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I CWMAMMAN. I Lieut. Aneurin Rees, F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., the brilliant Amman Valley musician, has been selected as chief adjudi- cator at a huge eisteddfod to be held in France by the Welsh troops on Boxing Day. The following pupils of Mr. Idris Morgan, Garnant, passed successfully in piano playing at the London College of Music Examination in December:—Primary: Phyllis Jones. Ele- mentary: A. Claudia Davies. Intermediate: Trevor Williams and Monica Smith. Senior: D. John MiJhael. The election passed vfcty quietly at Glan- amman on Saturday. n and women went to the respective booths io record their votes without being molested fcfy either party. We hope it will be likewise cm the occasion of the Urban District Council elect 'on No doubt the men followed the exainple of the fair sex. It is with regret we have to record the death of Mr. Morgan Morgan, Norfolk House, Glanamman, who died quite suddenly on Saturday evening within a few hours of record- ing his vote at the booth. He was in his usual health and in the best of spirits through- out the day, but in the evening had an attack of apoplexy and died within three hours. An exceptionally good reception was accorded to our gallant sqldier, Priv. Edward J. Morris, better known as Ned Morris," of Ceidrym Road, Garnant, at a meeting which was held at Stepney Hall, Garnant, on Thursday evening last. In the absence of the appointed chairman, Mr. Lewis Beynon, the mills euperintendent at Glanamman Tin Works-where Priv. Morris was employed previous to rejoining, he being an old soldier who had served in the South African War- the chair was filled in an efficient manner by Mr. T. H. Jones, checkweigher at the G lan- amman Works. Mr. Gunning, an old com- rad e of Priv. Morris in the South African War, presented the hero with the sum of money collected in the meeting and also with the cheque which is given by the Soldiers' and Sailors' Committee to every member of His Majesty's Forces from the district. Priv. Morris has been a prisoner of war in Germany for four years and one month, and in thanking the promoters and the audience for their kind welcome on his return, dwelt on the severity of treatment meted out to our men not only by the Hun authorities, but even by the working civilians, and said that but for the parcels they receive the Old COUP^" nialn-y thousands would have died of starvation. A good programme was gone through, con- tributed by the following:—Pianoforte solo, Master D. H. Thomas, A.L.C.M., who played exceedingly well. We should like to mention here that this young artiste had passed an examination entitling him to the degree of A.L.C.M. on the day preceding the con- cert, at the age of II years. Songs, Victor Davies, Thora Francis, Elvira Williams, Blodwen Rees, Jenny Evans, and Lizzie James; penillion singing, Berach Bach; reci- tations, Hannah Davies, R. M. Jones, and Miriam Evans; whistling solo, Deveraux Morgan, who was vociferously applauded. This young artiste is the son of our ever- ready and talented musician, Mr. John Morgan, A.L.C.M., who tutored D. H. Thomas, who is the second to have won this distinction under Mr. Morgan' s tuition during the last few months. The other young genius is Master Griff Jones, Wern Cottage, Gar- nant, who won the distinction some weeks ago before reaching his twelfth year. We congratulate Mr. John Morgan on his success in bringing up such geniuses in our midst.





Ammanford Urban Council.I