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Ammanford Police Court.


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Bettws Competitive Concert.


Bazaar « Carnival at CefneiihinI


Bazaar « Carnival at Cefneiihin I To provide funds for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Reception Committee, a very success- ful bazaar and carnival was held at Cefneithin Council School on Saturday, December 21st. For a few weeks previously the ladies of the neighbourhood had laboured energetically in preparation for the event, and the result was that the various stalls were laden with a variety of useful articles. The opening cere- mony was performed by Mrs. D. F. Davies, Gwernllwyn, Cross Hands, who, after delivering a neat and appropriate speech, was presented with a beautiful bouquet by Miss Morfudd Jones, Frondeg. Mrs. Davies and Mr. C. E. Cleeves, Swansea, acted ver3 generously when a cheque of £ 5 was given by each of them towards the funds. The stalls, which 'were tastefully arranged, were in charge of the following:— General Stall: Mrs. Harford Evans, Mrs. J. Davies, Mrs. Tom Evans, Miss Esther Evans, and Miss S. J. Evans. Toy and Fancy Stall: Mrs. T. James, Miss Jones (Pantteg Villa), Miss Edith Evans, and Miss Lydia Morris. Dairy Stall: Mrs. Harris (Graig), Mrs. Evans (Cwmcerrig), Mts. Davies (Heol- ddu), and Mrs. Roberts (Holfen). Refreshment Stall: Mrs. W. Hughes, Mrs. T. Griffiths, Mrs. J. Vaughan, Mrs. J. Evans, Mrs. H. James, Mrs. W. Powell, Mrs. J. Griffiths, Mrs. G. Evans, Mrs. T. Williams, and Mrs. Dl. James. Hoop-la: Mrs. W. Lewis, Mrs. R. Rees, Mrs. J. Evans, Mrs. M. J. James, and Mrs. Lydia Williams. Curios and War Trophies: Mrs. J. Lewis and Mrs. H. Davies. Bran Tub: Mrs. I. Williams and Mrs. A. ^XWiiams. Electric Battery: Messrs. T. Richards, Dl. Thomas, and T. Evans. The Kaiser's Last Struggle Messrs. J. W. Jones and David James. The carnival was judged by Messrs. Arm- strong and Lewis, who awarded the first prize to Miss G. Maddox, Llannon (Dairymaid Costiwne) second prize to Miss Winnie Griffiths (Italian Costume) and third prize to Master Irwel Thomas (Red Indian Costume) An interesting and novel competitive con- cert for a pig (given by tir. W. D. Jones) was held in Pke afternoon, under the presi- dency of Dr. D. H. Griffiths. The winner was Mr. T. Jones, Holfen Ganol. In the evening, a grand concert was held. Mr. J. Lewis, Bfaenhirwain Colliery, pre- sided, and Mr. T. James, T.C.L., accom- panied. The following took part:—Misses G. Maddox and M. A. Harris, Messrs. DI. T. Jones, F.T.S.C., G. Evans, M. Davies, Dan Jones, W. James, E. James, Masters Irvon Hughes and Gwynne Evans. A ton of coal (given by Mr. D. F. Davies), a sheep (given by Mr. D. Stephens, D.C.), and a trough (given by Mr. G. Mainwaring) were raffled. During the afternoon and evening, selec- tions were played by the Penygroes Silver Band, conducted by Mr. David Williams. All who had worked towards making the bazaar such a brilliant success deserve to be congratulated, for it is estimated that £ 180 has been realised, which is conclusive proof that the event was efficiently organised and patronised. The duties as chairman, treasurer, and secretary of the committee were ably dis- charged by Messrs. J. Williams, Wm. Jones, and Tom Thomas respectively.