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THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Seen and Heard by the Conductor.] I A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our Readers. Scores of local soldiers and sailors have been home on leave recently. < Christmas pudding was in evidence in many homes during the festive season. Sugar has been conspicuous by its absence from a local establishment for the last three weeks. Extraordinary rumours were in cirtulation on Saturday last. One was to the effect that Towyn had a majority of over 10,000! Did you have a good time on Christmas Da%r 'J'*mmy? I should think I did. I had to take four kinds of medicine after it. I • • An Irishman, struggling to get a pair of new boots on, exclaimed: I shall never get 'em on at all until I wear em a day or two." The Board of Ttade give notice that the Motor Spirit Consolidation and Gas Restric- tion Orders, 1918, will cease to have effect as from January 10th. < I wonder what your father will say, dearest, when I ask him for your hand? Don't worry about that, dear. He rehearsed it with me last evening, and he does it beau- tifully." < If the Pacifist M.P.'s had their way, the Germans would have no indemnities to pay, and the boys who, have won the war would come home and find that they were expected to pay the cost. ? After seeing the result of the poll in the Llanelly Division, some of our local Council members came to the conclusion that their next bid for local representation does not appear to be very hopeful. The Labour Party, being the second largest party in the newly constituted. House of Commons, expects to become recognised as the Opposition. The choice of leader will probably fall on Mr. J. H. Thomas. < In response to strong representations from Sir Alfred Mond, the Army Council has decided to become responsible for the medical treatment of discharged soldiers and prisoners for a period of six months from the 3rd Dec $ At the Guardians meeting on Saturday, a tender was received for supplying milk to the Workhouse at 2id. per pint. As the price now paid for milk is 4d. per pint, the above quotation indicates that farmers must be making big profits. The Board of Trade have made an Order revoking the Lighting Order as from Decem- ber 23rd. The effect of this is to remove restrictions regarding hours within which hot meals may be cooked and served in hotels and restaurants. Old Woman (to engine-driver): Do ye think ther'H be a collision to-day? Engine Driver: I hope not. What makes you ask? Old Woman: "Well, ye see, I'm taking a basketful of eggs to town, an' I don't want 'em broken." President Wilson and Mrs. Wilson have thoroughly enjoyed their visit to this country, and there is authority for the statement that they have been greatly and most favourably impressed by the warm-hearted welcome accorded to them on all hands. The result of the General Election has illustrated quite conclusively that the country will not be led by such men as Ramsay Macdonald, Philip Snowden, W. C. Ander- son, Geo. Lansbury, and Robert Williams. whose stock fell heavily as a result of the polling, < It is stated regarding demobilisation that of ten million or more men and women who were engaged in the country's war effort, 775,000 have been released. These included 270,000 men m the forces, 115,000 returned prisoners of war, and 390,000 munition workers. < A local shop assistant complains that she has to do the work of hauling goods about, until her face is blue. 0 Before she works much longer, She'll give herself the sack; f And leave the shop and counter, And never more come back. The Election results strongly shew the confidence of the country in Mr. Lloyd George to carry through the Peace negotia- tions to a satisfactory conclusion; and fur- ther proves that it is the will of the country that Germany must pay for the war and make reparation to France and Belgium. » Two young ladies were proceeding along I College Street one evening recently, when they espied a vanity bag on the road. They picked it up, and believing they had found something worth having, hurried to a side street to examine their find. On opening the bag, it was found to contain a few Welsh round cakes of (foubtful quality! The Roman # h at Nome, on The Roman Catholic church at Nome, on the Pacific coast of British North America, it surmounted by an immense cross, blazing with electric light. It serves as a lighthouse for miles up and down the coast, and has been the means of saving many lives from ship- wreck. It is also useful as beacon to miners coming to town from the wilds. 0 A return of Parliamentacy electors on the first register under the Representation of the People Act, 1918, for constituencies in Eng. land and Wales, discloses a grand aggregate voting strength of 17,225,990. The total number of women electors (exclusive of the Parliamentary counties of Derby and Wilts, where they have not yet been ascertained) is 6,778,530. We are strongly of the opinion that better facilities should be p—mted for travelling between Llandebie and Penygroes and the adjacent villages. The motor- 'bus on Satur- day last was dangerously overcrowded, and some of the passengers were perched on top of the 'bus. Representations should be made to the Railway Company to provide at least an additional 'bus on Saturdays. < < The Labour candidate for the Llanelly Division polled exceptionally vell, and there are many who believe that, but for the un- seemly and unfair conduct of some extremists who obstructed the Coalition candidate's meetings both at Llanelly and at Amman- ford, the result would have been otherwise. It is a pity the cause should be jeopardised by these ijrnatve Rn,4 unthinking adherents.

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