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With the Welsh in the Near East. The following letter has been received by our Brynamman correspondent, Butts ":— Dear Fr;end,-Although the cessation of hostilities has been celebrated in quite a num- ber of different forms in various parts of the universe, it is questionable whether a more fitting manner was observed than the function which .was held at Alexandria, Egypt, on Saturday evening last. In that vicinity a Division which has been greatly responsible for the great victories of the East was stationed, and being that its units comprised of several Welsh Battalions and Companies, it was decided to hold a. gymanfa ganu.' The American Mission Hall was kindly placed at the disposal of the promoters, and every en- couragement was given by the different authori- ties to make the affair a success. Special cars were requisitioned to convey those who were stationed at the outlying camps, and long before the appointed time of commencement the spacious edifice, had its seating accommo- dation taxed to its utmost. Quite a number of distinguished persons favoured the affair with their presence, and were seated on the platform. Amongst them were observed Brig.- General G. of C. of Alexandria and dis- trict, and Lieut.-General Mott, G. in ç. of the Division, with their respective staffs. Chaplain Edward Jones, in a few well-chosen words, explained the object of the gathering, and the singing of Huddersfield opened the proceedings. About twelve hymns were sung in all, Diadem being the only one in English. As a tribute to the memory of O'JI fallen heroes, Bydd myrdd o ryfeddodau' was sung with great emotion. Most 'of the hymns sung were from the programme of the Gymanfa which was held at Neath during the National Eisteddfod week, and notwithstanding the fact that the affair was more or less of an impromptu nature, it can safely be said that the singing throughout the evening was of a very high standard, and fully upheld the repu- tation attained in the world of music by gallant little Wales. The conductors were Pknnlm'nc N /f r 1 r*. *1 L/uvici>, ana v.*wiiym Williams. A Welsh solo by -ce.-Corpl. J. Pugh, R.W.F., and some pianoforte selec- tions by Lieut. Bradwen Jones., R.W.F., were greatly appreciated, whilst Chief Engineer D. Williams and Lieut. Bradwen Jones accom- panied throughout in an able manner. Ad- dresses by the afore-mentioned Generals were warmly received, and Mr. J. Davies Bryan, a prominent business man in Egypt, who bore the expense of supplying the programmes, spoke in Welsh in a manner that greatly ap- pealed to those present. The singing of the Welsh and English National Anthems brought a memorable evening to a close. DAVID J. DAVIES, Egypt, Formerly Goleufryn, Brynamman.


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