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IThe. General Election.

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The. General Election. I LLANELLY DIVISION. Towyn Jones (C.L.) 16,344 J. H. Williams (Lab.) 14,409 Majority. 1,935 The town did not present any striking appearance on Saturday night when the result of the election was made known. A small crowd had assembled outside the Post Office, and when the tidings were announced by means of a notice declaring the triumphant majority of Mr. J. Towyn Jones, the Coalition candidate, to be 1,935, there were many smiling faces throughout the town. How- ever, although the Labour candidate was not successful in being elected, the supporters of Dr. J. H. Williams have the consolation of discovering that their efforts-and they were undoubtedly strenuous and determined ones— were rewarded by the substantial total of 14,409 recording their votes in favour of their candidate. This is rather strong evidence that the Llanelly Division has a large pro-? portion of its electorate who were iR favour of the Labour candidate being returned. The local Labour organisers were early in the field, and they organised and worked for their cause in a most thorough manner. It must be admitted that the Coalition campa. was not so methodically and thoroughly arranged, J0d their meetings were few; and Labour had stolen a march before there were any signs of movement in the Coalition camp. Neverthe- less, the Coalitionists, when election day arrived, succeeded in defeating the Labourites when the silent vote was recorded. It is a significant feature of the election in general that the country does not wish the I.L.P. extremists to govern or represent its views. When-one reflects upon the situation, it is perfectly obvious that such men as Ramsay Macdonald, Philip Snowden, W. C. Anderson, Geo. Lansbury, and Robert Williams were not approved of by the majo- rity of the electorate of this country, and that they preferred the huge task which confronts the Government in future should be entrusted to men who had proved their sympathies with the cause of the Allies. It is evident that the country desires that the Glcvemm?et elected should be composed of men who were opposed to Germany having an easy time, and the Coalition triumph swept like a huge wave over the land. The situation is as follows:— Coalitionists 546 Anti-Coalitionists 160 Majority 386 The result far exceeded the expectations of the most confident supporters of the Coalition Government, who were of the opinion that the working majority would only amount to 100 at the most. Another important point is that. the extremists who sought election were unsuccess- ful practically without exception. The Unionist poll has been a fereat sur- prise, t4pt party having a "substantial majority over all the other parties.

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