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Llandilo Rural District I Council. The monthly meeting of the above Council was held on Saturday last at the Union Offices, Llandilo, Mr. John Richards, Chair- man, presiding. The Clerk referred to the recent address of Mr. Chappell, the Local Government Board Inspector, and said that the total num- ber of houses required under the proposed Housing Scheme was 315. „ The Council were asked to make enquiries as to the cost of the land, and to endeavour to acquire freehold land for preference. LLANDEBIE WATER COMMITTEE. Mr. W. Williams read the report of the above Committee, which had received com- plaints. regarding shortage of water m some parts. At Penygroes and Gorslas there was a great shortage. Mr. Jones, the Sanitary Inspector, referred to the continual complaints which were being received regarding Penygroes and Gorslas. It had been decided that extra pipes should be laid, but during the war the matter had been left in abeyance. The time had arrived for them to proceed with the scheme. In some parts water was very deficient, and a great deal of suffering was the result. It was decided that the Surveyor should draw up what was necessary to have a tem- porary supply of water from Llandebie, and also the approximate cost of the work. Mr. Evan Morris said that he made a report last summer regarding the shortage of water at Pentregwenlais, and he understood the Sanitary Inspector was instructed to attend to the matter. He (Mr. Morris) would like to know what had been done in the matter. Mr. Evan Jones remarked that the only arrangement made was for enquiries to be made of the Llanelly Council. Their reply was that they were prepared, as far as they were concerned. The only question now was the preparing of a scheme. The Clerk, in answer to an enquiry, re- marked that the Llanelly Council were ready to make the connection. Mr. W. Williams moved that the Sanitary Inspector prepare a scheme ready, so that they could be ready for the mains to be tapped. This was carried. Mr. John Bevan referred to the condition at Pwll-y-Lord. It was decided to recommend that a com- mittee should be appointed to inspect Raw- lings Road and Margaret Road, Llandebie. The Sanitary Inspector, in answer to an enquiry, said that he had no idea of the cost at present. The report was adopted. TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS. Mr. Gomer Harries called attention to the present train arrangements, which were un- satisfactory. He suggested that the Council should write to the railway authorities with a view of having the train service improved. This was adopted. STORAGE OF MATERIAL. A communication was received from the Rev. D. Richards, claiming an amount in respect of the storage of materia! during the construction of the sewerage works at Llan- sawel. Various materials had been stored for many months. A Member remarked that at a meeting of the Committee it was resolved that the sum of 35s. should be paid in respect of the damage done to Miss M. Davies' property. He knew of the claim of the Rev. D. Richards, and he would recommend that the same amount be paid to Mr. Richards in full satisfaction. There was a discussion on the matter, and as the members differed in their opinions, it was decided that the Sanitary Inspector should call the Committee together once again and that they make an inspection of the place. STEAM ROLLERS. A communication was read from a firm suggesting that the Council should purchase steam rollers, &c. A discussion arose concerning the reason* for the change of conditions. Mr. Wm. Williams said it was possible that the Governmen might have commandeered some of the steam rollers, &c. It was decided that the Clerk should write pmaking enquiries as to the charge made for the hire of sleam rollers, and that he write to the Eddison Steam Roller Company to en- quire whether they can supply the Council with steam rollers this year. REPAIR OF ROADS. The Clerk, read a letter from the Roads Board, in which it was stated that the Board were prepared to make a grant towards the cost of repairing roads damaged by traffic of lorries, &c., in the haulage of timber, &c. The Clerk said that the Council would have to submit particulars as to the damage, &c. It was resolved that the Council should make an application for a grant. NOTIFICATION OF DISEASES NOTIFICATION OF DISEASES. The Clerk reported having received a form from the Local Government Board, stating that certain diseases were notifiable. SALE OF LAND. A communication was read from Lieut.- Col. W. N. Jones regarding the sale of a piece of land. He was prepared to entertain an application from the Council. CLAIMS OF DISABLED MEN. The Clerk read a letter concerning the special claims of disabled men who had served in the Army. It was hoped that the Council would give preference to such men when they had an opportunity of giving them suitable employment. MAERDY BRIDGE. A letter was read from the Ammanford Urban District Council regarding the costs of Mr. David Thomas, Surveyor to the Amman- ford Urban District Council, and Mr. Evan Jones, Surveyor to the Llandilo Rural Dis- trict Council, for services rendared in respect of Maerdy Bridge. The bill amounted to Y-100. The Ammanford Council desired to know whether the Llandilo Rural District Council were prepared to pay the agreed pro- portion After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the matter be deferred, Mr. Jones, the Sanitary Inspector, remarking that though the amount was needed, he preferred that the matter be postponed until the two Councils concerned came to a correct understanding. MEDICAL OFFICERS' REPORT. The Clerk reported having received the Medical Officer of Health's report for the year 1917. It was decided to have the same printed for circulation among the members.






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