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MANORDEILO. Success.— We are pleased to note that the Rev. W. J. Williams, pastor of Cwmifor and Uangadock Baptist Chapels, was success- ful in obtaining a first prize of three guineas at the Goginan Eisteddfod -for an elegy to the late Rev. Henry Evans, Horeb, Penrhyngoch, Christmas T ree.- The first annual Christ- mas tree in connection with the Caledfwlch children was held on New Year's Eve at the Richardson Memorial Institute. A committee -comprised of local persons with Mr. T. 1. Griffiths, School House, as chairman, Mrs. M. M. Williams as secretary, and Mrs. S. Rowberry as honorary treasurer-was formed in order te carry out the necessary arrange- ments. Mrs. Alex Boyd and Mrs. M. M. Williams were appointed as collectors, and so well did they succeed in their work that a balance of S-1 4s. was left for the next Christmas tree after defraying the necessary expenses in toys, buns and oranges. Mrs. Charles Boyd and Mrs. J. Jones went to buy the usual apparatus" necessary for the Christmas tree, and though their task was a difficult one, because the best selection of toys had been disposed of before Christmas, and because they were so expensive, yet the boys and girls were bewildered when they saw the tree prettily and daintily decorated and crammed with those things which appeal to them. Mrs. Ernest Glasbrook was chosen as president, and she remarked in her speech that this was the first Christmas tree held in Caledfwlch, and she trusted that it would be an annual one, and that all the children in the neighbourhood would take a share in the next one. Owing to circumstances over which the committee had bo control, it was this year confined to a certain area only. Mr. Evans, Post Office, made an ideal Father Christmas," and it is certain that the children present will never forget his outfit," and when distributing the gifts he made an appro- priate speech. Recitations, songs, &c., were given by the children, and Mrs. Alec Boyd gave a few selections on the gramaphone. Oranges and buns were given to the children. Mr. T. Jones, Manor Villa; Rev. W. J. Williams, Mayrose Hill; and Mr. T. 1. Griffiths, Cwmifor School, delivered appro- priate speeches, and the singing of the National Anthem brought a most happy even- ing to a successful conclusion. Concert.— The annual sacred concert under the auspices of the members of the Hermon Sunday Schools was held at Hermon on New Year's Day, the chairman being Mr. Henry Davies, Cefnpark. The secretary was Miss B. Walters, who was responsible for the pro- gramme, which was a lengthy one and excel- lently got up. Owing to the inclement weather which prevailed that evening, the at- tendance was not up to the usual mark, but those present spent a most enjoyable evening, and the proceeds, which were very good, are to be given to the children' s Summer Trip Fund. The following were the principal items:—Solo, Ada Thomas, Tancefn; recita- tion, Bettie Davies, Ffosddu; duet, May and Hannah Williams, Bryndeilo; solo, D. T. Williams, Bryndeilo; recitation, W. Emrys Rowlands, Bankolive; recitation, Dilys Thomas, Brynhyfryd; duet, Ada and W. J. Thomas, Tancefn; song, Hannah and May Williams; recitation, Bettie Davies; recita- tion, Dilys Thomas; solo and chorus, Tan- cefn Choir; penillion singing, Miss Walters, Penywaun recitation, Annie Williams, Bryn- deilo; recitation, Jenny Davies, Pencefn; recitation, Brynmor Thomas, Brynhyfryd solo, Mr. Williams, Gellideg; dialogue, Friends; recitation, Miss Thomas, Pantglas; solo, Miss Richards, Maerdy; recitation, Miss M. Jones. Lodge; recitation, D. T. Wil- liams, Gellideg; solo, Mr. Thomas, Birming. ham penillion singing, Ada Thomas; dialogue, two friends; recitation, Mrs, Thomas, Brynawel; solo, Mr. Williams, Gellideg; solo, Mr. Thomas, Birmingham. Priv. Jack Griffiths, Taliari's Forge, was pre- sented by Mr. Davies, Cefnpark, with the usual Treasury notes during the meeting. Appropriate speeches were delivered by the Evans; Overdale. The recipient suitably re- sponded.



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