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Ammanford Police Court.


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Our Poultry Column.


Bettws Competitive Concert.



"Where's the money to come front?" MANY a man says to himself I should like to I i V a have a home of my own-a bit of land-the means to educate my children really well— a little business in which I could be my own master- the opportunity of travelling and seeing the world —but where is the money to come from ? The man or woman who is content merely to go on 11 wishiug never gets any further. But if you really set your mind on gett rig a thing if you are prepared to wo: k tor it, I i and to save for it; you will find that War Savings Ccrtiiicates g will pelp you to fulfil your ambition. 1 Start investing your spare cash in War Savings Certificates, and very soon your money begins to grow like a snowball. Year by year the interest goes on piling up until at last the home, the bit of land, the business, the educational opportunity, the travel for which you have been longing is within yc'? rasp. 3 War Savings Certificates I help you to get it. They cost 15/6 each. In 5, years' time they will be worth £ 1 each. This is equivalent to 5i per cent. compound interest. There is no Income Tax to pay on the increase. War Savings Certificates are I Government investments-the safest in the world. Obtainable from any Bank, Money Order Post 1 Office, or Shopkeeper acting as Official Agent. I

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