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THE umilintio. I


THE umilintio. I [Things Seen and Heard by tHe Conductor.] I Wait and See-fve the result of the Election. WWW It is the opinion of many that Bolshevism ts rampant in the town. WWW A voice at the political meeting on Friday at the Palace: You wait until the boys come home WWW It is full time that the Church should have better sympathy with the working classes. "-Miss Jenny Vaughan at Bryn- amman. WWW In consequence of the recent heavy rains the Rivers Loughor and Amman are flooded, And in many parts the embankments are obscured by the overflow. 00 0. The women turned up in good numbers at the polling booths on Saturday, and appeared to be very keen in exercising the right to vote recently granted to them. WWW Judging by remarks overheard in the course of arguments during the past week, there appear to be many experts on the Russian situation in various parts of the Valley. 90 0 Level-headed Labour men are of the opinion that scores of votes were lost for the cause as a result of Friday evening's disturb- ance at the Coalition candidate's meeting. WWW One peculiar thing about some of the people who consider the removal of the Czar to be justified, is that they oppose the plea which has been made for the punishment of thi Kaiser! The di hwged have a lot to The discharged soldiers will have a lot to say when demobilisation will have finished. To be refused a hearing and jeered at is not the reward they are entitled to after fighting for our very existence. WWW People of all descriptions recorded their votes on Saturday. One invalided lady, who was almost helpless, was conveyed by motor 11;- L_ "nrl carried into th* W UK;; IWUM'K uvwi., —— -& I win to fill in her voting paper. W W W in view of the various opinions held regard- ing the position in Russia, it may be of some interest to know that under the Trotsky-Lenin regime it is not possible for a working man to hold any shares in a Co-operative Society 00 0 Do you see that man going along with his head in the air, sniffing with his nose? Yes; I know him." "I suppose he believes in taking in the good, pure ozone? No; he's hunting for a motor garage, I believe! 00 4D Pedestrians complain of the bad stat& of Tirydoail Lane. Something should be doae at once to improve the lane, and make it pos- sible for people to pass that way without experiencing a difficulty in extricating them- selves. WWW We hear a great deal about the farmers' greed nowadays, and complaints are general regarding the price of milk; but it should be remembered that increases in the price of farm produce were sanctioned by the Food Controller-a Labour man. WWW Solicitor at Ammanford Police Court on Monday (to complainant): Was there any- one present in the house? Complainant: Yes, sir; Jones, Ammanford." Magistrates' Clerk: What was his name, because there are a lot of Joneses in Amman ford." (Laugh- ter) WWW Now that the war is over, we may expect to see the Urban District Council taking up the sewerage scheme, which should be put in hand at the earliest possible moment. It is the most urgent local improvement required just now. Also, the roads are in a deplorable state, and pedestrians are continually splashed with mud from passing motor-cars, owing to the ruts in the roads. WWW -Mr. Willie Owen, checkweigher, during a speech on a Labour platform, vehemently con- demned the practice of certain persons who considered themselves .of the middle class going from house to house with the object of prevailing upon working men's wives to vote for the man they thought best. Working men's wives had enough brains to judge for themselves without their uninvited interference. WWW The Board of Trade announces the Con- troller of Paper gives notice that arrangements have been made by the Board of Trade for the immediate withdrawal of certain paper restriction orders, and that official notice to that effect will be published in due 'cou,steo The Orders are as follow:—Paper Restriction (Posters and Circulars ) Order, 1918, dated January 15th, 1918; Paper Restriction Order, 1917 (three), dated April 19th, 1917. WWW The Coal Controller, in an interview, stated:—" am afraid that there will be no relief from coal rationing this winter, but the system will cease the moment it can safely be done in the national interests. Rationing must continue until reserves of coal are created for transport, domestic, industrial, and public utility purposes. At present there are prac- tically no reserve stocks, and it will take three or four months before they are built up to the safety point." WWW At a recent Mock Election at the County School, the following was the Labour can- didate',s programme of reforms:—Reduction of school hours to three per day; no exami- nations free tuition free meals; three months' school and nine months' holidays; no German or Latin to be tatghtin schools; £ 1 per day and four days per week to all workers; abolish rainy days and establish universal sunshine. Evidently this aspirant is out for a place in the sun! WWW Dealing with quiet and boisterous careers during the preamble of a strong sermon delivered at Brynamman on Sunday morning, th-t Rev. John Llewelyn, Bethania, remarked that much unnecessary and unearned import- ance and prominence was attached to the career of persons who tore destructively over the road of life with selfish motives, while the mother of a large family, who quietly struggled to make a £ 1 note do the work of thirty shillings, was not deemed worthy of con- sideration. WWW Speaking from the Labour platform during the election, County Councillor T. E. Morris, J.P., Gamant, expressed his regret to see no ministers present. He resented from the bottom of his heart the remarks made as to the presence of Labour supporters in the pulpit lowering the status of same. He had been officially connected with a church for thirty years, and ventured to say that the working classes compared favourably in all respects with any section of the community. Dr. Williams, the Labour candidate, remarked that he did not mind the absence of preachers. He had there one above all-the Bible, the Book upon which the programme of Labour was founded. .I

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