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WELSH CHURCH: FOURTEEN POINTS. I 10 the Editor, Amman Valley Chronicle. Sir,—With profoundest apologies to Presi- dent Wilson, I beg respectfully to submit the following points for the consideration of my fellow-countrymen and women. The time has now arrived for the people's representa- tives in Parliament to press for the fulfilment of the promise for a re-consideration of the provisions of the Welsh Church Act of 1914, and to demand its removal from the Statute Book. I. That the four Welsh dioceses are of native growth, dating from the earliest period of Church history in the British Isles. 2. That the Asquithian Government had received no special mandate for their dis- memberment. It was only carried by a scratch majority, aided by a coalition of Irish dis- loyalists and a coterie of Welsh agitators. 3. That 100,000 Welsh Nonconformists of standing made a dignified protest against its passing. 4. That Mr. McKenna, its sponsor, has received his conge from a Welsh constituency. 5. The loyal, unselfish attitude of the Welsh Church during the war, and the nobl part played by her sons and daughters in winning it. 6. That the Welsh Church is the only pro- gressive religious body in th? Pnncipahty, as abundantly attested by th? findmg of the Commission issued by the authority of Parlia- ment. 7. The Church' s keen interest in missions, home and foreign.. Her well-known activity in the cause of national education. 8. The existing endowments are barely sufficient to carry on and develop her sacred mission. 9. That in many scores of Welsh parishes there are no resident Nonconformist ministers. 10. That the Welsh Church Act involves a menace to the security of property of all kinds. 11. That it involves an impious challenge to the Almighty to save and defend His Church, after the manner of the apostate Emperor Julian at Edessa. 12. That lay tithes, in respect of which no duties are performed, are to remain un- disturbed. 13. That General Allenby, on his entry into Jerusalem, declared that all Moskm rights and endowments were to be regarded as inviolate. If Mahommedan endowments are sacred, then why not the time-honoured resources devoted to Christian uses equally so? 14. That endowments originally bequeathed to her by the piety of her own children should not be devoted henceforth to pay the stipends of agnostic professors in the newly-constituted colleges-an unthinkable and "iniquitous sin. I am, &c., D., LLEWELYN. I Beaufort Vicarage, Monmouthshire, I January 6th, 1919.

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