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VOTING QUALIFICATIONS. To the Editor, Amman Valley Chronicle. Sir,—Now that the time for claiming votes has come round again, will you allow me a little space in order to try to answer some of the questions that I have been asked recently? I will give the ladies -first place, as the condi- tions as to qualifications are not so simple as in the case of men. Parliamentary Vote (Women) .-No woman under 30 years of age is entitled to the Parlia- mentary vote. Quite a number discovered that fact during the recent election. A woman over 30 years is entitled to the Parliamentary vote if:- (a) She is the wife of a man entitled to be registered as a Local Government elector in respect of premises in which they both reside. (See Local Government—Men). (b) She occupies a dwelling-house and is otherwise qualified. (c) If she is entitled to be registered as a Local Government electoj in respect of land or premises (other than a dwelling-house) of a yearly value of £5, Women Lodgers.—A woman who occupies a room or rooms (which must be unfurnished), providing her own- furniture, is entitled to the Parliamentary vote, A woman occupying as caretaker any pre- mises not occupied by her employer is en- titled to this vote. A woman moving about within the county can claim a vote by succession. This does not concern those who have lived in the same place during the qualifying period —July 15th, 1918, to January 15th, 1919. The age is reckoned as on the 15th of January for the next list, and it must be 30 years. Local Government Vote for Women.-A woman who is 30 years of age, and is the wife of a man entith to be registered in respect of premises in which they botF reside, is entitled to. this vote. A woman who is 21 years of age, and occupies as owner or .Enant (in her own right) any land OT premises in that area, is '-■titled to the Local Government vote. The r gulation as to succession is the same as in the Parliamentary vote. Women lodgers must occupy an unfurnished room or rooms in order to qualify. (N,?ote.-T?e qualification is? occupation as owner or tenant). A woman occupying premises not occupied by her employer is entitled to this vote. All women claiming must be British sub- jects. Note.— The 30 years limit applies only to married women living with their husbands, and, of course, to the Parliamentary vote. Parliamentary Vote for Men.—Any man, who is a British subject, is 2i years of age, is not a peer of the realm or subject to any other incapacity, and who has resided for the six months ending January 15th, 1919, in this county or in any county touching it, can claim a Parliamentary vote. If he resides in pre- mises not occupied by his employers, he can claim. Men Lodgers.—A man can occupy a roona or rooms, furnished. or unfurnished, and be entitled to claim, the chief qualification being residence. Local Government Vote (Men).-A man. to secure this vote. must be 21 years of age, and must occupy as owner or tenant land or premises in the area. Men lodgers occupying furnished rooms will not qualify for this vote those occupying unfurnished rooms will qualify. There is no value placed on this qualification-mere occupation. With your permission, perhaps I shall say a fe-.v words about the naval and military and other absent voters in your next issue.— Yours, &c., D. ROGERS. 21, Cowell Street, D. ROGERS. Llanelly.



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