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The efforts made by several of our local bodies and various deputations for the establishment of a' County Court at Ammanford have at last been rewarded, and for the first time in the history of the town a County Court was held in the Court House, Ammanford, on Thursday last. It had long been felt that a Court was urgently needed) in the town, it being the centre of a, large industrial area. In years gone by the local public, and also that of the sur- rounding districts, were obliged, at great inconvenience to themselves and also unnecessary expense and loss of time, to attend at Llandilo for the pur- pose of having their cases considered. Not only was the loss of time and extra expense an important one, but also the fact that the town of Llandilo was not as conveniently situated to those who attended its Court, the majority of whom hailed from the Amman Valley and district. The cases from practically the whole of the Amman Valley were, under the old system, heard at Llan- dilo, and consequently serious incon- venience was caused to many. It is well known that the compensation cases heard at Llandilo were generally Valley cases, and persons who were entitled to payment under awards made in the County Court had to attend at Llandilo to receive same. Fortunately, things have changed, and the County Court which has been established at Amman- ford has bestowed upon the citizens of Ammanford and the locality an in- estimable boon in the saving of time and expense, whilst its central position will afford many other advantages. Though under the present arrangement it is only intended to hold Courts bi- monthly, nevertheless there are many benefits as compared with the old system, and we can safely anticipate I many improvements in the immediate future.


Gwynfryn Pastor Welcomed.