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LLANDILO. 1 Mr. Douglas Harries, son of Mr. A. E. Harries, J.P., Chairman of the Llandilo Urban District Council, has successfully passed the entrance competitive examination of the Royal Sandhurst Military College. The Young People' s Guild at the Eben- ezer Baptist Chapel was held on Christmas Eve, and took the form of carol singing. Mr. Eve, an d  Owen Jones, Greenfield Place, presided. The programme was arranged by Mr. Johnny Morgan, the musical conductor of the chapel. Mr. A. E. Harries, J.P., Chairman of the Llandilo Urban District Council, presented the following with a wallet each on behalf of the Llandilo and District Soldiers' and Sailors' Welcome Committee:—Lce.-Corpl. Thomas Evans, Ashley, Ffairfach, who had been in France for over four years, and had been three times wounded; Sapper Geo. Beynon, Tregeyb Lodge, Ffairfach, who had served of 30, Towy Terrace, Ffairfach, who had 2b years in France; and Priv. Ivor Thomas, been with. the Colours for over 31 years, and had seen service in Salonica and France. Among the speakers were Colour-Sergt. G. W. Jenkins, Sergt. W. C. Stephens, D.C.M., Sergt. Morris, Ffairfach, etc. All the re- cipients suitably returned thanks. Lce.-Cpl. G. A. Taylor was also later presented by Mr. Harries in a like manner witli- a wallet. A grand concert was held at the Drill Hall on Christmas night, under the auspices of the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, New Road. There was a crowded house, and all the artistes acquitted themselves well, and were deservedly encored. The proceeds will be divided between the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel and St. Dunstan' s Institute for the Blind Soldiers. The secretarial duties were in the able hands of Messrs. Eben Thomas and Tom Davies, B.A., County School. Appended is the programme:—Introduction by the accompanist, Miss Nancy Jones; quar- tette, Regular Royal Queen," Miss A. M. Davies, Miss Bronwen Williams, Mr. Herbert Teale, and Mr. Dyfnant Davies; solo, Cymru," Mr. Dyfnant Davies; solo, There's a Land," Miss Bronwen Williams; solo, Sound an Alarm," Mr. Herbert Teale; pianoforte solo, Troisiene Ballade,' Mrs. Winnie Bowen-Rumble; duet, Sol-fa Duet," Miss Bronwen Williams and Mr. Dyfnant Davies; solo, Baner ein Gwlad," Miss A. M. Davies; duet, Watchman, what of the night?" Mr. Herbert Teale and Mr. Dyfnant Davies; pianoforte solo, Sonate," Mrs. Winnie Bowen-Rumble; duet, Springtime," Miss A. M. Davies and Miss Bronwen Williams; recit. and air, (a) Deeper and deeper still," (b) Waft her Angels," Mr. Herbert Teale; solo, "Miserere Scena," Miss A. M. Davies and Mr. Herbert Teale; solo, "Shipmates o' Mine," Mr. W. Dyfnant Davies; solo, Gwlad y Bryniau," Miss A. M: Davies; solo, "The Last Watch, Mr. Herbert Teale; quartette Good Evening," Misses Davies and Williams; and Messrs. Teale and Davies. A Special Police Court was held at the Shire Hall, Llandilo, on Thursday of last I week, before Messrs. Wm. Hopkin and A. E. Harr es, when Llewellyn Richards, of I Alltyferin Farm, Llanegwad, charged Wm. Jones, of Danygraig Farm, with the theft of a cask on Thursday, the 19th ot December last. Porsecu-,or sa 'd that on the 8th of December he had a cask of about 40 gallons capacity, which he used to keep in the fowl- house. He missed it on the following morn- ing, and gave information to the police. He identified it as the one produced, which bore the letter L," the initiaf of his Christian name, and also by other marks.—P.C. Rd. Davies, Cothi Bridge, said that, accompanied by the prosecutor, he visited Danygraig, where he saw the prisoner, and told him he had a search warrant respecting a missing cask from prosecutor's premises. He read the warrant to the prisoner, and after the prosecutor had identified the cask, he cautione d prisoner and charged him with the theft. Prisoner replied: I bought this cask at Carmarthen last Friday, but I cannot say from whom. It was a gambo from Brechfa that brought it here. I cannot say whose gambo it was; I don't know the man." Prisoner was then conveyed to Llandilo.—Prisoner, sworn, said he was in Carmarthen on Friday, the 6th December, and called at Mr. Crossman, the grocer, in Blue Street, to know whether he had a cask to hold water. He did. not know the man he spoke to, but he was middle-aged and fairly tall, and of slight build with light moustache. The missing hoop of the cask was at his home. He paid 5s. for the cask, but did not take a receipt. He had painted one side of it with Brunswick black.—Cross- examined by P.C. Davies: He met the gambo which brought the cask to the house, in Blue Street, Carmarthen. The driver told him he was going on to the Brechfa Road, but he did not know who the driver was. Subse- quently he found the cask on the roadside by his house. The gambo was empty when he met it.—Prisoner was fined f-2, and given one month to find the money.



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