors and Inventors: G. Deakin & Hughes, The Inflammation Fterrodies Co., BRISTOL & BliEMVuN, Mon. k

Gwynfryn Pastor Welcomed.