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Social at Penygroes. I


Llandilo Board of Guardians.


Llandilo Board of Guardians. The monthly meeting of the Llandilo Board of Guardians was- held on the 28th ult. at the Board Room, Union Offices, Llandilo, Mr. Gomer Harries, Chairman, presiding. RELIEF LISTS. The relief lists for the North and South Districts were revised. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master read his report for the month, which shewed that the number of inmates in the House was 64, as against 70 for the corresponding period of last year. During the month, 24 vagrants had been relieved, as against 33 for the corresponding period of last year, a decrease of nine. The usual Christ- mas dinner had been given to the inmates, and they had all enjoyed themselves. Mrs. Thomas, Caeglas, had presented the women with sixpence each, and the men had each received some jam. Mr.. L. Thomas, Cae- glas, had also given the children some toys. Dr. Davies had sent some daily papers Tobacco, &c., had been given to the men. The English Congregational cause at Llandilo had kindly presented the Workhouse with a harmonium. Divine service had also been conducted bv the Rev. G. E. Williams and Rev. Mr. Richards (Methodist). The Chairman remarked that thanks were due to the kind friends who had given the various gifts. Mr. Wm. Williams moved that the hearty thanks of the Board be conveyed to the ladies and gentlemen who had given so generously, and also that the members of the English Congregational cause at Llandilo be given their heartiest thanks for having pre- sented the House with a harmonium, which would make the life of the inmates happier and brighter. The motion was unanimously supported and adopted. HOUSE COMMITTEE. The report of the House Committee was I read and adopted. Mr. John Richards moved that the sum of I s20 paid by Mr. David Thomas, Cornish Dairy," Swansea, in respect of the Board's l claim for relief granted to Sarah Thomas, Cross Inn Cottage, Manordilo, be refunded Mr. Richards described the circumstances of the case, and pointed out how Mr. Thomas had been attending the two pauper sisters for many years. Mr. Evan Davies remarked that he was sorry the matter had been brought up by Mr. Richards, and that the furniture left by the person in question, valued by a committee in- cluding Mr. Richards at £40 in the least had been sold to Mr. Thomas for £ 20, so that the kindness done by Mr. Thomas was recog- nised by them in that way. Mr. D. Pritchard Davies also referred to the decision of the committee appointed to investigate the matter. It was eventually proposed by Mr. Evan Davies, seconded by Mr. Jno. Richards, and carried that the sum of ilO be paid to Miss Elsie Thomas for her kindness in attending the person in question. MAINTENANCE OF RELATIVES COMMITTEE. 1 he report ot the above Committee was read by Mr. Wm. Hopkins and adopted. TENDERS. The tender of Mr. 1 homas Lewis, Market Stores, Llandilo, to supply flour to the Work- house for the ensuing three months, at £2 I 7s. 6d. per sack, was accepted. Some discussion took place as to whethei the Committee had a right to open the tenders. Mr. D. Pritchard Davies thought that they had no right to do so. Mr. Evan Davies: We have been told by the Clerk that the Committee has no right, and he did not think they had the power to do so. MILK. The tender of Mrs. James, Tregeyb Arms, to supply milk to the House for twelve months at 2}d. per pint was accepted. Mr. D. Glyn Jenkins, in the course of a discussion as to whether the farmers were selling milk at a fair price, remarked that they could afford to jell at 2d. and make a profit. Mr. John Bevan pointed out that this was another instance of the manser in which the farmers were overcharging. If a person could sell at that price, there was a huge c.ifferer.^ to be accounted for. I MEAT. A tender to supply meat to the House for the ensuing quarter at Is. 8d. per lb. was sent in by Mr. W. Stephens, butcher, Llan- dilo, and was accepted. I HAULAGE. I It was deeded to iccept the tender of Mr. John Thomas, Llai-lillo, to haul stones at h. 6d. per ton. I COAL. IMr. John Edwarcl. c??! merchant. Ffair- I fach, tendered to supply best Liandebie cobbles to the house at £ 2 Is. 2d. per ton. After some discussion, it was decided to accept the above tender. Mr. John Bevan humorously remarked that the cost of coal had possibly increased, as a good deal was now used to make margarine. FIREWOOD. The only tender to supply firewood to the House for the ensuing quarter was that of Mr. John Evans, Troedyrhiw, Llandilo, at i.) IOs. per ton. Mr. D. Pritchard Davies thought that the Board should instruct the Master to obtain chippings, &c., from the Llandilo Sawmills for the next quarter. It would give them an opportunity of finding out which was the better, Mr. Evan Davies remarked that it would not be quite in order for them to purchase the ifrewood, &c., from the Llandilo Sawmills without first having had a tender.' Mr. John Bevan referred to the fact that coal was being tendered for at £ 1 12s. per ton, and that £ 1 10s. for firewood was un- reasonable. Mr. D. Glyn Jenkins also remarked that the price was too high. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to accept the tender. It was suggested that the Board should obtain a tender from the Llandilo Sawmills in respect of chippings. The Master remarked that he had no time to go and cart the firewood. If the firewood was delivered, he would manage all right. TREASURER'S REPORT. The Treasurer's report was read, aRd the balance in the Treasurer's hand was 12,355. LETTER OF PROTEST. A letter was read from the Overseers of the Poor of Llandilo-fawr Parish, protesting against the levy of a special rate on this parish in respect of the Amman Valley County School. The greater portion of the children who attended the school were from the Amman Ward. The children from that Ward did not attend the Llandilo School as they used to. The Llandilo County School had been built and paid for by voluntary contributions. It was pointed out that the precept for the rate having been issued, the Board could not do anything in the matter. They could not leave out a certain section of the parish, as it applied to the whole. Mr. John Richards said that he was quite in sympathy with the ratepayers of the North Ward. They had to pay for the maintenance of the school at home. It was very unfair for them to have to pay rates in respect of the Ammanford School, which was not used at all by the children of that Ward. Mr. Evan Davies supported the remarks of Mr. Richards. Mr. D. Glyn Jenkins said that it was a very peculiar thing that when others had to pay, those very people did not think of com- plaining. Mr. Evan Davies thought it was not fair for the ratepayers of the North Ward to be asked to pay. A Member pointed out that prior to the establishing of a school at Ammanford the Llandilo County School was the only school for the whole of the Union district. Children attended the school from every district. As a sc hool had been established at Ammanford, they should certainly maintain it from that particular district. The Clerk said that they had no power to do anything, as the precepts were issued, and they could not exclude some parts. DELEGATES. Mr. D. Glyn Jenkins and Mr. W. Roberts (Garnant) were appointed to attend a con- ference to be held at Swansea, which was convened for the purpose of considering the I assessments of steel and tinplate works. CORRESPONDENCE. The Clerk read a letter received from Mr. John Hinds, M.P., acknowledging the re- ceipt and promising his best support of the resolution submitted and passed at the Poor Law Conference recently held at Swansea, a copy of which had been forwarded to Mr. Hinds. A circular communication v read by the Clerk relating to the whole and part-time medical oiffcers of the district, in which it was shewn that the o? sch officer; I was shewn that the sa,,r. a o: suc h o f f i cers had not been increased during the war, and • pointing out that I l:e- Id r,, -)mm. a that they receive an increase. The Clerk remarked that the medical officers of their Union had not received any increase. Mr. John Richards: They have not applied for it. The matter was then dropped. The Chairs M said he felt sure they were all glad to see Lord Dynevor among them once asair after the good work he had done.