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injury throughout hit long period of service. It is worthy of mention that this Is priv. ThomM' first leave during the whole time. He is attached to the Survey Company of the Royal Engineers. Previous to enlistment h" was employed at a tin works at Llanelly His many friends are glad to see him look- ing so well after his varied experiences. A very nucceseful dramatic evening was enjoyed at the Church Room on Thurs- dav last. The artistes were Mr. D. J. Edwards ',Dunn'&) Florrie Hughes, High Street; Mi«eA. G. Davies, New Road; and Mr. W. T. Rhys (baritone). College Street. Monologues, sketches, dialogues, and solos were rendered in good style, and all the artistes acquitted themselves creditably. The Rev. J. W. Jones. B.A. (vicar), presided. There was a good attendance, and it is hoped that a substantial sum has been realised, which will be devoted to the use of St. John's Mission Church, Tirydail. The accom- panist was Mrs. Edwards, College Street, who discharged her duties in a highly efficient manner. The s.in.ging of the National Anthem concluded a really good programme. On Sunday afternoon, a very interesting event took place at the Christian Temple Vestry. The Sunday School of the above cause had arranged that prizes should be given to those who had attended the Sunday School punctually and faTthfully during the past year, both pupils and teachers. The prize for the most faithful and punctual teacher throughout the year was awarded to Mrs. George, Castle Hotel, who succeeded in gaining the maximum marks; and the fol- lowing pupils were presented with prizes for having also attained the high standard of being punctual and faithful during the whole year:-Miss J. Hughes, High Street, and Master B. Hopkins, Union Sfreet. The pre- sentations were made by the Rev. D. leg an Davies, who spoke a few appropriate remarks. The prizes were kindly given by Mr. J. Ernest Jones. High Street, and were very appropriate- T reasury notes. After being a prisoner of war In Germany since July, 1916, Priv. Thomas S. Thomas, whose home is at 49, Harold Street, has arrived in Tirydail. Priv. Thomas, who is attached to the 15th Welsh, joined the Aimy on July 6th, 1915. He was sent cut :o France, where he took part in several im. portant engagements. At the battle of Mametz Wood in 1916, Priv. Thoma-, in company with others, was captured by the Germans. He describes the Germans as a cruel and uncivilised people. He, in con- junction with others, was empb'/ed on road cleaning and quarrying operations. The rood they were given was composed chiefly ol mansolds and cabbage water, and bread which was unfit for hnman beings. It was worse than a dog's life," remarked Priv. Thomas to our representative. The Germans were a dirty, filthy lot. Even the children shewed signs of the same elements as their parents displayed. The Germans were very keer. on spitting in one's face, and their con- duct was almost inexpressible. When Priv. Thomas, in company with others, was em- ployed on road construction during the winter months, they were not permitted to leave their spades for a second to eable them to warm their perishing hands. Anyone v ho would attempt such a thing was tmrned?ety butted with a rifle or kicked unmercifully. Priv. Thomas was released on the 26th of last month, and he states that the Germans as a whole are a rotten lot. I




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