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Ammanford Police Court.


Ammanford Police Court. Monday, January 6th.-Before Mr. A. E. Du Buisson, Glynhir (in the chair) Mr. H. Herbert, Brynmarlais; Mr. D. Davies, Cil- rhedyn; and Mr. John Evan Jones, Amman- ford. I THE LATE SIR JAMES HILLS- I JOHNES, V.C. Before proceeding with the business of the Court, the Chairman referred to the great loss the country had sustained by the death of the gallant hero, Lieut.-General Sir James Hills- Johnes, V.C., G.C.B. He died, as they all knew, on Friday last. He had had a very distinguished career-a career that was given to few men to experience. He had rendered great service to the country, and he came from a well-known Carmarthenshire family. It was well known that a more highly esteemed, a more courteous and a more illustrious life it was impossible to find. He (the Chairman) moved a vote of sincere regret at the announcement of his death, and he also moved a vote of their sincere condolence with the family. Those present in Court stood up in accord- ance with the usual custom. Deputy Chief Constable John Evans, on behalf of the police, associated his sympathy with the expression made by the Chairman. Mr. W. L. Smith (Magistrates' Clerk), on behalf of the legal profession, also associated himself with the remarks of the Chairman, and said that Sir James Hills- Johnes, when- ever he was in Ammanford—and he had been in the district on several occasions—was always welcomed, and he enjoyed the good feelings and wishes of all in the district. PROBATION OFFICER. I The certificate of the appointment of Mr. Victor Walter Lloyd, of High Street, Amman ford as Probation Officer was re- newed for the year 1919. ADULTERATED MILK. I Inspector John Jones, of Llanelly, sum- moned John Williams, farmer, of Garnant, for selling milk, to which had been added 21 per cent. of water, on the 21st ult. Defendant did not appear. P.S. Richards, Garnant, proved service of summons, and stated that defendant had said it was a very difficult thing to prevent" the water getting mixed with the milk. It was an accident that the water got mixed with the milk whilst strain.ing the milk and also wash- ing the strainer. Inspector John Jones stated that on the 21st ult. he purchased a pint of milk from defendant's daughter, Miss S. Williams, dt Garnant. The milk was analysed, and the analyst's certificate shewed that the milk con- tained 21 per cent. of added water. The certificate was handed to the magistrates. In other words, more than one-fifth part of the miik was water. The Chairman said that there could be ro possible excuse for such adulteration. Defendant was fined 13 inclusive. I NO LIGHTS. I P.S. Morgans, of Llandebie, summoned Ivor Rogers, of Carregyrogof Farm, near Llandebie, for being in charge of a vehicle without having two front white lights on the 16th ult. A summons against the same defendant for being without a rear red light on the vehicle on the same date was also issued. The defendant pleaded guilty, and the magistrates imposed a fine of 7s. 6d. in each case. P.S. Morgans, of Llandebie, charged Dd. Davies, of Tirbach Farm, near Llandilo, with riding a bicycle on the 16th ult. without having a white light in front, and also with not having a rear red light. Defendant remarked that he was guilty, but that he had been to meet his employer at Pantyffynnon, and that it was too far to walk home. The Bench imposed a fine of 6s: in each case. P.C. Thomas, of Llandebie, charged Arthur Gyln Williams, of Abemant Farm, near Ammanford, with driving a vehicle on the 16th ult. without displaying two front white lights and also a rear red light. Defendant pleaded guilty, and said that he was detained on business later than he anti- cipated, otherwise he would have been home in good time. The Bench fined defendant 7s. 6d. in respect of each charge. The defendant stated that he had never been in the box before. It was the first time for him to be in it, and he hoped the last. The Clerk: Never mind; this is not your death warrant. (Laughter). David Thomas, of Cwmfferwsfach Farm, near Penybank, was also charged by P.C. Thomas with being in charge of a vehicle without lights on the 16th ult. The defendant remarked that he had a front light and a rear light. It was pointed out by the Chairman that he should have had two front white lights. A fine of 6s. was imposed. APPEAL. I Mr. Thomas Mayberry, of Radium House, Llandebie, colliery manager, and his son, Mr. Oswald Mayberry, were bound in the sum of £50 to prosecute an appeal against an order made at the last Court against Mr. Oswald Mayberry in respect of an illegitimate child of which he was adjudged the father. JUVENILE COURT. Thomas Brinley Anthony (15), of Bryn- caerau Terrace, Penybank, was charged with having feloniously stolen on the 27th ult. a tin cash-box, two small wrist watches, and 1,17 16s. 2jd. in money, the total value amounting to S-21, the property of Mrs. i Hannah Anthony, widow, of Mount Lodge, < Tycroes. Mrs. Anthony said that en the 27th ult. i i little girl, named Agnes Davies, of Bryn- t :aerau Terrace, Penybank, called at her < house, and she gave the little girl change for I i £. 1 note. She had the ciAnge from her t :ash-box, which was broughyown to her r From upstairs by her daughter. After giving :he change to the little girl, she locked the I :ash-box. The box contained S-17 16s. 2id. r n money, two small wrist watches, some a sirth'certificates, and also a will. On Friday t ast she went to look for the cash-box, but t .ould not find it in the house. She then a nformed the police about the matter. The ii >oy, Thomas Brinley Anthony, was present n the house when she gave the money to the u ittle girl on the 27th ult.elt P.S. Britten, of Ammanford, said that in c company with P.C. Jones he had made in- a quiries. He saw the boy named Thomas Brinley Anthony, and told him he was making enquiries about the theft of the articles from Jvis aunt's house. The boy said he had done nothing. After cautioning him, the boy ad- mitted taking the cash-box, and said that he opened it with a tin opener. After taking the money, he threw the box and the papers into the river. A search was made for the box and its contents, but they could not be found. The boy took witness to his bed- room, and produced a wooden money-box, in which he had placed the money. The Deputy Chief Constable: So they will have to make a fresh will. (Laughter). P.C. Jones, stationed at Tycroes, said that he made enquiries in company with P.S. Britten. He saw the boy, and cautioned him about the matter. The boy replied: I took the box. I will never do it again. I threw the box into the river." Witness said that the parents of the boy were very respectable people. The Chairman (Mr. Herbert) warned the boy to refrain from doing such a thing again, and advised him to be a good boy. The magistrates ordered that the defendant be bound over in the sum. of £ 10 for twelve months to be of good behaviour, and his father was also bound in a like sum to reie, that the boy should be of good behaviour for twelve months. The usual order for costs was made.

Ammanford Urban Council. I


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