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I Llandilo County School. I I ANNUAL PRIZE DISTRIBUTION. I The annual distribution of prizes of the Llandilo County School took place at the Victoria Drill Hall, Llandilo, on Friday last. Lieut.-Col. W. N. Jones, chairman of the Governors, presided, supported by Mr. John Hinds, M.P., Lord Lieutenant of the county, and most of the School Managers. The prizco by Mrs. W. N. Jones, Dyffryn, Ammanford. The Chairman said that this school had been established now for 24 years, and he was very proud of the fact that, although it had done exceedingly well ¡rom the outset, its record for the present year surpassed all previous ones. He referred to the large number of distinctions gained, and pointed out that this was the sixth year in succession that this school had won one of the County Exhi- bitions—a most creditable achievement, having regard to the fact that only two were offered for all the schools in the county. The num- ber of scholars was larger than ever before, viz., 232. He had atlended on the previous day the distribution of prizes at the Amman- ford School, where they had also done ex- ceedingly well; but this being the older school, they naturally took a more fatherly interest in this than any of the other schools. He regretted the unavoidable absence of the Rev. Wm. Davies, The Walk (the. vice-chairman), who took the keenest interest in the work of the school, and 25 years ago worked most energetically in estab- lishing it. Another Governor who was absent through influenza, as well as one of his chil- i dren who had won a prize that day, was Mr. Thomas, Penrhos, Llanfynydd. He intimated that instead of books this year the prize- winners were receiving War Savings Stamps. The Headmaster, in his report, stated that over 200 old boys had enlisted and taken part in the fighting. Twenty-one had been killed or died of wounds. Over 50 were wounded, and three had won the Military Cross. One had gained the Serbian Deco- ration, another the D.C.M., and three the Military Medal. Large sums had been con- tributed to the War Fund. The School War Savings Association had collected practically £ 1,000. Five had passed the Higher Certi- ficate, 20 the Senior, 4 the Supplementary Certificate, and 18 had gained the Junior Certificate. He wished to mention parti- cularly the record of Odon Charles Schram, a Belgian refugee, who came here four years ago with only just a smattering of English. He passed the Higher examination with two distinctions, took the first place in the county, gaining the County Exhibition, and also a Scholarship of f20 at Aberystwyth College. Under the new Education Bill, which was almost revolutionary in its scope, the County Education Authority would have to formulate a scheme dealing with all grades of schools. The aim of the Bill was to enable every boy and girl to get his or her school continued until the age of I Q years, and ultimately see that they every lad and girl may have a chance equal with those livi::g in the big towns. It was hoped that a generous scheme of scholarships and maintenance grants would be made so as to enable the poorest to pro- ceed, if he had the capacity and was desirous, from the smallest country school to the Uni" versity. During the proceedings, an interesting little function took place, when Master Ronald Morris, son of Mr. and Mri. D. Jones Morrii, Eirianfa, was presented with the Royal Humane Society' s Vellum for saving the life of a schoolmate, viz., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Pengoitre, Llanfynydd, from drowning in the River Towy, by the Lord Lieutenant, who said it gave him the greatest possible gratification to hand the recipient the certificate. These certificates were only! given by the Royal Humane Society in cases! of great bravery and heroism, and he was very glad that they had a boy in Llandilo wht. had done such a brave and noble deed. He hoped he would frame the certificate, .and that it would be kept as a heirloom in the family. Subsequently Mr. f. Hinds delivered an address bearing on education and the steps that would have to be taken by way of re- construction all round. He touched at some length on the Education Bill introduced by Dr. Fisher, and pointed out that under its provisions opportunities would be given to the poorest lad to attain the highest positions. He also touched on physical culture, the better feeding and housing of the nation, and paid a tribute to the brave boys from tnat school who had mad e the supreme sacriifce. The School Choir gave ax excellent ren- dering of The P* td Piper of Hamelin (set to music by Sir Hubert Parry), led by Mr. John Evans, B.Sc. a solo was given by Miss May Thomas; a recitation by D. T. Bowen; and selections of Welsh airs by the School Glee Party. EXHIBITIONS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. I Carmarthenshire County Exhibition of 125 per annum.