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PENYGROES. Priv. John Lewis Davies, son of Mr. and Mrs Lewis Davies, Wellfield House, Peny- groes, who was attached to the K.S.L.I., has returned home, and is looking fairly well after being a prisoner for eight months ia German hands. He was taken prisoner in the big offensive near Cambrai on March 25th last. He was never im.Germany, as was sup- posed from his address, but was kept behind the German lines during the whole time, work- ing like a slave, with only two meals a day. and those bad and scarce. During the time he was thus employed he was in danger of being killed by the Allies' aeroplanes, which were continually flying over and bombing the lines and behind the lines, especially railways and stations. Were it not for the kindness if the Belgian civilians, he would have starved. They gave the pr soners loaves ot bread whenever they had a chance. A great number of Priv. Davies' fellow-prisoners died from starvation. On the day of the armis- tice he was at Ampzin, about halfway be- tween Namur and Liegç. and the Belgians gave our boys plenty of good food until the Allied troops came up for them, and also made a collection for them, handing each prisoner money to the value of ;Ei. Priv. Davies cannot speak too highly of the Bel- g ians for their k'ndness, nor too low of the Germans and their cruelty towards the pri- soners. During the whole time he never re- ceived a letter or a parcel, although a great number had been sent through the proper channels. A reception concert* in honour of Priv. J. L. Davies, Priv. Ben Howells, and Priv. John Lynch was held at the Congregational Vestry on Friday last. In the absence of the appointed chairman, Rev. Job Herbert, who had met with a slight accident, the chair was occupied by Mr. David Mamwaring. The following contributed to the programme:—The Penygroes Silver Band, conducted by Mr. David Williams; Miss Lilian Hughes, Mrs. J. Nicholas. Misses Mary Jane Griffiths and Elsie Bowen, Master Jack Davies, Mr. W. Dvfnant Davies, and Mr. John Morgan (Blaenfab). The accompanist was Mr. D. 'tv r ,r 1 1 A.. .1' JI' w riugnes, uorsias. -Ai tnis concert, ivir. Fhvdn N'torr s, Cross Hands, was presented with the sum 0 f 16 9s. 6d., the proceeds of a complimentary concert which was held on September 23rd, Mrs. J. Nicholas handing over the money to Mr. Morris on behalf of the Committee. Mrs. Clutterbuck presented the soldier guests with the usual gifts. Priv. Ben Howells has received his discharge, Priv. Lynch is expecting it, whilst Priv. J. L. Davies, who has been a prisoner in the hands of the Germans for about eight months, is also expecting to be "discharged when he goes back to his depot in two months' time. During the evening, an announcement was made about the social which is to be held on New Year's Eve, and it was stated that children under 14 ,would be expected to leave the school at 9 p.m. The Committee trusts '.?at parents will take this in the proper spirit. At the close, Dr. Clutterbuck proposed a vole oi thanks to all who had taken part m the concer*. and also called for volunteers to assis' him in making Christmas a happy one r the widows and orphans of the local alien heroes. He asked for s ixteen volun- teers, and up to the time of writing twelve had responded. Mr. W. Will iams, J.P., in seconding the vote of thanks, complained very much of the noise which had been created during the concert. There should be no cause for such complaints, and boys and girls who attend these concerts should enjoy thepiselves and allow others to do the same.