—Odon Charles Schram. Entrance Scholarship of £ 20 per annum at University College, Aberystwyth. -Odon Charles Schram. Entrance Scholarship of £25 per annum at the Technical College, Swansea.— Thomas Glyn Stephens. CENTRAL WELSH BOARD EXAMI- NATIONS. Higher Certificate (5).-Annie Olwen Morgan, English language and literature, his- tory, and Welsh; Odon Charles Schram, English language and literature with dis- tinction, French with distinction and conver- sational power, additional mathematics, and chemistry; Thomas Glyn Stephens, English language and literature, history, additional mathematics, chemistry with distinction David John Thomas, English language and litera- ture, history, Wolsh, and chemistry; Edgar Thomas, English language and literature with distinction, history, additiona l mathematics, and chemistry. Senior Certificate (20) .David John Davies, distinctions in arithmetic and chemis- try Dorothy Davies; Edith Dalies; Aerona Constance Edwards, with conversational power in French; *Marion Hilda Francis, distinc- tions in English language and literature, his- tory and botany; John Howells; Thomas Ernest Hughes, distinctions in shorthand, and conversational power in French; *Margaret Hannah Jones, distinctions in botany, and conversational power in French *Margaret Helena Jones, distinction in Welsh; Jannet Morgan; *Magdalen -Morgan, with conversa- tional power in French Annie Maude Morris, with conversational power in French; :David John Rces; "Horace Gontran Schram. distinctions in arithmetic, Latin, French, chemistry and chawing, and with conversa- tional power in French David Marcus Thomas, distinction in arithmetic; Jennie May Thomas; *Rachel Maud Thomas, with Welsh at Higher Stage; Annie Bronwen Williams, distinction in arithmetic, and con- versational power in French; Elizabeth Anne Williams Margaret Williams. The asterisk denotes that the pupil has passed in all subjects required for exemption from the Matriculation Examination of the University of Wales. Supplementary Certificate (4).—Rees Davies, Latin, and English language and literature; Elizabeth Ann Davies, Latin; Laura Christiana Lewis, elementary mathe- matics; Margaret Alma Smith, historv. Junior Certificate (18).-Ralph Vincent Bowen, distinction in chemistry; Elizabeth Blodwen Davies, conversational power in French; Hugh Rees Davies, distinctions in elementary mathematics and chemistry Rupert Picton Davies, distinctions in elementary mathematics, chemistry, agriculture and draw- ing, and conversational power in French Elizabeth Hannah Evans, distinctions in ele- mentary mathematics and cookery; Louie Beatrice James, distinctions in elementary mathematics, botany and cookery, and con- versational power in French Reginald Mytton Jones, distinction in chemistry and conversa- tional power in French; William Alfred Jones; Mabel- Nancy Langley, distinctions in English language and literature, history, elementary mathematics and cookery, and con- versational power, in French; David Thomas Ronald Morris, distinctions in agriculture, drawing and woodwork, and conversational power in French; Margaret Evelyn Morris; Thomas Noel Morris, distinctions in elemen- tary mathematics, woodwork, and agriculture; Meurig James Price, distinction in drawing, and conversational power in French; Dilys Mary Annie Rees; William Martin Row- lands Margaret Mary Thomas; William Haydn Thomas, with conversational power .in French; William Evan Williams. I FORM PRIZES. I Form VI.-I, Odon Charles Schram; 2, Thomas Glyn Stephens; 3, Edgar Thomas; 4, Annie Olwen Morgan; 5, David John Thomas. Form V.—Boys: I, Horace Gontran Schram; 2, David John Davies; 3, David John Rees. Girls: 1, Margaret Hannah Jones; 2, Marian Hilda Francis; 3, Margaret Helena. Jones; 4, Annie Bronwen Williams. Form IV.-Boys: I, Rupert Picton Davies; 2 David Ronald Morris; 3, William Evan Williams. Girls: 1, Mabel Nancy Langley; 2, Louie Beatrice James; 3, Margaret Evelyn Morris; 4, Dilys Mary Rees. Form IIIA. (Upper) .—Boys: 1, Daniel Owen; 2, John Owen; 3, Cecil Nelson Smith. Girls: 1, Gwladys Rees; 2, Mary Davies; 3, Olwen Rees; 4, Muriel Evans. Form IIIA. (Lower) .—Boys: I, Basil Harvey; 2, Daniel Oliver Jones; 3, Ronald Roberts. Girls: 1, Rachel Evans; 2, Hannah Thomas; 3, Muriel 1 homas 4, Jane Arien- wen Morris. Form IIIB. (Upper) .—Boys: 1, Mervyn Edwards; 2, Thomas Williams; 3, Edgar Jones; 4, Marcus Davies. Girls: 1, Phyllis Langley. Form IIIB. (Lower).—Boys: 1, David Bowen. Girls: 1, Jennie Lewis; 2, Mona Jones; 3, Gwenllian Morris. Form II.—Boys: I, Tudor Davies; 2, Stephen Davies and Mervyn Williams (equal). Girls: 1, Marjorie Thomas; 2, Mary Bowen Davies. Welsh Prize (given by the Ven. Arch- de aeon Williams, M.A., vicar of Llandilo- fawr) .-Annie Olwen Morgan. I


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